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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Best Way to Meet a Faery

Best Way to Meet a Faery 

The best place to start is with sincerity in your heart, and love and compassion for all creation, including humans. Then find yourself outdoors often. Learn the language of the trees and of the sky and of Mother Earth herself. The more you are out there, and the more the waters of sincerity fill that Grail Cup within your heart, the more likely it is that the Fair Folk will take notice of you and begin a relationship with you. They might be Fair Folk you knew many lifetimes ago or completely new Fair Folk you have never met before. 

Because the Faerie do dwell within other realms, you must learn to look for them with your inner eyes. When you are remembering or imagining or daydreaming, you see pictures in your mind's eye. This might be how you first come to see them, for sometimes imagination is the first step to true seeing. Use your imagination to picture what the Faery you wish to meet might look like. Look again at the descriptions we have provided for the various types of Faeries. 

The most likely Faeries for you to meet, at least to begin with, might be the Sprites or Gnomes, for they work in a realm nearer to Earth to help heal and tend to the plants and animals. You might be surprised, after a time, at how clear the Faery you are imagining appears to your inner eyesight. If you start to see him or her very clearly, it could be that you truly are seeing a Faery. Once you see Faeries, you may wish to begin listening to them with your inner ears, realizing, of course, that you may have already heard them!
In any case, should you ever chance to meet a being who says negative or cruel things or asks you to do negative things, say your farewells quickly, for such a being is not a Faery of the light.

The closer you become to nature, the more likely you are to draw the attention of the Faeries who inhabit the area where you are spending time. It could be that you will become one of those who helps to heal Mother Earth or protect her from those who wish her harm. Perhaps once the Fair Folk realize you truly care about the Great Mother, they will choose to make themselves known to you. In any event, you will never know unless you go outside and greet the Mother.


  1. I love the faeries .. I put Hummingbirds in the same category ( I just had one over my right shoulder :) ... their wings are of a very high vibration and whenever they appear I just feel magic .. they are may summer faeries !! .. I saw one at my old house years ago it was at night and I saw a tiny lighted being just fly right past me from under the huge pine we had in the front yard.. At the cottage I once saw the green forest man in the trees on the hillside .. I took a picture I saw him in the picture .. amazing .. I love our friends ... I love your stories !! xoxoxo carolyn

  2. Yes they look like tiny sparks, bright sparks one knows when they see them their tiny but tiny bright and they move very fast hard to focus eyes on. I can see them twinkling here and there among the trees in the woods across from the building where I live. I see those colors too, especially on bright evenings the different colors. Like very subdued rainbow colors around buildings, trees, people and animals and other structures sometimes.

    There wasn't much of anything living where I was before in Vancouver, not many birds of any kind but I have seen the hummers here. I am going to hang some feeders on the balcony and see if they'll come. I know what you mean about the vibration, I can feel them several feet away from me before I even see them :o)

    Thank you for your comment and please feel free to come back anytime there's lots in here on different topics I have posted.