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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Agathar Part 1

I dreamed of being a little kid again on a planet that was named Agathar.
With beautiful mauve valleys, purple mountains and a subtle wispy lavender sky interspersed with puffy pink clouds. And, “oh my!”, so very strikingly beautiful, an aqua-colored lake with wavelets like a gem sparkling in the sunlight.

"Oh my!" There are other little children here, and they have "dragonfly wings" "WOW! cool!" I can see them flitting playfully between the purple trees.

There is harmony, peace, love, and tranquility throughout the land, the silence and peace only broken by the beautiful chorus of tiny song birds in the valley and the playful, musical laughter of the little children in the woods yonder.

The little children with the dragonfly wings dart playfully in and out, and,” oh wow!” “Will you look over there, I point with my finger excitedly!” On the other side of the valley lies the tranquil lavender surface of a large inland sea, with different layers of densities of water,  a reaction similar to  that of oil and water. In te different layer swam different varieties of aquatic life forms.

The ones near the surface swam through their fluid environment on wing like fins, as any bird would gliding gracefully in their airy environment.

Forests of purple and blue are bordered by sun dappled fields of dazzling shades of red, gold, orange, silver blue, amethyst, constantly shifting colors like waves on water by the light, warm summery breeze..

The lakes and waterway from above appear as a ruddy red reflection from the pomegranate sun sitting at high noon above.

Distant purple mountains and lavender sky with pink clouds are so pleasant to the eye and soothing to the spirit. Oh, and I can't forget the crystalline singing waterfalls in the woods, “over there by the giant tree,” I hear the sound like that of a thousand angels singing harmoniously, in with the energetic pulse of the Mother Planet herself.

All around the valley there are more of those giant trees, SO TALL that I fall on my back “aghast”while as I look up in the sky! The tops disappear into the pink clouds above and if one was to climb up to the top of these giant trees, above the clouds, it is said that you will find the Cadosee, the tiny Hobbit-like people with colorful moth wings.

The Cadosee live in small, close-knit villages they built among the intertwining limbs of the giant trees. There they share love, caring, and happiness.

Tiered from my journey through a wonderland of beauty and wonderment I lay down on the soft grass on a side hill facing the inland sea, the sigh of the wind and rushing of the waves and soon I was a sleep

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