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Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Brief Essay on Thoughts, Dreams, and Reality?

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Thoughts, Dreams, and Reality?

A Brief Essay on Thoughts, Dreams, and Reality?

There is an infinity of potentialities within the quantum realities with Creator and Creation as One. We exist in a realm where we can conceive infinity only when the mind is stilled, and in one heartbeat at a time. Within that one pulse of life is infinity.

Even in sleep, the mind is never completely at rest. It is industriously manufacturing its own realities through visions, sleeping dreams, and wakeful dreams (day dreaming). All present and future is built upon from memories, so as I plod along on the path of life, I learn and I grow from the lessons in my memory. Growth is not obtained easily. I believe that experience and learning resulting in growth is all part of the equation of life. It is up to us to keep this equation balanced. If we do not, life will balance it for us, often with traumatic results.

How many realities and how many lifetimes, or how many suits of flesh, must our spiritual being inhabit, in order to grow and evolve to our full potential within the infinite consciousness? How many lives have we already lived since the seed of this universe came into being? We might be going back to that seed of life which would form sentient beings, the seed that was planted into the fertile soils of a plethora of planets, not just in this universe, but in the multiverses as well.

What are dreams made of? What is the difference between imagination and fantasy? Where does thought disembark from being a process, a sequence in the brain, to daydreaming, then manifesting itself into reality? Where do the thoughts that create these dreams come from?

Given that our spiritual component may have lived more than one life, can you imagine all the lifetime memories a soul can contain, from the instant when the seed of this universe came into being, until now? Consider this: time, space, and distance itself are illusions. Past, present, and future exist simultaneously in any given instant, just as the birth of a thought is instantaneous. Think of it! If you could harness that idea into a travel device, in the wink of an eye one could travel from one end of the universe to the other.

Egoless? I'm afraid that would only be if I were a saint, or a robot, and even then I am afraid I would still be skeptical of that proposition.

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  1. Hi Sis, I thought this to be very interesting. I have had lots of different dreams that were of my past that were good and some not so good. so were of wonderful places like what we like to talk about but for the most part. they got to be bad so I had to take a medication so I wouldn't remember my dreams. but I do like and understand and find this to be fascinating to read.
    your little sister