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Sunday, 21 April 2013


Hi dear friends and followers, I happy to see you here. Today I would like to present to you another of my older writings. Thank you

Some of My Thoughts On Belief

If you BELIEVE and pray on a matter, a way will manifest itself. Although it may not be exactly the way or the result that you had in mind, it will appear. Often times in life we encounter detours in out journey where we were sure we saw a blind alley.

If you follow your own inner guide, the right tools to do the job or the way to get where you need to be will destination will present themselves. Rest assured that you will be where you are meant to be, to do what you need to do.

Praying is like making a telephone call. You talk or express to the Higher Power of your understanding your thoughts, then you listen for the response. Listen with your heart or your intuition and believe with unwavering faith and you will get the answer meant for you.

It works. I know. The light beings (or angels) are never very far away. They help you to do what is right.

Following what your heart speaks to you, you will achieve what is necessary to continue on your life’s journey.

If you can teach an old dog new tricks, what does its pedigree or color, long hair or short, matter as long as it barks when someone is in the yard and fetches your news paper like you would expect? What makes this dog special is that it has learned something through you.

That’s what makes some people in your life so special for the time you are together. Good friends, loved ones, enlighten each other and are there for you when you need them.

If you believe and pray and sincerely have the faith in your prayer, deep in your heart, then that prayer will not go unheard. An answer will always be shown to you. It may be presented as a direction to do something, a feeling to avoid something, or an object lesson learned from another's experience, to name a few. Be alert for your answer.

Believe in your heart that you can do what must be done, and so shall it be.

Ask the Great Spirit to help you to see the path and the path will be lighted for you as long as you believe it in your heart.

Writen by Cindy ©

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  1. Great post Sweets, It was very in lighting to read and made me feel very hopeful and that the next journey that both you and my hubbie are on will be great ones and we all will have a great journey in different ways together.
    your Sis

  2. Yep it's all in the believing, and you know that sis. Just BELIVE