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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Concepts of reality and my place it it.

Concepts of reality and my place it it.

To some these type of concepts may not be very clear to them, or are clearly  not ready to accept or understand such perceptions such as the phenomena of  mind melds,  or more precisely the connection of like minds by way of such a level as clairvoyance, clairsentient, and clairaudience or ESP  Regardless I only ask that you be open minded on this concept for I do believe that no two of us experiences these  phenomena exactly the same  

It is one thing to understand the mechanics of quantum physics, or any other type of scientific concept or mathematical expression, but it is quite another to combine these concepts with the infinite potential of all that is both within and without, as well as the combination of all the science research of physics and the metaphysical combined.

I feel that some day there will be a fine line, actually even no line at all separating scientific fact and reality from magic and imagination. I have had many experiences with what I simply call sensings seeing and knowings, intuition, varying psychic abilities, even my perspective of special distance and time reality around me was displaced or distorted. Familiar people, even my own family felt like they were strangers and that I didn’t belong. I felt like a square peg in a round hole. No one thought or felt the same as I did. Why was it that I could feel their thoughts and feelings and they could not feel mine?

I had no teachers, mentors, books, or other means of learning about the phenomena of quantum realities and quantum physics. Such words as quantum, physics, astrophysics and paranormal  were taboo to me back then and gave me the creeps just to think about them, let alone form any curiosity towards them. It would be some time later before I gained sufficient curiosity to venture from my religious teachings towards a new concept of  awakening of the oneness of consciousness.

To tell the truth as I grew older when it came to the rest of society around me I felt very much a stranger in an alien land, a not very liked stranger, or so it felt like to me, because of what I thought to be my oddities. I had no way of knowing why people treated me the way they did was because they feared what they could not understand.

I have just come to terms with myself and where the rest of the world and their place in it. After all we are all students of life and living in this reality. I can only educate those or impart my own learning with others only if they have the desire to do so


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