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Friday, 19 April 2013

The Faye Realm?

Yea the fairy realm, been there too, many times during meditative trances. The thing is when I go to those places I don't go in the physical body, nor through the psyche, those realms are right there inside of me, or should I say that your inner essence or soul is connected with all of the quantum realms of physicality, energetically and spiritually all is of the same essence.

Close your eyes and let your mind drift. Just let the thoughts there in drift like the fall leaves in a brook. Absently watch the leaves flow by you but do not hold any back, let them flow. Soon you will find yourself in the space between wakefulness and sleep, let us call this the "twilight zone."

It is in this zone that you will see the light. At first it will be a circular or oval shape of blue white light. Do not be frightened, relax, let it come to you. Next, the blue white light will split up in many different bands of beautiful bright colors, the colors will swirl all around you in the room.

The colors will then dissolve and this will be where the fae will appear and will dance all over the room in their many different and beautiful wispy streamers of colors.
Has anyone seen the orbs and the sparklies? The sparklies are most prominent in the daytime and can be seen best in the bright blue sky, tiny pin points of light, like tiny sparks everywhere in the sky. You can also see then around the house especially on the ceiling in the darkness at night. They almost look like tiny stars.

Then you have the orbs, they can only be seen by those who are sensitive to that higher energy frequency, or through a camera lens. The orbs are spherical in shape and can be perceived in varying colors, like soap bubbles that glow in the dark. I feel there is a connection with these phenomena such as the fairies and many other different forms of light energy entities .

I had one particular one that use to come to visit almost every night for a long time.
It was wonderful watching her dance all over the living room, even dance in my hand when I stretched my arm out with the flat of my hand up. You know, I almost forgot about all my little friends here. So busy still trying to be something that wasn’t meant to be. But I have my friends here in my forest where the fairies and me live
Cynthia ©

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  1. I love this one Sis. It really shows how you connected you are with our tiny fairy friends. I haven't had a chance to see them in the sight. but I have seen them in my camera and through my camera on very late summer nights. keep your writing you are very good.
    your sis