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Saturday, 13 April 2013

For Too Long

For Too Long

Hi dear friends, I am pleased for your visiting my blog. Today I would like to present one of my older poems. Take five, relax and enjoy the poem, thank you

Now consider me: For too long have I carried the burdens

of my past failings.

For too many years have I yearned for the light of hope to shine through,

but I could not see it for the storm clouds that were

forever present about me.

Lightning flashed, thunder pealed, and the wind roared,

but I pressed forward.

I did.

As the burden I shouldered pressed down on me,

I knew that soon I would need to halt my journey

to rest even for just a few moments.

"Behold! At long last I see a resting place just yonder,"

I say breathlessly to myself.

“A large, black, rocky promontory, silhouetted against the dark gray sky,”

I thought.

“This will serve as shelter from the howling wind, if nothing more.

'tis a place to rest and deliberate for a time, before the light of morn.”

Wearily I sit with my back pressed to the rock.

I let the heavy burden on my shoulder drop with a thud,

such was its weight.

With a groan from weariness, I unbind the sack

to examine the weighty contents within.

Thus I proceed to sort out all

of the sordid misdeeds of my life's entire journey.

One by one I examine each closely;

the big and the small, and discard what no longer serves me,

or is worthy of my time and the need to carry it.

I shake the empty sack to be certain naught is left.

I let it lay beside me, no longer replete.

Feeling rested and assuaged I now know where

it is that I have been.

The lightning ceased its streaking, the wind died and the rain abated;

the clouds dispersed and a silvery moon broke through,

lighting the land about me.

Revitalized, I now know where I must go.

For too long had I lost the way.

I now walk nimbly, feeling as light as a feather.

I climb a mound before me and look all around,

And there I see what I have sought, nostrils flaring,

exhaling a vapory mist;

tail twitching, it lay on the ground before me in acknowledgment.

I saunter over and climb upon the back

of my magnificent steed!

For too long have we been parted.

My beloved dragon, the splendid creature she is,

turns see her master has really returned.

She spreads her wings wide, and as she flaps them,

large and leathery,

A cloud of dust arises to either side as I and my magnificent mount,

climb towards the heavens and vanish among the silvery clouds

lit by the full moon above.

Finally I am free of my earthly burdens, in the realm of my mind;

I can be anywhere I want,

and be anyone I want.

Yes, even a dragon-back rider.

Cynthia ©--

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great Week.
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