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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Aunt Dee and the time machine

Aunt Dee and the time machine

A story line Chapter 1

Me Auntie Dee's Time Machine
My nephew told me I should write my adventures down .. I never saw them as any more than a way to while away the hours. Now that I look back on all of my travels, I suppose someone, somewhere, someday, might be interested in reading about them. My little trips were no ordinary trips,you see my trips were taken through time. Perhaps I should begin at the beginning.

I was married to a brilliant scientist. My husband Henry could invent anything. Our home was filled with all. sorts of Rube Goldberg type devices. Automatic egg beaters, mechanical fly swatters, mechanized cat food bowls. The cats pushed down a lever and the food came tumbling into the bowl automatically cats became quite plump so we put that invention away ! We had a talking garbage can and a chandelier with a motion detector so it lit when I would walk to the front door to greet someone.
I suppose I don't need to tell you that My Henry was years and decades ahead of his time with inventing things. Henry invented things that put most of the electronics companies to shame. My biggest problem with Henry is that he sadly did not patent too many of his ideas, so many ideas were stolen. The next time you use the clapper to turn on your lamp at bedside, think of my dear Henry.

Oh, the time machine, quite simple really. Dear Henry used to watch me as I rocked in my rocking chair. He said you could tell my mood by the speed of my rocking. I would be slow and steady when I was calm and peaceful. When I was thinking about something my pace picked up. Henry was most amused when I was furious about something because he used to joke that my rocking got so fast and intense that he always thought I might take off like a rocket ship into outer space. Henry said that it was the evening after I had my words with the local butcher that he got the idea. He told me that he was watching me rock furiously back and forth when, as he puts it, the light bulb appeared over his head. Henry figured that with all that concentrated energy going nowhere all he needed to do was to direct it to somewhere and it would move me maybe dimensionally, now only Henry would think this way, his mind never stopped. At the time, I just got off the chair and stormed out of the room muttering to myself.

I had been tired that evening from being angry, there is something about the energy you expend in anger, I kissed Henry good night and I went to bed. Henry never came to bed, which was not altogether unusual, once he had an idea he would just think it through. I slept well enough and came down to let the cat out the next morning, half asleep I walked past the living room hallway past the rocking chair and slowly did a double take. There was Henry asleep in the chair like a little boy. Now, it was not looking at Henry asleep that got my attention at all. It was what he had done to my rocking chair that woke me up with a start ! I let the cat out and then sidled back to the living room. I cautiously walked over to and around my chair, Henry snoring away totally oblivious, her must have been up all night doing this !

My once beautiful chair was now a conglomeration of coils, wires, dials, and seat belt with a shoulder harness ! I walked slowly around this contraption that had once been my beautiful chair. It was a maze of confusion, although I knew that Henry understood it all perfectly. I even saw underneath a seat a huge Tesla coil ! I was reaching out to touch one of the dials when Henry sputtered awake with a snort !

" Ahh Delia, Good Morning, I must have fallen asleep while rocking in your chair ! " Henry's eyes shone brightly as he smiled "As you can see I made a few changes to it as you slept, I got the idea while watching you rock last night ! I thought in half amusement that with the right equipment you could rocket this chair to the moon and that is when the idea hit me.. A time machine " I looked at Henry incredulously
" A What !?! "

" A Time machine, I went digging in my workshop and as you can see I added a few gidgets and gadgets to see what will happen with them when you rock in the chair again."

Now Henry was always a genius, ever since he was a child he was inventing things and doing magic tricks. He also had a knack for being able to take apart and rewire things such as lamps and radios and telephones. Henry loved puzzles and trying to solve things, later on came the inventions, he invented timers for the chicken feeding bins and mechanized watering bottles for the rabbit hutch. I had seen many an idea in my time with Henry, but , A time machine, now I knew he was crazy ! As I looked over this bizarre looking contraption, I noticed for the first time that hanging from a strap attached to the left arm rest was an old racing helmet...Now I realized that Henry actually was going to test drive this thing !

" Now Henry" I sputtered " I am simply not going to allow you to test this crazy chair..." Henry smiled a wide smile and shook his head from side to side and chuckled .. " Oh No My Dee .. I am not going test drive it........." Henry's eyes were sparkling with what seemed like madness to me,

"You are going to test drive it ! " Henry was beaming.

"Are you crazy " I railed against him and I am sure had eye bigger then two dinner plates bulging from my head..

" I am not going to do any such thing !" Henry stood up from the chair a bit stooped . He put his hands on my face and got very serious in expression.
"Dee do you think I would do anything to put you in harm's way ?" I was a bit edgy by this time.

"It has to be you to test drive it, My legs are so old and I have the hasty lumbago in my back, I simply cannot get that chair to the speeds that you can !"
*Auntie Dee climbs into the rocking chair time machine and pro cedes to put on the seat belt  then the racing helmet with an assortment of multiple wires like rainbow colored spaghetti had been spilled on top of it, Auntie Dee rested her arms on the rocking chair arms, closed her eyes tight making a squinchy look to her face and braced herself for what ever was to come.

Nothing happened and she decided to open her eyes to look and see what was taking place. This is when she heard a loud zapping sound and all the lights in the make shift laboratory in the three bay garage went real dim. Then she felt a buzzing sensation go through out her entire body and here hair felt like it was standing up on end. This was followed by what felt like she was spinning around and around and began to feel nauseated by this motion.

Suddenly everything was dead stopped, she thought it was night out until she realized that her eyes were still squeezed tightly shut. She opened them slowly and noticed it was still daylight out. She didn't realize she was still dizzy from the spinning around so that when she took the helmet off and undone her seat belt a tried to step off the time machine rocking chair, she fell on her face in the sand.

She sat up spiting sand out of her mouth and doing the best she could to wipe it out of her eyes with the back of her hands. She hoped that no one was around to have observed her less then elegant manner in which she  disembarked from her magnificent flying machine.

She turned back to look at the machine, there was blue smoke drifting up out from different apertures in the accessories at the back of the rocking chair. She hoped that it was normal for it to be doing that.

Henry gives her a ring with a button on it .. when Aunt Dee pushes this button on her ring just as Henry had instructed her, the time machine Rocking chair began to fade away until there was nothing there was no longer anything observable on the spot where the chair once sat.

So there stood Auntie Dee not certain what to do next, although she knew where in time she was because she had taken special attention as to what era in time the digital time piece for the time travel Rocking chair had been set. 60,000,000 years in the past, the Cenozoic era which is just prior to around the time of the estimated catastrophic meteoric impacts took place. She stood still attired in in her time travel silver jump suit.

Aunt Dee turned slowly studying the landscape around her which consisted of very large tropical trees and a rainbow of different large colored flowers in the tall healthy green grass. She did not remember Henry describe to her what the real estate would look like in this era in time.

It wasn't long before she was given a clue as to exactly where she was, she heard a loud screeching from above and behind her. She turned quickly to see where the sound had originated from. What she saw would be enough to turn the hair on someones head snow white and she felt a tingling that started from her feet all the way to the top of her head that felt like her hair was standing up on end.

Below was what appeared to be a steamy swamp that extended out for several hundreds of yards and this huge beast comes out on large flapping leathery wings making a loud whopping sound that would have made any self respecting modern day helicopter feel ashamed. It parted the mist with its wings as it came out in the open over her head. It had a long saw toothed beak that Aunt Dee didn't really relish the thought of being made into hamburger.

It gave another loud screech and then disappeared over the tropical forest that Aunt Dee had been admiring just before the interruption.

The oppressive heat and humidity was cause for perspiration but seeing that beast gave her a new definition of "sweating bullets." She took a flowered kerchief from the cuff of her left sleeve and gently performed flood control and disaster recovery on herself.
Wiping her forehead not only from the stifling dense humid air around her but now had a steady river of sweat after her close encounter with the winged beast.

She felt a low vibration under her feet and thought to herself, if this is an earthquake I am getting back into the rocking chair and get back home to the future as fast as the rocking chair can take me. The vibration slowly turned into a series of short intermittent thunder like sound and vibration. Looking at the ground she could see small stones and sticks bouncing up and down. There was a loud crashing sound to her left, Aunt Dee turned to see what it was. A Tyrannosaurus! had just emerged from the tropical forest of giant trees she thought, more bewildered then frightened.

A real Tyrannosaurus she whispered to herself in astonishment as her eyes grew into saucer size. The Tyrannosaurus took another two steps shaking the ground then stopped and it's head swung slowly to and fro, as it meticulously studied the territory around itself or more possibly looking for it's next meal!

The head on the beast stopped suddenly, stock still, then it sensed Aunt Dee. Luckily these large beasts had limited vision. But their ability to detect the scent of predators or their next meal though worked quite fine. The huge beast continued towards Aunt Dee with an ever increasing speed and louder thunder like foot falls. There was a flash of light above her but she didn't have time to check what this new apparition was, she was way to busy trying to plan an escape rout from the beast.

Next thing Aunt Dee was aware of is that it felt much like she was sitting on air like flying without an aircraft. There were other beings with her, one was human and two were tiny beings with large gentle but highly intelligent eyes. She turned to look at the human with puzzlement in her face, and asked the human. “I am grateful and I thank you for the small extraction from possibly ending up being lizard chow.” “But who are you and where do you come from?” “How did you know I was here, or did you just happen to fly by in this..... whats is it anyway?”

