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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fairies and me

Welcome to Cynthia's Fairies and me
Have you ever seen the faie?
Fairies are the tiny little sparkly lights you see in the darkness night,
They flitter and glitter to and fro among the branches of the great oak,
Playfully they will dance and shimmer over the still waters of the pond,
where the frogs sit lazily on their pads and sing contentedly in the light of the moon above
Welcome to the land of the Fairies
For poetry, quotes, dreams and short stories of your choice


  1. Enchanted Forest

    For you, please don't feel blue! Let us dance!

    Please do not dishearten. Let us dance in the land of fantasy,

    Where the land sparkles of fairy dust and fairy love.

    Enchantment, and by the fairy magic that is everywhere in the air

    Like tiny lanterns flitting all over in the enchanted forest do they come;

    To give blessings of happiness and love to all from the purest of faerie-ness.

    Let us reach out to distant lands and touch our distant fairy friends with ethereal hands!

    And joyous shall we be when we come to know who we truly are within ourselves.

    And to remember how far we have come and never again to be separated from the angels,

    faeries and other accompanying ethereal beings and denizens of the Enchanted Forest.

    They are with us always whether we see them or not.

    You need only quiet the mind and listen for the tiny voices within. - Hear them speak.

    Happiness and joy through the lands; So shall we feel within our hearts and hands,

    with love shall we rejoice, we shall stand forever with our friends in the Enchanted

    Forest, never again shall we have the need to leave.

    Don’t be so sad, we love you, we are all as one.

    Cynthia ©

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  3. Have a wonderful day who ever reads this. This was just a project I started to fill in idle time, A place to relax and let my imagination roam where it may.

    Again I fell short from what I have seen on other blog sites. I really wish I knew where they keep their magic buttons hid at, but my bet is a lot is done by html code.

    Here I am up burning the late night oil again, obsessing over what was just supposed to be sideline time filler. :o( At least I can see that this could be as good place as any to come to blog to myself.

    And that's good enough for me and Bobbie McGee.

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    1. Ooops some minor errors in the composition.


      Birds song rejoicing spring
      The bird's song has not really changed it is the listeners ear that changes.
      The difference is that the melody is in the listeners heart not just of the ear.
      If she could be still and forget that she does not live at the Worlds end,
      But only at the beginning of the journey
      Then birds would sing as if sang in the Palace of Kingdom old,
      In the forest of magic of the ancient treasures of sunlight gold


  5. What a beautiful poem Sis. Actually you have a couple of beautiful poems here that I missed I don't know how but i miss them. Gosh silly me. Anyway they are beautiful sis and i am so glad I came across them I think i will have to write them down.
    love you
    your sis