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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Spirit of a Woman

Spirit of a Woman

We have lost our way to confusion and complication.

Simplicity or following the path of least resistance only exists
alongside magic dragons, fairies, and fairy princesses so some would have you believe.

Wisdom is both psychological and spiritual and is in harmony with the spheres of reality, true reality in the order and harmony of universe and not the **falsehoods and lies,** that they would want you to believe in this man made reality. One needs to reawaken and see the world through different eyes.

Eyes that are able to perceive the simplest of harmonies in nature, and to be aware of the elements around us, the same elements we live and share with the denizens of the wilderness which is the cradle of all living things.

You will feel emotions such as love and compassion to such depth and intensity like never before experienced,

It is a soul awakening which contains rivers of ardent tears of sorrow, as well as impassioned feelings of laughter, happiness and contentment.

No more shall this new light be mired by infusions of bewilderment and confusion as your heart will be at peace and tranquility will reign within.

Does true reality hidden in nature exist only in children's story books?

Mankind chooses to discard these wonderful gifts of nature in pursuit of the material things for which they will rape, pillage and slowly kill Mother Earth, the cradle of all life, for their own greedy needs of power and riches.

Your new living essence can embrace so much more beauty and bliss in this life just by being in harmony with our sisters and brothers, ensconced within the environment around you.

Love a child, help a needy, accept both nature and man into the bosom of your heart as though they were your child.

But first of all, be patient and enjoy the journey, for it is the experience of the journey, not the destination that is the most exciting and momentous part of life.


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