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Monday, 29 April 2013

Dragon Legends

During of the distant misty past of medieval times, it was believed that there were dragons that were claimed to have mystical powers, they lived in crevices high in the jagged mountain tops above the surrounding valleys below.

One day in the late summer season, a powerful dragon flew down from mount Dracona and landed so close to an unsuspecting village peasant girl by the name Scrachen, that she slumped to the ground and passed out. 

The peasant girl woke up a short time later, she found that the Dragon had lain down only a few dozen steps away and had drifted off into a fitful slumber. In front of the dragon laid a lump of bright material that appeared to have an inner glow of it's own, it radiated a bright milky white light. Scrachen remembered some stories told that Dragons had these stones that were embedded in the lower part of their neck which shone very brightly. These stones were rumored to have great mystical powers and were a very much valued possession. A symbol of power.

Scrachen remembered also stories of a famed warrior who once killed one of the Mount Pilatus dragons: he somehow managed to run his spear down the dragon's throat then finished killing the beast with his sword then removed the stone from the lower part of it's neck. 

Sometime later it was rumored that the warrior had suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. What had ever happened to him? No one knew to this day, just was never seen again. It is also now known that a dragon does not breath fire, but they do breath out a very toxic poisonous breath that can kill many warriors with just one exhaled breath. Sometime it could take days of agony before the victim finally succumbed to death. Could this have been what happened to the warrior? Had pride driven him away into the wilderness to die alone?

Scratchen, slowly and careful moved forward judiciously measuring every step carefully so as to not make a sound. Stopping for a moment as the dragon shifted it's position but did not awaken. She continued to advanced slowly towards the dragon. Her first thought was to steal the stone but as she got closer she noticed old woulds that healed over leaving many scars. It was the wound at the lower part of the neck that caught her attention as she drew closer. Scrachen stopped dead in her tracks with a sudden realization  This was the supposedly slain dragon the vanished warrior was supposed to have killed. Scrachen continued to edge forward towards the dragon and very carefully and gently touched the dragons front clawed paw. The beasts eyes immediately opened and a large reddish eyeball was staring Scrachen.

She  heard a low growl from down deep in the creatures throat. She sat on the ground next to the beast with her hand still gently resting on the beasts front clawed scaly paw. The creature turned to look look at her directly with both eyes then lowered it's head and sniffed her just like any other animals do. The creature satisfied that she meant it no harm and carried no weapons it lowered it's head near the ground before it and began to push the shiny object towards her. She knew immediately what it wanted of her. Replace the shiny object to it rightful place. Again Scrachin carefully and slowly picked up the shiny object and knew what the creature want. She held the the object against the wound on it's lower neck and almost immediately a healing affect began to take place as the object as the object reconnected with it's host. 

The Dragon once again lowered it's head to the ground this time also letting it's neck stretch out flat on the ground and just laid there blinking at her. She knew what it wanted, it wanted for her to climb on and go with it. Three beats of those huge leathery wings and the were aloft. Next thin Scrachin knew is flying above the clouds headed towards a distant mountain

Cynthia ©

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