The human responded, not by word of mouth but like the thoughts materialized in her mind like they were her own. “this is an energy ship, a present from the from the great invisible ones.” “As for your second question I am Zorta and I am from Atlantis.” Aunt Dee felt somwhat shocked but excited as well. She thought to herself, “Atlantis realy did exists!” At this point Zorta took the helmet off her head and shook her long hair to cascade down around her shoulders.
Now before we begin the next chapter in my travels ..My sweet husband and inventor Henry finds it necessary to explain to the reader my theories or in other words 'Mother Earth's history according to Dee.'
  Henry faces his audience the reader  and takes off his inventors apron and folds it and stores it on his work bench. He takes his hands and slicks back his wild and wooly hair and clears his throat.

"Now my Dee does more than simply click those knitting needles as she is rocking in her chair. Dee's mind matches my own in skill and knowledge and she is quite alive with the many possibilities of the history of the planet and how that history shaped all of mankind down through the ages." Henry looks to Auntie Dee and motions her forward to face the reader .. Dee is a bit bashful and blushes as she removes her flowered hat and holds it in front her. Dee looks at Henry who nods to her and motions his hands for her to walk closer to the reader.

"Well .. let me begin by saying that I qualify my theories upon being able to tap into my Inner Knowledge. What I mean by that is all of us are born with all the wisdom we need to survive this life here on Earth bundled within our DNA and our bodies' energy field.   By sitting in stillness and allowing that knowledge or knowing and understanding to rise to the surface, we can speculate and estimate how the planet evolved to the state that it is in presently . My dear Henry learned long ago to stop and listen when the clicking of my knitting needles ceased and my rocking chair slowed to a quiet squeak. When I knit, the ideas pop out and I share them with Henry, who always encourages me to write them down. "  Auntie Dee smiles and moves forward in confidence and shares her theory of part of our Earths evolution..

"  Let us begin .....I must introduce to you, the reader, a little about the possible geological changes that took place before I continue this narrative. The first great Ice age that besieged this planet somewhere during the past 60,000,000 years.

Back 60,000,000 years ago was the beginning of the Cenozoic era, where this entire planet constituted of mostly of a very humid hot steaming jungles with some temperate areas. Also note that during this era there were no north and south polar icecaps. I also believe that much of the water we have in the oceans and large lakes we see today was retained in the Ionosphere as ice crystals creating a very affective canopy that acted like a perfect green house environment. The sun's radiance entered our atmosphere heating the surface and radiated back but only to be reflected back down again by the ice crystal canopy, unable to escape back into space it remained trapped in the troposphere.

After the meteorite showers bombarded the earth, much of the moisture in the Ionosphere came down as ice crystals that quickly condensed into snow. The shock waves of the Meteorites caused great catastrophic earthquakes, volcanic activity and nearly everywhere there were forests on fire. The resulting smoke and ash saturated the upper atmosphere with  dust and smoke particulates. This minimized the suns radiance all over the planet creating the great ice age. Some centuries later the planet's air cleared again allowing sunlight to pass through the atmosphere once more warming up the planet.

Again in a rather short time afterwards the ice sheets from the ice age retreated. I theorize this was what may have triggered the flood waters of the great flood then once again receded when the north and south polar ice caps we see today began to form." With this last statement Dee steps back into the storyline patting her floppy hat with the huge daisy on the side back on her head.

Chapter  2

Some minutes later Aunt Dee sees in the distance what looked like tall spikes inside a transparent dome that protruded over the  giant tropical trees. As they came closer to the massive spiky thingies inside the transparent dome she realized that they were man made structures.

Then these thoughts, not her own, materialized in her mind. This is what your people are going to Call the great Atlantis some day, the dome is an energy shield that keeps any unwanted  intruders and also acts as environment control. The little people, as you aptly named them, would not be able to survive in the outside climate.  As they approached an area in the transparent dome it became less reflective of the suns deflected light. as they passed through the less reflective area she turned to look back and saw the energy dome behind them returned to it’s uniform transparency.

They circled one of the tall spike like structures and appeared to be returning in the same direction they had come from. Abruptly the scenery changed. Before them was a forest filled with blossoms of varying colors. As she raised here eye ahead of them she, for the second time on this day, felt a tingling go though her and again felt awed and excitement. It had to be the most wondrous thing she had ever beheld. A huge golden pyramid that would make the Giza Pyramid in Egypt wan in comparison.  As they approached the pyramid a large slab of massive stones slid to one side to accommodate their entry.

She had expected the light in the pyramid be much dimmer to outside light.
She was surprised to discover that the interior was very bright but not a brilliant brightness but subtle. Look as she may she could not detect the source of the light. It was as thought the inner walls of the structure gave off their own light. 

Suddenly  the craft they were in descended  to the floor of the Pyramid and Zorta instructed by mind inference for Aunt Dee to prepare to disembark that they had arrived at their destination. As soon as Aunt Dee stepped out of the craft they were in, the structure of the craft began to materialize. It was spherical in shape and had a slightly glowing metallic  gray surface.  She heard Zorta’s thoughts in her mind again, she was urging Aunt Dee to follow her.  As they moved along a large corridor that by all honesty reminded Aunt Dee of an inter state highway tunneling through a mountain in our time. 

It extended so far into the interior of the pyramid that the corridor had an appearance of tapering off into the distance. Further down the corridor Aunt Dee was still marveling and amused at the walls that apparently radiated with their own light.  There were others going to and fro intermittently, regular sized people and the little guys. They dressed strangely, they appeared to be tunic like garments and they wore some type of head gear which made it difficult to tell what gender they were.  

Aunt Dee’s attention had unintentionally fallen behind from her preoccupation with the glowing walls.  Zorta  informed her by mind transference that they must be moving along.  Aunt Dee was beginning to be a bit annoyed by the mind transference thing, it was rather unnerving to hear the thoughts of another person in ones own mind. How much of her mind could Zorta read?  Zorta again responded Aunt Dee with mind transference assuring her that only her surface thoughts are read, for instance, those thoughts  that are formed in ones mind for the intended purpose of communicating them with another, only.  Zorta assured her that they were trained from birth how to control mind transference communications.

They were allowed to only read the surface thoughts of another’s mind and only for the purpose of communications. They were not allowed to read the deeper thoughts of another, unless that individual gives another consent. to do so. It encourages us to be honest and harmonious with our fellow man.

They turned to the left into a smaller corridor but was still an impressive size and this one was also lit by the glowing walls. They stopped and turned to the right and abruptly stopped and faced towards the wall, this puzzled Aunt Dee until she saw something like a seem which slowly materializing tracing  the outer edge of a door, then the door appeared to waver then vaporize and The two other humans and the little guy and Zorta whom had accompanied her, stepped though the doorway. Aunt Dee didn’t linger for very long as she followed suit and stepped through the door and  joined her hosts.  

She heard Zorta's thoughts in her mind again, she was urging Aunt Dee to follow her. As they moved along a large corridor that by all honesty reminded Aunt Dee of an inter state highway tunneling through a mountain in our time. It extended so far into the interior of the pyramid that the corridor had an appearance of tapering off into the distance.
Further down the corridor Aunt Dee was still marveling and amused at the walls that apparently radiated with their own light. There were others going to and fro intermittently, regular sized people and the little guys. They dressed strangely, they appeared to be tunic like garments and they wore some type of head gear which made it difficult to tell what gender they were. 

Aunt Dee's attention had unintentionally fallen behind from her preoccupation with the glowing walls. Zorta informed her by mind transference that they must be moving along. Aunt Dee was beginning to be a bit annoyed by the mind transference thing, it was rather unnerving to hear the thoughts of another person in ones own mind. How much of her mind could Zorta read?

Zorta again responded to Aunt Dee with mind transference assuring her that only her surface thoughts are read, for instance, those thoughts that are formed in ones mind for the intended purpose of communicating them with another, only. Zorta assured her that they were trained from birth how to control mind transference communications. They were allowed to only read the surface thoughts of another's mind and only for the purpose of communications. They were not allowed to read the deeper thoughts of another, unless that individual gives another consent. to do so. It encourages us to be honest and harmonious with our fellow man.

They turned to the left into a smaller corridor but was still an impressive size and this one was also lit by the glowing walls. They stopped and turned to the right and abruptly stopped and faced towards the wall, this puzzled Aunt Dee until she saw something like a seem which slowly materializing tracing the outer edge of a door, then the door appeared to waver then vaporize and The two other humans and the little guy and Zorta whom had accompanied her, stepped though the doorway. Aunt Dee didn't linger for very long as she followed suit and stepped through the door and joined her hosts.

"Welcome" a tall blonde haired, blue eyed woman held her hand out to Auntie Dee and her escort.

" We had heard about your travels and we sent our escort Zorta to bring you back to us. Ah yes I know you are thinking how can you know about me, I am from the future ? We have been watching you. My name is Ejha and this is my assistant Nilah." The assistant Nilah compared to Ejha was plain and simple looking not what  someone would call beautiful. Nilah was also short and dark haired compared to Ejha's tall blonde lithe looks.

"Nihla, please would you bring us some drink." Ejha turned to Zorta and dismissed her with a hand gesture, the also diminutive Zorta who smiled and turned and left the room. Auntie Dee took off her floppy hat and dusted off the brim and the huge sunflower off and smoothed her wiry silver hair down with her right hand. 

