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Friday, 28 June 2013

Orbs And Sparklies

Have you ever seen photos of orbs?  Some are simply transparent spheres with a faint whitish blue luminescence. Anywhere from the size of a dime to the size of baseball. Sometimes you will see only one or two here and there and at other times the air all around can be saturated with them, hanging suspended in the air by the thousands, some also may appear in different colors. Some of the colors can range from silver, light blue, cobalt blue, purple, to amber and other various colors. Some can be quite complex, with intricate swirly or spiral like designs in them.

Many have asked, what are “orbs?” Orbs are just above the range of normal human vision and can only be caught through the lens of a camera at certain times after darkness. You may find the answer to what orbs are quite interesting.  But mind you this is only my thoughts and beliefs drawn from my own observation on this topic, and ideas derived from meditation.

There is also another phenomena to consider here as well which is not often mentioned if at all. Sparkles, or spraklies as I call them. Tiny sparkly lights, are like fire flies but tinier and much brighter then the orbs. They are not as plentiful as the orbs but these can readily bee seen with the unaided eye, without a camera. Some are different colors just as are the orbs. These can also be seen in the day time in shaded areas like in the woods or shaded room.

Judging from much observation the movement of these phenomena they appear to be very much of an intelligent, sentient and benevolent nature, conscious spirit beings, or souls.  These phenomena cannot be touched, one’s hand just goes right through them.

My theory is that these beings or souls appear to be at different levels of development or levels of evolution. The orbs with the swirly or spiral like shapes in them would be on the highest level on the evolutionary level, possibly the closest ones to being ready to take on the shape of a living thing, like an embryo, or  an embryonic being.

 Their different colors, brightness and clarity could possibly be like a code as to how many past lives on earth  or other reality they've lived. They are not flat or one dimensional as they appear to be from a photos but are  spherical, like a soap bubble but with substance within, actually bubbles of energy.

They could possibly be guides as the same orb has been known to be caught in several photos taken of the same person. I have also seen the same phenomena take place with the sparklies. But for most people they have only shown up at random in a different location depending on where the photo was taken at the time.
This would be more so for orbs then sparklies as they appear can interacting more with each other then humans and other life forms, although at times they apper to be playful around living things, if they have a desire too. My feeling is only few of these spirits or souls are actually guides but more of an independent life source of energy

By now you may be asking yourself what are the greater portion of the orbs we see in photographs? What are their purpose. Perhaps many  have have chosen to remain here to learn from the guides and possibly many others are the soul energy of many different living species other then human such as, animal, fish, birds, insects, plants and even quite possibly other living species that no longer exist, extinct or may have just evolved to a higher form of living energy

These may have chosen to stay on the earth plane for later transformation into another life form, or to be guided into another life cycle in another higher level of reality besides the earth plane. Some could also be that they are also be beings beings from our ancient past that have remained in this plane awaiting transformation, perhaps fairies, elves, dragons and other such exotic creatures such as Earth Spirits or any number of other extraterrestrial beings from a distant world who also remain here as guides. There are many different guides to choose from and all we need do is but ask for their assistance. 

One day when science is ready to accept the fact that there is more to this reality then meets the eye they may start looking beyond the confines of their limited reality. Maybe then they will begin a more earnest study into these phenomena and begin to compare the differences in the behavior and structure of the orbs and sparklies.  One can perform their own experiment, the only tool that is required is a digital camera.


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