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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Essence of Universe

I have told, almost to the exact message just different words as to what Mary Sutherland speaks of. I like this lady she has a good imagination and explains it quite eloquently.
According to David Wilcock the different densities of the ether in the universe create many different physical dimensions. Basically there are eight dimensions related to the octave; however every dimension itself can have again eight sub-dimensions. This subdivision can go on and on rendering infinite dimensions within our universe. See Multiverses

The airplanes and boats that mysteriously disappeared in the Bermuda triangle without any wreckage ever found can be explained by these time and space warping vortexes on the vertices of the icosahedron. The planes and boats may have literally disappeared into another dimension!

Knowing that the natural laws of the *universe did not distinguish between good and evil,* magic was used by both the white and black magicians to create and utilize dimensional portals or doorways opening into the other worlds. The magician would put an etherical impression upon the doorway. These impression can not be seen by those today that use only their 3 dimensional or physical eye. The White Magicians usually created an etherical impression of the Goddess upon their doorways , but the black magicians used other impressions , such as their own face, a devil, demon or a totem .

*The following are my own observations and theories.*

It is exciting when one gets their own visions validated by another person, Finally you feel like your not alone anymore. Your not crazy or hallucinating like some would think or lead you to think. Probably you think to yourself,  if I were to tell them bluntly of my knowings sensings and seeings, they would think I really did fall out of my tree .

Even we, in these modern times, have only begun to relearn how once more to synchronize with the elements of Gaea and the Universe. An ancient art that at one time was regularly performed by shaman, medicine men and women, and other folk of the ancient traditional practices, such as Wiccans and other ancient practices classified  as black magic and other taboos by today’s self righteous.

So much has been lost over time in the art of simply synchronizing our heart and minds  with the elements, the heart pulse and breath which is the web of Universe. Only in recent time have we begun to reawaken sufficiently to experience tiny glimpses through the veil of illusion of  this reality into the next quantum dimensions.

There are possibly also those few in the field of scientific research who may be open minded enough to consider the possibilities of the existence of extraterritorial energy sources that have only been hinted at by those in the study off quantum physics and scientific physics research. Much of science is after all based on the use of what they term as comparing data by inference. Determining what is not observable in the human senses or instrumental range of detection by comparing what might be and how it affects what is known and detectable.

Maybe some day Science, physics, astrophysics, Quantum Physics, and the metaphysical will merge into one science, the multiple densities of energy. All as one element which is classified today as being Magic or miracles, a phenomena that can not be readily explained or proven as fact with today's science.

*This power comes from within, the spark within, which some religious institutions call a soul.* This energy is channeled from the inner spark or inner self which is only one strand in a network of other threads that make up the universal web, *source,* or the Oneness.

Present, past and future are but measurements of distance in the physical universe but all exist simultaneously
What If.
The Bermuda Triangle and worm holes and other such phenomena that don't only travel through time and space but also interdenominational  I have a strong feeling that it is quite possible that we will some day discover that such *prehistoric* places such as lost Atlantis and the garden of Eden and many other ancient mythological sites that have never been found will be located in other dimensions. Possibly a great lost civilization such as the *Outpost of the Gods,* beneath Mars’s desert sands in City Square Cydonia on Mars as well as a network of subterranean causeways were beneath the surface that connected other cities as well as the Face..

There was a time when we were all fully conscious of all within the Oneness of universe but for what ever reason or whatever happened we fell back from a seemingly magnificence stateliness of living like gods to degenerating to a primal barbarous people. The great pyramids in South America, Mexico and Egypt as well as other artifacts that were once magnificent structures everywhere around the world, down to a near stone age subsistence after the great flood. We were thrown into a denser vibrational energy level of existence and lost all or most of our memory of what we descended from. What was it that caused the great decline, Will this decline come again?

And what has been said about the Bermuda Triangle and worm holes that don't only travel through time and space but also interdimentionally  I have a strong feeling that it is quite possible that we will some day discover that such *prehistoric* places such as lost Atlantis and the garden of Eden and many other ancient mythological sites that have never been found will be located in other dimensions. Possibly a great lost first civilization

There may be great conflict coming but there will be those who will remain strong to faithfully continue to shine their light for others who wish to follow  our beacon. We will be the temporary shepherds of those who will follow. We are the chosen, and Source will be our guide and will provide for us and guide us in the wilderness until it's time to emerge once more and start rebuilding our world.


Well, well by now you may all think I flipped my tuque......anyway that's my thoughts on it.



  1. Los espíritus en el AMOR INFINITO existen en forma de energía. Un grupo de estos espíritus decidió experimentar la materia. Querían experimentar el estar separados unos de otros. Esto lo lograron creando un universo material en el cual encarnarían en seres individuales formados por materia. Para sostener el Universo, el Infinito creó una energía que se conoce como la Matrix, la cual es contraria a lo que representa la energía espiritual.

    Al universo holográfico se le dio instrucciones de que hiciera todo lo posible para que los espíritus no reconocieran que son Uno y no volvieran al Infinito. Este es el fundamento básico de lo que se llama "El Juego Espiritual Universal". Cuando los espíritus que están dentro del Universo reconozcan que son Uno entonces volverán al Infinito. Las experiencias que vivimos en el mundo material son parte de un juego.

    Para llegar al Infinito, los espíritus deben evolucionar espiritualmente mediante el amor incondicional. Mientras más amor y aceptación exista entre los seres vivos sin importar las diferencias, entonces más se evoluciona espiritualmente. Los espíritus deben reencarnar en distintos cuerpos para de esa forma experimentar diversas vivencias que conlleven a un mayor amor incondicional.

    Me ha resultado muy interesante tu publicación.

  2. Es asombroso lo cerca que hemos llegado a alcanzar Misma conclusión acerca de conciencia mucho más avanzada que la mayoría por ahí. ¿Se ha preguntado por qué hay tanto odio en el mundo? Yo sé que en sólo unos pocos años y me habré ido de aquí, yo hacer oración es que si Vuelvo más tarde ello es con un mayor propósito, como ir a la escuela y graduarse a grados superiores de cada año. Muchas gracias por su tiempo y consideración a esta entrada del blog. Muchas gracias querida Consciencia