Ejha watched Dee with a smile on her face she was completely understanding of Dee's emotions and actions, as a Master Healer and Teacher she was taught to read body movements. The very fact that Dee smoothed her hair and cleaned up her hat showed Ejha that she was paid attention to her appearance at all times, that was a good personality trait. Dee's actions told Ejha that she was a confident and proud, healthy woman. That she was what would in her civilzation an intelligent and caring person. 

Auntie Dee was silently observing all that surrounded her in this room. The walls were most certainly made of crystal, but how, they were smooth not carved. They looked like sheets of clear glass and there were different colors as a prism dancing playfully on the walls.How Dee wanted to go over and run her hands along them and feel them. She noticed sconce like light fixtures lining the walls with tiny bulb lights  as she had never seen and there were small crystals in front of each light source. 

If she had to compare the bulbs she would say they were hallogens, but there was no noticable wiring or any conduit of power to them..
The light streamed through the small crystal and played it's colors on the walls around them. Dee looked up and noticed that she was in a very large pyramid, within a pyramid. In her mind Dee could imagine that all the chambers or rooms were connected and each formed a part of a much bigger giant pyramid. Everywhere she glanced there was crystal of some kind, and she could hear very faintly light music playing all around her. All in all it was a very relaxing and pleasant environment. Ejha gesured to a clear comfortable looking row of chairs.

"Please have a seat, get comfortable while we wait for my assistant to bring back some drink that you would call Tea”.  Now I understand your name to be Dee Wilson, you are from the early 21st century and you live in a land they call America. You have a mate named Henry who is an amusing inventor. Henry is the person who designed your unusual method of time transport. " Dee was a bit flabbergasted at all the information this stranger was telling her about herself.  Ejha motioned for Dee to sit in the clear chair. Dee sat down and immediately started to rub her hands along the smooth arms, she was very comfortable and the chair was warm not cold. It felt like clear quartz.

" I know Auntie Dee, as they call you , that you are wondering about our lighting system. It turns out that something that was once outrageously new in the early 1900's to your civilzation is simply something the inventor had remembered from his time with us. You see your scientist Nickola Tesla spent his astral time traveling to our current timeline here and he adapted our methods for free electricity to be used in his time era. Sad thing is he was so much further ahead in his generosity for the good of mankind! 

The greedmongers would not allow his free energy inventions to be utilized, instead through brilliant deception they convinced the world he was a crazy eccentric. Once he passed away, the secret government went into his living environment and confiscated all his ideas.  Dee was quite intrigued, but the confiscation was something she already knew. In fact Dee lived close to the building that once had been Tesla's laboratory Wardenclyffe. Many a time Dee would drive by with Henry and wish they could travel back in time and wish they could walk amongst the brilliant turbines Tesla had once invented. Auntie Dee's face broke into a wide grin just making the realization that now at least she could !

As Auntie Dee and Ejha sat looking and observing each other in a cautious but amicable manner, the assistant Nilha returned with two huge mugs of steaming liquid, she offered one to Dee and then handed one to Ejha. Ejha bowed her head to Nilha, which was her cue to stand at the doorway and await her next set of instructions.

"So Dee, you are wondering no doubt how it was you were brought to us " Ejha smiled. Dee looked at her straight eye to eye "Well yes, you see I was a bit lost, I am grateful for the rescue from your escort. A question though, why does your escort not speak, she only communicated to me through the mind process"

"Well Zorta is a hybrid we have bred with the little ones, she has no ability to speak, the little ones are born with no vocal cords, yet they have a huge brain and have telepathy abilities we humans simply do not yet posess, although we are working on it. You see we experiment with the genetics of the different types of humans and extraterristrials who inhabit out beautiful planet. Zorta had a mother who was a cave dweller from the north hills region, her father was a little one. They decided to mate as part of the big experiment. Unfortunately it was not a perfect meld.

Zorta got her beauty attributes and mind from her mother, but sadly her laryngeal make up from her father who basically has none. Little ones communicate via telepathy only. We have also realized that in Zorta's case while she has her mother's above average intellect, her brain is large, but unfunctional except for about 17%, much like your humans in your time frame, your percentage is lower and lowering ."

Auntie Dee had so many questions she wanted to ask of this woman. As she sat there she was trying hard to pay attention to Ehja as she  was explaining Zorta's biological heritage. Dee looked above her head and noticed a beautiful long crystal looking wand. It was roughly the length of someone who's height was 5 feet 8 inches. Fastened, she could not figure out how were magnificant looking crystals. 

Auntie Dee understood partially what they were for. There were seven crystals in all. A beautiful Red garnet began at one end. The garnet was followed in succession with a clear and glimmering dark Citrine gemstone. Next in line was a muted, yet clear Yellow Amber piece.  The next crystal was a clear green Peridot that shimmered and reflected all the light of the other gemtstones. Next in succesion was a square of blue Calcedony followed by a  smooth  piece of pale and light Blue Lace Agate. The last crystal at the other end of the giant wand looking quartz crystald was a brilliant shining hunk of Amethyst. On both ends of the wand it appeared as if it had been dipped in pure molten gold. The entire wand reflected the light that was coming through all the angles of the Temple.

Auntie Dee could not get over how amazing the structure of the pyramid within a pyramid was and how the sconses on the wall reflected prisms through crystals and how the suspended wand added to the overall effect. The room was amazing, she quietly wished that Henry could somehow see it.

" Oh Henry can see it Dee, all you need to do is project it as a thought form to him and he shall have a dream about this very room and everything you are seeing" Ajha smiled. I see you are also admiring our healing wand. The very chair you are sitting in shapeshifts to a healing table when we play music of a certain vibration. As it shapeshifts it also moves your body to directly beneath the healing wand, as you are thinking it, it does indeed look like a magic wand of sorts. 

 As your table is fixed into position beneath the healing wand, you fall asleep and your spirit body travels. This way the wand and the healing crystals on it may be more effective in healing your third dimensional body. Here in our land, we live much longer earth years than your civilization's humans currently are able to. We live as long as we choose, we have citizens of Azzoreston, who live for hundreds of years. It is a humans choice, depending on the lessons that have chosen to learn in this human incarnation.

" Would you like to experience some time under the crystals ? " Ajha was most hospitable, fully understanding that Dee had most likely never had a healing such as this one.  Dee smiled and sipped her tea thoughtfully then rested the cup in both hands on her lap.
"Most amazing my new friend, most amazing, but I shall wait until a later date to experience it. It must be marvelous and I bet I would feel twenty years younger . But for now, I am curious. Why is it that you had me delivered to you here at this place and time ? "

Ahja had to admire this foreign human who was from a more modern era upon the planet but seemed to be from a civilization far less advanced than her own.

"Well to be completely honest, you have something we need. It may seem so simple. We are amazed that you were able to cross the lines of time so easily. Our civilization here which is so advanced compared to yours, even though it is eons into the future, Of course much of the credit to the beings of living light. They are our teachers, healers and guides. They were the ones who imparted this highly advanced science to us and they have also been our spiritual guides for a very long time. They have come from a time before time in great shiny  flying cities. It is in one of the cities that you will find the answer I seek.

As soon as Aunt Dee heard about the great shiny flying cities she immediately formed a mental image of a huge space stations in orbit around our planet. What wonders they would be capable of manifesting  in comparison to anything our greatest  visionaries, artists and engineers could imagine. Aunt Dees train of thought were interrupted by Ajha, she had not heard her speak, she had spoken verbally but her mind had been off to somewhere else. She returned back to the reality of her surroundings reluctantly and realized that Ajha was motioning for here to come forward to, <pauses> what she thought as best as she could describe them, energy chairs.

Chapter 3

No sooner does Aunt Dee sit in the chair she felt it reclining almost immediately until she was lying horizontally on a cushion of energy, she felt like she was weightless and suddenly felt a warm tingling sensation go through her entire body and she began to drift off.  She wasn’t sleeping, she was still very much conscious aware of her surroundings. Ajha had her two arms raised up as she faced upwards towards the apex on the pyramid shaped room they were in.

Aunt Dee was about to ask her a question, “heck!” she had a thousand questions she wish she could ask her. Instead Aunt Dee just lie quietly and let the floating sensation take her adrift to where ever. Above her she could see all this quanta radiating colored light like rainbows swirling all around her. She was still conscious who she was but everything else in her surroundings vanished, with no points of reference, some could quite easily suffer a feeling of vertigo.

She found herself flying though immense sea of the empty dark vacuum of space except it was not completely empty. There were glowing particles everywhere within the dark void that reminded her much of the glowing plankton in the seas of her world. She then saw distant stars and awesomely beautiful spiral galaxy that were sprinkled everywhere in the dark void. Some were fare apart and others were like dense clusters of light of every color of the rainbow.

She found herself very near one of these spiral galaxy. It grew bigger and bigger as she approached this galaxy. She then noticed she was traveling towards one particular, no two golden stars. As she drew closer she noted that the star had many hosts circling around it. The hosts turned out to be planets. Some were very immense in size then she found herself moving in a different direction toward one particular planet. A purple and aquamarine planet.

