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Monday, 22 April 2013


Some choose to navigate their live in a zone they are comfortable with, it is something they are familiar with. Accepting all the wrong doings of others as normal because they know no other way. The most frequent reason for this stems from ones conditioning, from early childhood. Conditioning to think and feel that it easier to work under a oppressive conditions even if doing so is self destructive to their own physical and mental health because it is the only way they know or have learned how to survive.

It began during several year in an abusive relationship. It was an environment which had become familiar to me so that I knew no other way out, or even if there was a way out. The light was not something for me to have, I feared the light of wisdom and knowledge for it was a mystery to me. Something I would be punished for attempting to even expressed any such thoughts. If I dared believe there could be something better I thought I would surely pay dearly for such forbidden aspirations.

Shortly after being released from my bonds I stopped drinking after so many years of numbing myself with the stuff. I knew of the light and was aware of something within me that was much more powerful then what presented itself on the exterior and many a times through those years afterwards I questioned others, seeking an understanding of this concept of the ‘light’, Or the Spirit of all things. The light of hope and balance and harmony in the world. It is everywhere but no one sees it, they go on doing their thing totally oblivious. They talk but don’t see. But just as many times my questions was asked, it fell on the ears of the ignorant.

All that I knew had been taught to me was of a A God of the church. Churches who condone to Go Do Harm onto Others in the name of God?  This kind of God Is not the kind that I would be sending prayers to. Such people who uphold this kind of power I can not grasp in my mind and heart, it’s out of my scope of my understanding. The power I came to know as the essence of all that I can sense and feel through my own inner consciousness I call the living essence Great Spirit. ‘The power’ that be, the web of creation, the harmonics of cosmos  This power is neutral neither bad, or good, nor is it negative or positive, the duality is necessary for balance in the universe it’s ego that needs tampering

It is solely of our choice when we tap into (pray and meditate) this energy force that we determine, out of our own free will, as to what our intentions are with this energy. If it be for good, bad or for negative, positive, for what ever purpose, it is done of our own free will, it is of our own choice, but when making this choice is our conscience clear of doubt as to what you choose to do is right. Do we truly listen to the inner voice for guidance?

Beware of the super ego’s, and self deception they can both play a very good part convincing us that it is the right one even when it is not. So we have to be cautious when making that choice. It is usually best if one channels this energy through (prayed and meditation) and request for guidance form Great Spirit. 

Perhaps you have heard of the saying absolute power can deceive and corrupts absolutely. Subconscious can not be killed, but it can be suppressed. Only the person who has suppressed the subconscious mind is the one who can unlock it's doors again once more if it is be their will to do so.

As for me, I am who I am, I am a child of universe who was given a unique ability to think and choose what it is I must do on this journey called life. I pray and meditate to the Source that I be shown the path I must follow on this journey. A stepping stone into the limitless realm that Source has chosen for me.

Cynthia ©

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