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Friday, 24 May 2013

Mother Gaea

Some choose the negative energy for the simple reason is they feel it is easier to work with the darkness, a force they can understand. Better the devil you know then the one you don’t, so goes the saying, To these people It is a far more familiar environment than that of the light, an unknown element that most fear it, not necessarily because they are evil but because the light  is foreign to them. Yet they can not see the  light abounds all around us. All one  need do is to still the mind and allow the heart too feel it, see it, and embrace it, for it is the heart pulse and breath of Gaea.

The power that be, the fabric of universe is neither bad nor good, negative, or positive. The universal power is in perfect balance, in a static state of infinite potentialities to be born into being. It is when we connect into these forces and we make the choice to use these energies for good or evil, positive, or negative is when the static becomes kinetic energy. We are free will agents of choice and the super ego plays a good part on how and if we wisely or unwisely choose as to what to do with the energy channeled from the force that be (Spirit of Universe.

As for me, I am who I am, I pray and channel from source to guide me to do that which Source chooses for me. Just as I am a mother of three children, I am also a child of the Great mother, Gaea. It is just unfortunate that the children of Gaea can not see what they are doing to our Great Mother. How much pain can the mother endure, how many tears will she shed before she can not longer bare the pain. But Mother Gaea endures and continues to love her children, she weeps and she wait patiently.

She endures and she weeps but still continues to care for her children and her love for all of her children two legged, four legged, winged and fined remains undiminished. Peace love and harmony is the euphony of the spheres of infinity of multiverses.


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