As soon as she entered the aquamarine atmosphere she could feel the warm pleasant air flowing around her and reached up to put her hand on her bonet. She found herself hovering over a valley of tall violet grass. The grass was doted with wonderful fragrant flowers, she looked up and saw the most beautiful scene she had ever seen, purple forested mountains with snow caped peeks. A stunningly beautiful turquoise waterfall. 

On the western horizon she could see two golden suns, one was about to descend behind the horizon and the other was still a few hours before it would meet its mate behind the horizon. Something she hadn’t noticed before, just above the tree line she saw one of the magnificent flying cities that Ajha had told her about. Magnificently beautiful are adjectives that can’t even come close to honoring this great city. A flying crystal city. It was so beautiful here she was reluctant to leave but something was tugging at her to return.

She woke up still lying on the energy table. Ajha informed her that she had just been introduced the world of the beings of living light. Aunt Dee sat there a bit stunned as to what she had just experienced and learned from this lady who had been a most gracious host and a most wonderful teacher.              

"Well to be completely honest, you have something we need. It may seem so simple. We are amazed that you were able to cross the lines of time so easily. Our civilization here which is so advanced compared to yours, even though it is eons into the future, Of course much of the credit to the beings of living light. They are our teachers, healers and guides. They were the ones who imparted this highly advanced science and they have also been our spiritual guides for a very long time. They have come from a time before time in great shiny flying cities.

As soon as Aunt Dee heard about the great shiny flying cities she immediately formed a mental image of huge space stations in orbit around our planet. What wonders they would be capable of manifesting in comparison to anything our greatest visionaries, artists and engineers could imagine? Aunt Dee's train of thought was interrupted by Ajha, she had not heard he speak, she had spoken verbally but her mind was off to somewhere else. She returned back to the reality of her surroundings reluctantly and realized that Ajha was motioning for here to come forward to, what she thought as best as she could describe it, energy chairs.

Aunt Dee was reluctant and sad to have leave these people she had come to love. As she sat on the rocking chair she put on her floppy hat then turned to look at her friends Ejna, Aunt Dee could read through the sullen face that she they had formed a bond. The last she seen of her before fading out was Ejna raising her hand slightly to wave to her. The next thing Aunt Dee became aware of was like she had been struck by lightning and the thunder still rung in her ears. There was desert everywhere below her then she saw something in the distance that appeared to be structures and she aimed the chair in that direction 

 She could now see the buildings below her, like flying over a city in an airplane, The building looked somewhat familiar. Then it hit her, these are very much of a similar architecture and structure as Atlantis was.  Could it be? She asked herself. “Na” “it can’t be possible” she thought to herself. She then felt herself and the chair descending towards one particular structure below. It was as though someone had taken control of the chair. She then found herself in shadow then light once more. Her chair came to rest lightly in what appeared to be a court yard with beautiful exotic plants everywhere all around it’s perimeter. 
Dee saw a beautiful lady with long flowing golden hair and bright blue sparkly eyes, she wore a flowing white gown with a mauve colored cape draped over her shoulders. “A goddess she surely must be Dee thought.” The lady walked gracefully down the marble stairs accompanied by two elegantly dressed man servants.  Dee thought that this lady surely must hold a high position here,.......where ever here is she thought. Dee stepped out of the rocking chair time machine to greet th lady who was now walking towards her. Dee pressed on her ring and looked back to see the rocking chair vanish. 

Dee still wearing her silver jump suit and still wearing her floppy flowery hat  sudenly remembered. She removed the floppy hat and clasped her hands together and bowed her head down respectfully, hoping that the customs here were similar to Atlantis. In so many ways this place reminded her of Atlantis. The princes, or whom ever she was did like wise. Dee noticed something stir at the lady’s right side, a child stepped out to look curiously at Dee, the child was still clinging to her mom’s gown and ready to retreat back behind her, should there arise any type of threat. The child, Dee thought, had to be the most pretty child that she had ever set her eyes on, a smaller version of her mother to be sure.

The lady motioned for Dee to follow her. When they reached the top of the stairs, first Dee was overwhelmed by the immensity and breathtaking magnificence of the....... structure she was approaching. A large arched building that appeared to having been built from millions of tiny diamonds with artistically embossed golden inlays. She then looked up towards the top of the structure and noticed what appeared to be some type of ceiling that glowed like daylight, it covered over the large temple like structure and the entire surrounding city as well. There were very large heavily ornamented pillars supporting the colossal ceiling above. The pillars were evenly interspersed throughout different parts of the spired roofed buildings of the city.

Dee stood stunned for a minute until she felt a hand slip into her left hand. It was the child, who looked up at her  inquisitively with her big bright inteligent sparkling blue eyes, she was staring directly into Dee’s own eyes. Dee followed the child that held her hand who was encouraged her to follow her. They went up another set of marble stairs then entered the cathedral like structure. Within the structure the princes handed Dee a tiny device and motioned for here to put the device in her ear. As soon as she did she could hear the princess speaking to her, “yes, speak!" with spoken words, this discovery had left Dee momentarily speechless. She was  somewhat amazed to discover the words were in English.

The lady spoke to Dee again in English, There is a room being prepared for you. You have traveled a long ways Traveler, you must need refreshing and some rest before this evenings meal. There will be ample time for conversation and catching up on any questions you may have later after the evenings meal. The child was still holding Dee’s hand, The Lady spoke again, “My name is Kadion, which means child of the Kadok. And my daughters name is Princess Zapporah which stands for small white bird. Zapora will take you up to your room now.

Dee was in awe, the room itself could have passed as a palace in it’s own rights. The furnishings were made of crystal and the seats on the chairs conformed to you body. She looked at the two large wooden doors with  golden inlays on the wardrobe and jumped back a couple of paces as the doors opened by themselves. 

The doors closed again by themselves. Dee approached the wardrobe once more and the doors opened by themselves again. Of course they have a remote electronic eye or a motion detector and the doors open when they detect someone close to it. Within were the most beautifully woven silk or something like silk robes of every different color one could wish for. Dee picked out a garment and put it on the bed then went in search of whatever passes as a bathroom here.

It turned up to be a large room with benches to sit on a wall to wall mirror and there were cosmetics that she didn’t have any idea what they were for. What passed as a shower, which in it's own was probably larger then some small apartments back home. What came out of what she thought to be the shower head was not water, but a warm spray of energy that cascaded all over her body. It was so soothing that she nearly fell asleep standing up under the energy spray. She put on a sleeping garment then just crashed on the bed not even bothering to get under the covers then nearly instantly drifted into a deep restful sleep.

Aunt Dee slowly drifted back into wakefulness in response to something lightly shaking her right arm. Dee opened her eyes and looked to the left of here where she still felt light pressure on her right arm. For a moment Dee thought she was being visited by the most beautiful angel. Recollection of where she was slowly returned after her senses began to come back to reality. It was the ladies daughter Princess Zaporah who was standing beside the bed doing what she could to bring Dee back as gently as she could out of the deep sleep she had been in. She couldn’t recollect ever sleeping that soundly for a good many years.

Dee was still puzzled  as to…… where this place is anyway? She knew she was on a world that was not Earth. She wondered if she had gotten lost in the worm holes and landed on another world in another dimension. She remembered that the architecture appeared to be very much like what she had witnessed on her short stay in Atlantis, “Atlantis!” she exclaimed to herself. Amazing! I would of never dreamt of seeing the real Atlantis before I had undertaken this journey. What a wonderment of human achievement that had been.

A look of sorrow traced Dee’s face as she remembered the violent end that Atlantis was about to experience just before she left. Then she remembered her host mentioning that some would use the energy bubble machines to migrate to another area on Earth that would be more environmentally stable, then just simply rebuild new homes.  Her host also mentioned the invisible ones who were the ones who supplied them with the technology to build Atlantis in the first place would also be there to help in rebuilding it. Those little people?

 She didn’t remember seeing any here since she had arrived  here, On the other hand if this is a different world then why would it be the same? No reason to believe it would be the same as Atlantis? But then how is it that this place had structures so incredibly similar in design and architecture as what she had seen in Atlantis?  

Zapora  nudged Dees arm once more and spoke for the first time since Dee had arrived. “My mom has arranged for dinner on the terrace that overlooks the city sky line and has sent me escort you to there.” “It  is a special occasion in your honor Traveler.”  The child clasped her hands together and bowed her head slightly in respect. The child had a beautiful almost musical voice Dee marveled. Dee responded,  “you may call me Aunt Dee if you wish, everyone back home calls me Aunt Dee.” “Thank you for coming to waken me for dinner.” ”It will only require a few minutes for me to freshen up.”  Before Dee left for the bathroom  she did as Zapora had out of respect, she clasping her two hands together she bowed her head slightly. 

Dee went to the wardrobe and selected a light blue colored gown with a matching cape to wear then went to the washroom and picked around an assorted cosmetics on the large Marble counter top and picked out what she thought would be suitable for her skin complexion.  She noted at the center of the counter there was a depression with what she thought was a faucet that was made of crystal. Again to Aunt Dee’s amazement when she pushed a button, a stream of energy came out instead of water.  Quickly finishing the final touches  she turned hurriedly to leave the washroom and nearly tripped over Zapora. Both stood there a little startled at first then broke out laughing, Dee instantly fell in love with the child. 

