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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Blue Energy Experience

Blue Energy Experience

Hi All,

Before I proceed with any further posts, ont topic of energy beings or light beings I wish to clarify and answer some questions you may want to ask in this article. I have been repeatedly asked when the topic comes up regarding these energy beings, ‘one I also call Blue’ which is the most frequent one I see. So I will keep it short as I would not wish to lose your interest in the midst of a long narration. Cynthia

When I was a very small sickly infant for a time, I had an experience which I later learned was an NDE. Whatever it was, it could have been a vivid dream, It is hard to tell in the dream state I guess it all depends on how realistic the dream felt. But this experience is imprinted on me in some way like a vivid memory which can not be forgotten, is inseparable and I remember it to this day vividly in ever cell and fibre of my body and being. Without going into detail of the experience, In short I did not meet some angel, nor jesus, a ghost, a long dead relative or some alien from another planet, although there have been times I wish I had. I did not review my life, there was no reviewing much at the age of 3 or 4 nor was I told that "I need to come back to accomplish some  purpose, mission, I didn’t even know how to pronounce those three words very well yet.

In short - i saw myself as being of light burst out spiraling over the surface of an ocean or field or some very large open area under the stars. of vivid vibrating went throughout my body like the buzzing of a light electric charge that radiated in a blue energy field around my body. Thus the name i gave it was "BLUE". This energy was like pulsing/surging, like it was breathing in and out, Like i was breathing it in and out, like we were one. It was communicating with me but it wasn't verbal or in any known language. The communication was like "impressions / impressed". (Years later i recall some symbols, like thoughts, but not those of my own. Many were visionary like a place things, or peoples,  symbols, etc). Even if I had never been there they seemed as vivid as this room I sit it.

Every time I came in contact with these being it was the same experience. It was like complete surrender - complete bliss - drowning in this blue vibrating energy. Just as I had completely surrendered, floating in blue bliss completely embraced I began swirling/spinning, like this ocean of blue was bubbling, gushing warm water. As i spun faster, I could actually feel the immensity of the infinities that radiated outwards in every directing. Her was many colors like the rainbow, rainbow energies different sources and different frequencies I knew this phenomena to be the very substance or spiritual energy of all living things.  this blue energy embraced, covered over me like a blue blue sphere, began spinning with me down a tunnel/tube, I seemed to be expanding/growing as i went down. The last I remember of this vivid experience was my light bursting out into what looked like millions of stars and then nothing but black/darkness.

Years later, as a child, I had "a friend" i would converse with whilst i lay in bed trying to sleep or whilst i played outside in the garden/backyard or by myself in the school playground. (yes parents in my earlier years just passed off my talking to myself at a stage child conversing with imaginary friends.). At first it was a girl with blue skin and short blonde hair, but as I got older this friend became a tall 7ft blue orb like being, having lost all features of the child but stiil making it’s presence known in a different form. In Later year this blue friend would only visit me in dreams, then stopped all together. I can still sense he presence when I seek it, but I do miss the actual contact I enjoyed in earlier years.

There is many said theories of what the above experience could have been. Anything from the newage to the religious. Was it myself/higher/greater self I encountered. Was it jesus, an ET. Was it maligned or benign. Is it some defect psychological hallucination caused by lack of oxygen in the brain cells. Was it a walking, hovering or flying etc etc. An old friend calls this type of experience the " a soul being.

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