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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Experiencing and Seeing Energy Fields

Yes to embrace Mother Gaia there you will feel pain, much of that pain is our own pain that we inflict upon the environment around us. But not all is darkness, this is after all a continuum of dualities, energy like the swells of an ocean, heaving and crashing on the shore. Even though our finite biological minds are limited in conceiving the totality of all that is, it is not impossible to consciously feel the spiritual or ethereal essence of universe. Using ones own consciousness to see on all the spectrum of visible light.

Every aspect of every spectrum of color on the prism. All  potential! Not just the known ones on this physical plane but also beyond our spectrum of light and color but also outside this known spectrum. To have color in the continuum there must also be light. Both the dark and the light have their significance for it is brought forth from the depths of the embodied consciousness, the inner self. As we resonate at the crown chakra with this light we bring about a full complement and a full understanding of these light frequencies which radiates in every shade of color known and unknown from within our being, the soul itself.

Just remember, colors are beautiful and you know, if you listen carefully you can feel them and maybe even hear the song of the colors. We are all part of Gaia and the all that is in creation, Can you imagine that? Next time you go out for a walk, look for the glow around a flower, a bush or the trees, even buildings. All that is has this energy emitting from within the inner glow. Inanimate and animate both alike, this is the essence of all things, all is energy. 

The first time when I met my partner 5 years ago, when we were driving across Pennsylvania she saw for the first time the auras around the trees. Today while crossing the Georgia Strait from Vancouver Island to Horeshoe Bay she to saw the light energy around the outside of the ferry, the cars, people and other objects on deck, as well as around the treeline on the hills and mountains across the water.

The grid is like a giant web or nervous system of the consciousness of the Oneness of all that is. All that is required for us to join hands psychically over this living web is to send intention, or just think and envision healing for mother Gaia. You can also use this method when praying for a loved one



  1. The grid is the fabric upon which the universe is embroidered. Like any embroidery it is on both sides of the fabric but like no other embroidery it is three-dimensional. Creation is wonderful!

  2. A beautiful multicolored 3 dimensional embroidery

  3. I have never really looked at nature quite like that before sis. but now that I think about I do see the energy that surrounds them.

  4. I've always love the feeling that I know that I've have my faerie friends that live with me in my garden for the last 7years sis. I think since my brush with death for the cancer it has opened my eyes to the others worlds and the faeries have touch my heart..

  5. Yes as for me sis, I just never let that extra sence go, I hung on to it, it was what kept me going through imagination. I was looking at the same world everyone else was but with more colors that others don't see. And things that were there others didn't see.