She and Zepora walked down the marble stairs case where at the bottom they were both greeted by one of the men servants wearing a purple suite like garment and white gloves. He bowed gracefully to them and then extended his arm out for Dee to take then extended his other arm out for Zapora to take, then said. “ This way ladies.”   The man servant escorted them to the terrace where a large table about 10 ft long was occupied by six people, four elegantly dressed women and two well dressed men who looked much like dignitaries, or some type of high positions. Dee felt like she had just been made the queen of this…… where ever this place is.  It felt good to be treated like lady, or someone important she thought, but it is also unnerving. As far as she knew this could be the famous last super before they throw you in a volcano to appease the gods or something.

Dee was ushered by the man servant to one end of the table and Zepora picked a place to the side of the table next to Dee. Dee looked at the other end of the table and noticed that the chair there remained empty. On the heals of that thought she heard a sound something like air escaping, like that of  air brakes. Next minute she sees a doorway appear out of nowhere, where she had not noticed it there when she had arrived. Lady Kadion walked out of the doorway, she wore a gold and orange gown with a stripes of silver that went down in a V shape from the neck to her cleavage and down to the hem at the bottom of her gown. The silver stripes sparkled as though it was vibrant with energy.

She bowed her head and upper body slightly in respect to her guests who sat around the table. The guests, Dee would discover later they were delegates or representatives, it wasn’t rulers or anything like that for their countries, states or districts, that had also escaped her memory. She couldn’t remember the exact word used to describe what  these people represented, “Caretakers,” was the closest word Dee could recall.  

Dee once again noticed the room had been quiet, looking around she hesitating for a sec not being sure what was required of her to do then followed suit by clasping  her hands together and bowing head slightly in response to her  host.  Kadian then walked gracefully around the vacant chair that Dee had noted earlier, it looked much similar as the ones she had observed and had the privilege and experience of sitting on in the pyramid temple in Atlantis. Dee felt a shiver go through her that felt much like déjà vu.

Almost immediately two man servants walked into the palatial dinning room and set the meal on the table, then removed the shiny covers, which again looked more like energy then a solid of any kind Dee could recognize. The two man servants wearing white suit like garments bowed then turned and left the room the way they had come in.

Kadian clapped her hands three times to quiet the room then began to speak. “Before we begin this meal I wish to welcome our most honored guest Dee. As you all know that the environment of our beautiful world has begun to deteriorate and we will be forced to migrate elsewhere to another world.
Aunt Dee’s curiosity of this place had got the best of her, thinking that what ever else in the speech Kadian  was reciting didn’t concern her, here eyes wondered about the room inquisitively until something caught her attention.  Towards the back of the room she saw a large map that resembled much an Atlas of the world. A prickly feeling went up and down Dee’s back as recognition of the Atlas hit home. She was familiar enough with the features of this world to know which world she found herself on.

It was Mars minus a good many impact craters  and a great deal of foliage covered the land, *growing plants?*  and  bodies of water? Way different then she had remembered learning about this planet. Actually as she recalled, Mars was quite dead, arid with a thin atmosphere, much to hostile of an environment to support any type of life. Dee frowned trying to remember what she had learned about this planet. It had been speculated that it may have had a much warmer and hospitabal life supporting environment at one time, with a much thicker atmosphere and an abundance of water. 

What was that number? Hmmmm maybe I should suggest to Harry that he install a yeardomitor on the rocking chair next time. The number popped into her head, 63,000,000 years, Dee blanched as her bottom jaw dropped. “Holly smokes, Henry never told me that the chair was capable of traveling that far back in time!” then she exclaimed to herself. Suddenly it hit her. “The worm holes!” She had exclaimed in an audible voice.

Kadian had stopped speaking, but was still standing looking towards Dee. Dee felt herself shrink in her chair, like a child that had just been scolded.
Kadian spoke and said, “please feel free to speak anytime you wish. You are our honored guest here.”

Dee mumbled then spoke up louder for all to hear. “I’m sorry… your Honor, errrr, I mean majesty, errr your roayalness”…. Dee felt like she had just had a good meal of eating her own two shoes and her face went from ghost white to bright red in embarrassment.

“All is well no apologies are in order,” “I understand the puzzlement you must be going through.” Kadian spoke.  There was a pause here before Kadian spoke again. I was only enquiring if it would be permitted to study the mechanics of your chair.” You see this world is dying and we need to develop some type of transportation through both time and space.” “We presently have the means to travel through space but not time.”  “We will need a vehicle or vehicles not just to travel through space to get to the third planet from our sun but by traveling to a different time as well.” 

You see the odds of that planet being be capable of supporting our species of life, the odds are not very favorable. The third planet will till be to hot and unstable to support our people. By that time that the third planet becomes favorable, our planet will have long since lost it’s capability of supporting life. At best the third planet will not be suitable for at least another 3,000,000 years, where we believe it will begin to undergo a global cooling phase.  “We can discuss this further after the meal.”

Kadian clasped her hands together and bowed her head down slightly for a few seconds then motioned for everyone to begin their meal.

After the meal Kadian invited Dee to join her on the terrace. But she was aloted enough time to go to her room and freshen up. Dee felt something at her left side and looked down and there stood Zapora beaming up a beautiful toothy smile the likes she likes she had ever seen before. What a wonderful pleasant child Dee thought. Then spoke, “Well let’s see how fas a princes can run up these old stairs anyhow. With that both stomped up to the top of the stairs where Dee had just held back enough to let Zapora hit the top step before her.

Zapora danced around and laughed musically, Dee sat on the top step a little winded and joined in Zapora’s laughter. 

Back in her room Dee wnet to the washroom to frehen up and Zapora followed her. Zapora was asking incessant questions at Dee refreshed her makeup, then decided to give Zapora a make over. Well I would have to say that many giggles later and discussion as to which make up is for what. Dee found that the end result was a bit of a mess that needed some attending to. Then both proceeded in having a make up fight with a bottle containing a powder like substance, Both laughed till tears rolled down their cheeks as the.
The both looked into the wall to wall mirror then again laughed hysterically.   
Dee walked out unto the terrace with Zapora following close behind. 

Kadian stood up and indicated to a seat fro Dee to site on. She called Kadia over to her and said something that almost a whisper, then Zapora turned and quietly left the terrace. Kadia once again motioned for Dee to sit in the seat she had indicated to here earlier. Please, I do pray that you do not feel pressured in any way to do the service I asked of you earlier. This is completely you choice to make.  Both Kadia again went over what had earlier been briefly outlined to Dee  at the dinner table.  Dee needed sometime to think about this as she announced to Kadia.

Back at her room Dee was pacing from one end of the room to the other, deep in thought, trying to make up her mind as to the decision that could very well decide the fate and  survival of the population of an entire planet, of which she now felt lay in her hands.  The deciding factor was when she thought back to Atlantis and this place and how so much of the architecture and technology was so very similar to that of Atlantis. These people could very well be the descendants of Atlantis and if they are then if they perish on this planet, there will never be an Atlantis on Earth and there will never be any trace of them left to show of their past existence.

Dee woke up with a start and sat bolt upright in bed. Outside there were people shouting. She got up and looked outside. Down at street level  there were people milling aroud some shouting and some giving orders. The whole city appeared to be on the verge of panic.

Someone knocked rapidly and loudly at her door. Dee opened the door a crack to look out. One of Kadia’s man servants stood at the door and he appeared to be quite anxious and impatient about something and urging Dee to come out quickly. Dee said, give me a moment please, then went to her dresser and inserted the translator in her ear then returned to the door where the man servant remained standing.  It was quite obvious some thing big had taken place that made him so anxious and persistent  in wanting to inform Dee about something. What ever it was It was something urgent Dee gathered as she quickly put on her bath robe on and went back to the door and opened it wide and asked what it was that appeared to be so urgent. The man servant told her that he had been sent by Kadia  and that something big happened in the southern quadrant of the underground city. 

 And there had been a declaration for emergency measures had been issued throughout the city. Dee inquired as too what the emergency was about. He only responded again urgently that he was sent by Kadia to escort her here to her quarters. There is a meeting being assembled, as we speak, a gathering of some of the leaders to  discuss what  strategies should be executed as a response to this catastrophe.  The entire city is being put under a state of emergency   measures. I know not any more then that, sorry my lady. He made a curt bow and said respectfully, “follow me.”

Dee began to protest. “But I need to get dressed f…” The man servant cut her off saying, “there’s no time for anything else my lady” We need to go now!” his voice going up one octave  to emphasize the seriousness of the situation at hand.  Dee followed the man servant who stopped abruptly before what appeared to be a blank wall. As she watched there was a seam that appeared to outline a door way with a rounded top. 

Then she heard a hissing sound like escaping air just as it did when Kadia appeared in the dinning room earlier. a door way that appeared where there had been a featureless wall just a few seconds ago, the wall faded or kind of like evaporated whichever and within was a small cubicle. Her and the man servant stepped in and almost immediately a blank wall reappeared and she felt kind of a slight movement that felt like it was lifting her off the floor  and a couple seconds later the doorway reappeared in the same fashion as it did the in the grand foyer.
Dee stepped and almost immediately she was greeted by a teary eyed Zapora who threw her arms around Dee. Dee bent down and hugged Zapora and half whispered in here right ear. Hony, whatever is it that has you so disturbed, I am quite certain everything will be fine.  Dee took her hand and walked to towards a large table where at least twenty seemingly important well attired people sat at the table. Dee noted that these delegates consisted of mostly women.  Dee felt somewhat embarrassed being dressed only in her sleeping garment and bathrobe.

