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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Finding the True Self

Be who you are, but once you are the true you, you may have to look at the world about you from a different perspective a different light. One must also see and experience the darkness in order to know and appreciate and know the light. One must learn to recognize the many cloaks of lies and self deception so that you may truly see the light of truth that lies all around you, before one can to see within themsleves, to see the true spirit light you truly are. Touch yourself, feel within yourself, know yourself, then be yourself

There are as many colors within the range of human emotions, feelings, and perceptions as one can find in the entire spectrum of visible light there in. The number of possible outcomes in that spectrum of experiences is without counting. This is why it is important to look at the world with reference to who you truly are to yourself, *the true you within,* the one who is without guile or doubt, *the one who stands strong and firm in her/his convictions, feelings and self realisations.*

You might need to feel all of the colors that you can possibly feel to learn what you need to know, and like many other things in this imperfect world, certain combination can hurt a lot when embraced. This can only be learned through trial and error as you trod your way through life, but you will learn to quickly let go of what does not serve you well.

Once you have made up your mind and have determined who you are and have asserted yourself who you are among others, then you will have found the true inner self. Then you can go forth in pride without fear or uncertainty as to who you are and where you stand. If you have looked at yourself as mentioned above there will be no room for uncertainty in your spiritual walk or journey.

Always come from the truest part of the heart of your true self. Walking the spiritual path is not the easiest to walk to follow, but it has many wonderful benefits, not the least among which are a good self-image, and self esteem and the strength and knowledge and experience you may bring to others. Being an equal to others who shine their inner light for those on the lower rungs of the ladder to follow.

To be strong and to continue to shine your light no mater even when you should find yourself in the middle of the battlefield of life, you must keep the light of hope alive within yourself..

Such is what you would call the road to enlightenment. One must know the darkness in order to see and appreciate the light.

May the Infinite bless you all on your journey in this world of uncertainties.
My home is where ever I hang my hat, I am grateful for that, for there were times where I wished I had a place to hang my hat.

Love and Light

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