They  all appeared to be waiting  for something before proceeding with what ever business which appeared  to have already started before she had arrived.  Kadia sat at her usual place at the head of the table. A chair had been left vacant at the other end of the table and Kadia indicated to Dee to sit in the vacant chair. Zapora sat on her lap, Kadia asked Dee if Zapora was being bothersome and if she preferred for her to sit elsewhere. Dee said, “no honestly, she is no bother at all. Dee thought to herself, “ I know that I am maybe growing to fond of her just as she is of me.” “How is Zapora going to handle my leaving when the time comes?” 

Kadia brought Dee out of her thoughts when she addressed all to resume the meeting at hand. Dee found out rather quickly from a brief recounting by Kadia as to what had occurred earlier that morning to throw an entire city into a near panic.  The southern quadrant had been hit by a meteorite that had destroyed a large portion of the city as far down to the eight level from surface level. The large palatial room they were sitting in was 20 levels down where they would remain until a report for  all clear was given. 

More then ever the knowledge had become of the utmost  importance and urgency as to the reason they needed to study Dee’s rocking chair. Kadia’s people had known for some time about the a coming catastrophe on a planetary scale.   Dee had also noted that there was a mention of something about this catastrophe would occurred when another planet they named Marduke would enter our planetary system.  There were beings from that planet that had already arrived on Mars who lived like primitive nomads in the growing desert areas of Mars. They appeared to look like a primitive people but what they appeared to be and what they were capable of proved to be quite deceiving. They were a warring type of people and had been aggressive towards Kadia’s people for as long as as their history has recorded .

Her people avoided the desert areas of their world as much as they could. So far they had not come close to any of the built up areas of Kadias people, but this did not mean that  they would not some day. The return of Marduk will bring more of them.  They would be a serious threat to Kadia’s people. Now she knew how they were going to wipe her planet of all living things, by massive planetary meteoric showers, it had already begun but they still had a sufficient window of time left to execute an evacuation, but a planet wide evacuation would be rather difficult  when the only other planet that could support life would not be sufficiently environmentally friendly enough to support life for another 3,000,000 years and Marduke will already have come and gone by then.

Chapter 4

Aunt Dee thought back to the words that Henry had spoken before she had left of this mission, well not particularly this mission because she couldn’t recall at all Mars being on her travel brochure for her course of travel. Somehow she had made a wrong left turn at Albekoiki and ended up in Joizy.  But she did remember Henry saying quite explicitly to not let the rocking chair fall into anyone’s hands. He had told her that if someone did get possession of it, she was to press a third button on the ring that would self destruct the chair, Dee remembered when Henry had instructed her about this possibility, she had hoped that she would not ever have to execute this dreaded instruction by Henry. 
Dee’s mind drifted back to the reality of the moment when she heard Kadia dismiss the meeting, and all of the attendees got up and left the room in muted conversation. Immediately after every one had left the room Zapora was at her side standing silently waiting, looking up at Dee with those intelligent piercing  emerald green eyes. Dee knew now that it was already to late, she had already fallen in love with this amazingly beautiful child.  Dee looked towards the other end of the table where she found that Kadia was still sitting patiently in her chair, apparently still awaiting for Dee’s  response on her request  to study the time travel mechanism of the rocking chair.

Dee spoke and said, “forgive me but I need a little time to think this over, everything here has just been happening  in such a series of rapid successions that it has kind of left me in a rather confused state of mind.” “I just need some time to freshen up and try to get all of the pieces to fit together then weigh them out before I make a decision.”

Kadia bowed her head slightly in acknowledgment then got up and  then spoke softly and respectfully to her, “Yes, of course, you may take what ever time you feel you need to make a decision.  It is your choice to make which ever decision you decide and  I assure you we will respect whichever decision you do make whether it be yes or not.”

Later Dee stepped out of the large bathroom to her palatial quarters and sat on the bed working at untangling a few snags in her hair. Washing your hair in an energy shower was defiantly something one would have to learn a new science and dynamics of to wash ones hair. She was still mulling over what to do about letting Kadia’s people pocking and prodding around her rocking chair when she heard the harp like chimes that indicated someone was at the door.
Dee opened the door a crack to see who it was, Dee said hi honey, please come on in. Dee open the door wide and Zapora walked into the room with a big smile tracing her pretty face.

Dee and Zapora laid across the bed exchanging small talk with some humor  mixed in and both found themselves laughing and giggling intermittently then towards the end of the evening Dee found herself telling Zapora a story about fairies. Zapora listened in amazement, she had never heard before about little people that were magical and flew around with dragon fly wings. Dee being a fairly good artist drew a fairies on a piece of paper for her, 

Zapora loved it.  After Zapora left, Dee had already made up her mind and knew what she had to do about the situation with letting Kadia’s people study the time travel mechanism  on her rocking chair. If she didn’t let them study her rocking chair a whole entire human species ‘including’ Zapora may vanish. Dee had decided she  wouldn’t be able to live with that on her conscious. She spoke to the empty room in a subdued voice, I hope you forgive me for breaking one of your rules my dearest Henry. But then this side trip to Mars was not in the travel brochure  either.
Dee walked into the laboratory facilities at ground zero, above the surface. It was sequestered in a structure that future NASA researchers on Earth would some day name, The Fortress in the province of Cydonia in City Square, about a couple miles away from the massive sphinx like face. She taped on her ring twice and the rocking chair materialized on the laboratory floor.  Dee really wanted to see this famous face that had created such a controversy back on Earth. As though Kadia ha read her mind she asked Dee if she wanted to go on a tour of City Square. Next to Kadia stood Zapora with that kind of ‘pretty please’ look on her face.  

Why certainly Dee responded then smiled and looked down at the smaller replica of Kadia  standing next to her. What a striking resemblance Dee thought, and thinking that Zapora would some day be a proud, noble and authoritative  but also kind and caring leader like her mom.  The only feature that Zapora had that was different then her mom was those piercing emerald green eyes. Her mom, eyes, hmmmmm this was the first time Dee noticed that Kadia’s eyes also had a uniqueness of their own, like gold.

Soon Dee found herself in one of those spherical machines with Zapora sitting tightly next to Dee, The vehicle they rode similar to the one she had rode in, in Atlantis, except these spherical machines became only transparent in the forward viewing section, the rest of the structure remained solid in appearance.  As they flew over the province of Cydonia Dee got to look at some landscape which was similar to Earth but other parts looked absolutely alien to her.  Valleys that still contained streams and rivers where some plant life and forest still clung to life. Dee also saw some very breath takingly beautiful majestic  purple and blue mountains in the distance. Other sections were mostly rusty colored desert sand containing only with small outcroppings of plant life, similar to the oasis one would see on Earth.

Dee looked up at the sky and noted the puffy white clouds that looked very much like normal Earth clouds, but the sky! It was not a perfect blue like the earth. Above was blue but as you looked towards the horizon the blue above blended to orange like a sunset on Earth except here it was mid day.  

Dee looked forward and saw what appeared to be a very large mound or hill in the distance. As they got closer to the mound or hill Dee could already make out some features that was distinctively different from any kind of natural structure like a large hill, she noted that there were very fine seams that ran both perpendicular and horizontally all along the whole length of the structure’s side. “The Face!” Dee spoke aloud in excitement like a young child at a carnival for the first time.  Kadia looked back at Dee and smiled.  “Wow!!!” “Will you look at that” Oh what I would give to have a camera so I could show it to the folks back home” Dee once again said in excitement.   Now she could see the face looking down at it, the eyes nose mouth and hair line that reminded her a bit of the sphinx back home, there really was a resemblance. 

She once again felt excitement when upon closer inspection of the structure she noted that the entire structur consisted of very large blocks of granite, “just like the pyramids” she spoke again unintentionally.” Must have taken thousands of granite blocks to build this structure she thought.
Kadia banked to the left and quickly descended to ground level then just hovered a couple of feet off the ground. Dee was again awed at these wonders as two large granite stones lifted outwards then slid to both sides of the outside wall of the structure and again they move up slightly then forward towards the interior of the face. Dee was beside herself when they stepped out of the flying sphere and looked all around and up. Towards the ceiling of the structure she could actually see condensation that blurred the appearance of the ceiling, ‘like fog she thought.’  On the floor of the structure she saw many spherical ships, an entire fleet of them she thought.

Kadia explained to her that the face served a dual purpose. One was that it had been erected as a monument for any future visitors who see it will know of their having once been intelligent living beings on this world. We have expansive libraries filled with our history archived  sealed in a great chamber elsewhere in the structure. These will be left here  for those who come here and desire to learn from the annals of our culture.

The second  purpose is to house our defense vehicles if we should be attacked by an outside force, like our desert friends out there if their numbers should ever be increased by visitors of their own kind from Marduke. Many of our emergency escape vehicles are space worthy but there is no where else at this time that is environmentally friendly enough to support life. The technology for building these vehicles was given to us by the ancient ones who speak to us in our sleep. These are the vehicles that we wish to adapt the components of your time travel chair to.

Back at the Kadia’s palace, Kadia closely followed by Zapora joined Dee in the lounge. Dee’s rocking chair time machine stood in the open in the middle of the lounge. After completing their probing and testing the laboratory researchers had brought back Dee’s chair in one piece and still functioning. They had been successful in reproducing a similar type of device that could be attached to their spherical ships that were kept at the face complex.   Dee double sighed in relief for getting her chair back in one piece as well as to their success.

Kadia had been quite grateful for Dee’s permission to study her chair. Hey talked a bit then Kadia left Zapora and Dee alone to talk some before Dee left. Dee got into her chair and straped in, when she looked at Zapora who still stood in the same spot where they had exchanged Farewell’s Dee noticed that her cheeks were glistening with tears. Dee hit the leaver up to full, she knew that this would bring her back through the worm holes and hopefully take her back to Earth, just as she felt the sudden surge her pent up tears also flowed down her cheeks, Little did she know that she would meet Zapora again in a different time.

She felt the chair rocking back and forth then spin around like she had been put in a clothes dryer in on an exelorating cycle then everything went black.
Well sis we have come full circle back to where you had posted.
“Sufering sucatash!” like Sylvester the cat would have said.
 The worm hole in itself was not as frightening as the speed at which she had been traveling. She noticed that her seat belt had barely held  her into the chair. Speaking of the chair she noticed that she was canted to the right to an almost 45 degree angle .. ! Yet, the visuals as she passed through it were simply amazing. Purple heavens with twinkling stars and planets far away that she did not recognize. At one point she swore she saw a space ship that looked vaguely familiar passing in the distance, but she could not be sure but it certainly wasn’t the same as when she went through the worm hole going to Mars. She now recalled that it had the landing with  such a heavy thud when she realized this was what had brought her back to reality, it had almost thrown Dee out of the chair

Hmm well now just which desert am I in?  Auntie Dee asked herself then looked around her and got a feel of her surroundings. She noticed that she was right outside an oasis area. In the distance she could see camels tethered and drinking from a large trougth. Beside them she saw men dressed in desert attire that was designed  to both stay warm, and yet cool as well as keep the sand off of their body as best as possible. Dee took the silver suit off and hurriedly donned another garment that she thought resembled the fashion of those  days. She looked down at the outfit she  had hurriedly put on and reflected to herself some. Well, she thought, Henry did not do too badly to outfit me with the appropriate garments for the times she would be going to.”

 I am dressed pretty near what those men are dressed in, she thought. At least she needed not  worry of not knowing or understanding the local tongue. She still  had possession  of the tiny translator that Kadia had let her keep as a gift.  But she would have to play the role of both male and a mute since she could not respond back to them in their tongue.  “Oh I am so frustrated, how Henry talks me into these jaunts,” she thought. I must admit that this is getting to be way more interesting than sitting at home only knitting and goodness knows there is nothing on the tube worth watch . 

This was becoming much more fun then knitting and watching the tube that didn’t really have anything worth watching anyway. Using her ring, Dee tapped once on it to make the time travel rocking chair disappear, well to this reality it was invisible to human detection. It would remain existing on higher level of molecular vibrational frequency to this reality. that in all appearance it is no longer in this reality but it can be recalled instantaneously just by taping the ring twice.

 As Dee approaches the men who sat on the slope of a dune, one of the men looked up with a start , reaching for his sword then stopped and reached over to nudge the man next to him awake. He said to the man in his native tongue  " Ahh this must be the one who has come to tend the camels during our travel to the place they call the great pyramid builders of Giza." The man next to him nodded, he was shorter than the man who spoke and yawned.  Dee could understand what they were speaking through the translator, she smiled showing near perfect teeth, as the man yawning had visible gaps in his mouth. Dee quickly shut down her smile and just grinned close lipped. 

"Say, you are the one that was sent to tend to the camels during our treck  to the place of the pyramids builders at Giza ?" Auntie Dee simply nodded up and down . The shorter man with the missing teeth looked at Dee
"Aww, they have sent us a deaf and dumb mute"  He said with disgust. " I hope he can at least understand what we tell him to do." Dee shook her head up and down quickly with the closed mouthed grin  The taller man looked at her and laughed ." He sure is a daft one !" He slapped his knee hard and guffawed with laughter  " Well I hope he can handle a camel, I am not certain if our friend can tend camels much less ride one" 

 Now Auntie Dee was about to protest, but then realized they were a long way from Giza, to walk that  far not would only her corns on her feet hurt, she would be lucky to have any bottoms on her feet left walking through all that hot sand. She sighed and her eyes looked heavenward .. She thought, Oh Henry the things I do in the name of exploration and science !

 Well this may tend to be a rather interesting trip after all, wouldn’t you agree my dear friend Jacob? The man with the gaps in his teeth told his friend then both men guffawed some over that. It took all of Dee’s patience not to respond.   The two men got up and began to load up the camels. The one named Jacob looked at Dee and indicated to here what he wanted her to put in the camel’s saddle bags. Soon they were up and moving across the desert.. Jacob gave Dee some quick lessons on how to make a camel squat down to the desert sand so that Dee’s short legs could straddle unto the saddle of her mount. 

She almost lost her hold in the saddle when the camel got the signal to get up, the beast stood up and began to plod on forward across the desert sand in one motion. She thought that she may have left her stomach back there in the desert sand.  She had been lucky she thought to herself , she had a feeling that she could have got much worst traveling partners, like meaner, or  “goodness!” they could have been the marauder type of nomads, and she had no idea and really didn’t have no real desire in finding out what would happen to a lone woman out here by herself in this no man’s land let alone a lone no woman’s land. As it was she discovered they just liked making fun of things more then they were being intentionally mean or dangerous and this certainly was not time to take offence at anything. 

 The desert heat was getting to Dee making here sleepy, her head nodding up and down from the motion of the camel and at one point she began to drift  into sleep while listening to the low droning voices of the two men  and the rhythmic plodding motion of the camel. She began to list to the right on her saddle as her beast plodded on. If it hadn’t been  for Hamod’s quick thinking she would have fallen off. He quickly led his camel to her side and reached over to her and caught her just as she was about to slide off  the saddle and fall unto the desert sand. 

He helped her sit back upright in the saddle, then told here that his grandmother blindfolded could ride a camel better then she could,  both men guffawed in laughter at this smart remark. She was about to say something then remembered that if she did, not only would they discover she didn’t speak their language, but also that she was not deaf and mute, and worst it would give away who she was and she didn’t relish to think as to what the consequences were of that. She just nodded thanks to both men and did the grinning thing back to them, hoping this was the male custom to show respect among themselves.

 At sunset they rode into a small oasis, her companions never bothered to tether their camels, they just  took the saddles off and began making up camp for the night.

Dee knew that her job was to look after the camels and set out to lead them to a small watering hole. She did remember that camels could go for days without water but it was always smart to bring them to the water and let them decide if they needed a drink or not.. Seeing that the camels had consumed all the water they needed she then walked them back to the camp and tethered then to one of the small palm trees then proceeded to feed them. and then set out to unrolled her bed role that Hamod had in his own kind way had given her to sleep in. She slid into the bedroll and was almost instantly fast asleep. 

The next ,morning she woke up to someone’s prodding her, she  was about to speak then remembered and looked up at Hamod’s worried face. She knew immediately there was trouble, she could sense it from his being. He put his finger against his lips to indicate not to make any noise then he motioned for her to follow him. Hurriedly we got our rigging back in the saddle bags and off we were again. As we toped the crest of the desert sand above the depression where the oasis was I discovered what the problem. In the distance she could see a cloud of dust moving in their direction then she saw horse at the forefront of the dust cloud hundreds of horses, with riders. She believed that the riders of those horses were not the kind of people that only three desert nomads would want to tangle with.  They rode as hard and as fast as the three camels could carry them towards the opposite horizon.  

 Dee turned to look back and again almost fell out of the saddle but  righted herself in the saddle again  and urged her mount to move quicker. She had seen what was behind her long enough to make the small hairs on the back of her neck stand straight.. The horse riders  had reached the oasis that they had they had just departed from. There must have been hundreds of them, and she hoped that she would not have to meet up with them, especially not by any indication of the fear she sensed form the two seasoned men that were with her who were now doing there best to leave distance between them and those marauders behind them.  

They rode their mounts down the slope of a large dune half sliding and stumbling. Dee was thankful to the sure footed mount she rode on.  Not far ahead she saw human made structures, like large carnival tents. She knew that there were some very rich business men and merchants that traveled the desert in fair luxury in palace like tents like these. She hoped that they would be friendly and take them in, she hoped the marauders would not come close to these tent dwellers of the desert.

 Dee was ushered along with her two companions into what Dee thought must have been the palace of tents, The different pastels and colors of different exotic silk like cloth each heavily ornamented with gleaming warrior shields, a gleaming sword or two and spears which were also very well artistically engraved  and there were also a variety of bows and different length of arrows. There was a large well decorated table where a short portly man with a well timed beard  who carried the air of authority quite well. He spoke to them in a impatient tone. He examined each one of them in turn as though he were measuring them for their stature or genre. 

Examining each one of them like they were an odd specimen in a laboratory. Dee thought, realizing  that she really did feel like she was that bug in a jug in that very laboratory.  her partners and herself  what had brought them to his camp and to state their business and make it short and to the point.  Well she knew some neighbors back home who thought she was odd to say the least, well actually the neighbors though that both her and Henry were a little flaky, like, taking flying lessons without an aircraft, let alone without a helmet.

 But this was way different feeling from what she picked up from the nosy neighbors. The one with the gaps in his teeth, Hamod, made an attempt at a smile and seeing it had no affect of their host, he quickly stowed the smile and bowed slightly in respect and moved forward  to speak to the portly man with the well trimmed beard,

Your Excellency we only wish to set up camp in your magnificent encampment  for the night and maybe do a little trading at the merchants tents we saw on our way in here. We will be on our way  to the land of the pyramid builders first thing in the morning where we have a little trading to do there as well.  The portly man indicated for Hamod to return with the others and then indicated for Jacob to come forward. Jakob parodied pretty well the same as Hamod had told him.

 The portly man then indicated for Jacob to return with his comrades and then indicated for Dee to come forward. Both Jacob and Hamod began to protest at the same time and the portly man made a sign indicating for both to silence, then again indicated for Dee to come forward. Dee bowed slightly in respect and stepped forward to the table. When the portly man spoke to her she only indicated by nodding her head yes or no.

Is this one deaf and mute? The portly man asked the other two. Both Hamod and Jacob responded again at the same time, “yes”. Nodding their head up and down vigorously, then Hamod continued by informing the portly man by quickly adding she was their camel tender. “He knows what we speak, reads lips quite well.” “But he doesn’t speak.” Hamod informed the portly man. 

There was a couple of minutes of silence that felt more like an hour and both Hamod and Jacob began to feel somewhat fidgety and uneasy. The portly man seemed deep in through with his two hands steepled under his chin, then he spoke. “OK my friends, you may stay for the night as our guests.” “But may I make a suggestion?” Both Hamod and Jacob spoke again at one time. “Yes your Excellency, what ever you wish it will be our pleasure to fulfill.” The Portly man said, “your camel tender needs to put a little more meet on his bones,” “feed the boy well so that he may better tend to your camels.” ”As it is I am surprised he has the strength to even ride a camel.” “You are dismissed.” 

The portly man stood up and bowed slightly to his three guests. Homad and Dee and Jacob did likewise. The portly man said, “ you are dismissed and proceeded to leave the tent., Then stopped and turned and spoke again. “By the way you needn’t worry about the band of desert pirates you saw  as you were coming into our camp.” “Their leader is my brother, they are camped not far from here and will be doing a little trading themselves in the market place later this evening.” “No one is allowed to bring weapons in this camp.” If they do they have to leave them at the entrance to be picked up when they leave, As you will find that your weapons are also kept there and will be given back to you when you leave.” The portly man smiled for the first time since they had entered his tent  he then again turned and left.   If Dee and her companions had not had their bottom jaws attached securely they may surely have fallen to the floor. 

The merchants gathering had very much the air a carnival type festivities, Fire works, pinwheels, Cross bow shooting galleries, and the merchants tents overflowed with merchandise to trade. A merchant came up to Aunt Dee in a hopeful attempt to sell her something, Dee just kept shaking her head and trying to wave him away but he pursued his sales pitch in a vigorous manner that hinged on aggressiveness .   Hamod appeared out of nowhere and pushed the merchant away from Aunt Dee and said to him. Can you not see my friend is not interested in buying your wears? The merchant bowed three times consecutively then briskly walked away. 

 Hamod walked her to the tent they had been assigned then bowed politely and said, “I will be back later to check on you, my lady. Dee’s bottom jaw nearly hit the toes of her feet for the second lime that day. Hamod she though, I believe he had known all along. Dee had slipped into her bedroll and had almost fell asleep immediately. It had only felt like she had slept minutes when she felt a hand touch her and gently gave her a shake. Dee opened her eyes to see the smiling face of  Hamod looming over her. My lady if you wish to get refreshed before we leave I would suggest you do so now for we will be departing from this camp by sun up. 

Dee sat up and stretched  then blinked a few times to focus her eyes, then she turned to Hamod and nodded her head up and down to indicate that she understood. Hamod stepped back and politely bowed then turned sharply to the right and  left the room.  It had only begun to get light out when Hamod escorted Dee to her mount then got on his. Jacob followed close behind them at the rear of the caravan as one of the rear guards. They plodded on into the late afternoon sun and heat until the leader at the forefront of the caravan double signaled over his head then pointed towards  the left ahead of them. This was to indicate they had found a small oasis where they could cool off and replenish their canteens and let the camels do what they will  to feed on the short grasses under the palms and get  a drink of water if they desired to.


Dee was sitting in the shade with her back leaning to  a palm tree, still the oppressive desert heat had it’s toll on her, as her head began to nod up and down while she slipped in and out of sleep.  She snapped out of it when she heard a number of mumbling voices as she noted that some of the men had begun to put stuff back in their saddles and mount their mounts. 

It did not take long for Dee to snap to it and get on her mount without any ones assistance this time. Again resuming their plodding across the desert sand. Hamod came to her side and spoke, Dee had not expected his sudden arrival and nearly jumped out of her skin. Hamod commented on how well she had done mounting her mount.  Dee smiled and bowed her head slightly while giving Hamod a kindly smile of thanks for his comment.  Hamod spoke again informing her that they should be arriving in Giza, the place of the pyramid builders. She couldn’t wait to see this wonder of wonders in progress, the building of one of worlds most magnificent  structural achievements ever accomplished by mankind.

 It was dusk when they came to the top of a large dune and bellow Dee could see the lights of many dwellings in orderly rows and streets sectioned off like city blocks in her time. At first she thought that maybe something had been in error and she had made her way back to the present day she had left from. Her eyes wandered up some towards the horizon and then she saw very much awe struck, three large structures that were very well lit up. They were the bottom third of the three large pyramids of Giza, incredulously she could hardly believe her eyes, she gasped in amazement at these magnificent structures.

Jacob went into an inn while Dee and Hamod  waited outside with the camels. Jacob informed Hamod that he been lucky to make arrangements for a room for he and Hamod . This place was buzzing with a steady flow of people. Dee was a little bit confused, they got accommodations just for themselves and none for her? Jacob began to unload the camels while they carried their belongings into the building she noticed Jacob talking in a low voice to Hamod then Hamod nodded his head vigorously in assent to what ever Jacob had told him. Hamod came back out of the building and walked towards Dee motioning for her to follow. Dee asked him where they were going? 

He gave a mumbled response that she would know shortly. Dee began to get frightened. These two men were the only people she knew in this world thousands of years in the past from her familiar world. Hamod began to make his way up some stairs leading to a building with copper toped spires, typical to what one would expect as the design typical of ancient Egyption architecture.  They walked into a large room with a high domed ceiling and walked up to a Lady standing behind a highly polished wooden counter. He introduced Dee to the lady then nodded slightly in respect and began to retreat..

Dee forgot about the mute act she had been putting on since they had met for the first time in the desert a couple of weeks ago, Feeling the tendrils of panic setting in  she shouted commandingly for Hamod to come back and explain to her what was happening. She didn’t only startle Hamod she also jumped at her own voice that she hadn’t heard for some time. She knew the cat was certainly now out of the bag, not only did she give away the mute charade but all who heard her there would be no further doubt as to what gender she was and that she spoke in a foreign language. 

Hamod hesitated for a second then resumed walking towards the arched doorway, once outside he straddled his camel and urged it forward without a glace back.  The lady showed Dee up a set of stairs and into a small room that contained only one single cot and a chiffonier to put her belongings away in, She smiled to herself on the irony of her situation, the only belongings she had with her, she was wearing them. And being out in the desert was preferable to this room, 

Dee thought to herself, “I could recall  the rocking chair, and beat it out of here as quickly as I can muster enough electrons in the rocking chair to do so.” But then that would be like quitting on the job. Actually it was more an assignment that she had only volunteered for, she felt obligated to do if no more then out of respect for her husband, not to mention the love, pride and honor she felt for her husband. She suddenly took here hand away from the ring like it had suddenly transformed into a viperous serpent.

Someone knocked at the door bringing her out of her revere.  She got up from the cot and went to the door and opened it just a crack to see who was there.  It was one of the keepers of the inn all dressed up in harem attire, complete with the veil. The girl stretched her arms out indicating for Dee to take the clothes she held in her hands.  Dee took the clothes and the girl dropped her arms to her side and clasped her hands before here and nodded her head slightly, then turned and left.   

Dee unfolded the garments she had been given setting them on her cot. They were harem clothes she thought. I believe I am just a little old for playing lets dress up like harem girls she thought, and she knew that the jig was up at playing the charade being a male. “But what other options did she have at her disposal?” She asked herself. There was always the rocking chair but then she had already decided against that, she just couldn’t cut and run. She would just have to play her cards as best she could as she went. She noted there was a ceramic pitcher filled with water and a ceramic wash basin sitting on a shelf against the opposite wall from where she sat on the cot doing some mental debating as to what she would do next . 

There was just to many unknowns to make any type  of plan. She got up and went to the shelf with the pitcher and wash basin and found a cloth and a soap like substance in a dish like container. She proceeded to give herself a sponge bath. At least she felt half decently cleansed of the camel and the sweaty odors  accumulated from the span of over two weeks traveling on camel back across the  hot desert.  She felt more human again.  She then walked back to the cot and donned the garments that she had been given. She laid sprawled over the cot where she nearly immediately drifted into a dreamless sound sleep.

 To be continued

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