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Monday, 30 September 2013

In the beginning

In the beginning there was only thought, then thought willed light in the dark void, this light was the birth of consciousness in creation. As I see it is that even before and during the formation of the primordial soup of the early universe one would find all of the seeds of *thought* or possibly strings, like in string theory, still remain in universe to this day The threads that make the web, then just transforming from one form to another in any given dimention.

All of the seeds of Source (thought)  are all out there for all to see in the present universe and always will ad infinitum only perpetually transforming and changing its form. The seeds of all matter and energy and life = consciousness. How many lives that we may have lived and the many more to come and how many just since the birth of universe, or the beginning of time and space? How many seeds of life were there planted into fertile soils of not just one planet but a plethora of planets? It has already been proven that much of space in our known universe is filled with carbon based particles and water particles, building blocks for life.

So then would it be everywhere in the multi verses? It is my beliefe that we are all one in consciousness and does it matter what body or planet we inhabit if we are all sentient enlightened beings as one in spirit? We are “ Star Seeds.” It wouldn’t much unlike if one could become as one with their twin sister? Two separate physical beings with one soul? Just like those two subatomic particles on opposite ends of the universe pulsating simultaneously as one? Feeling, thinking, and experiencing life as one in consciousness  Not just empathically but actual experientially as well. It does resmble empathy in a way buth that would be an entire other chapter...or two .

 When I was a kid I was a loner most times but never alone. Even in my older years I still have a very active and vivid imagination which in varying degrees  is capable of connecting emotionally, physically, intuitively as well as telepathically with other minds or any living energy like plants animals, what ever flies, crawls, walks or swims as well as people.
In my mind I learned to create my own worlds and I can populate them with who ever and what ever I want. Who knows, maybe some day it will manifest or create physically my dreams into another reality. But for now I content myself by envisioning it in my mind what I am about to write about. I already see that world before my fingers even hit the keyboard.

So what manifests a dream, and where are they born from?  Can you imagine all the life time memories a soul can contain since the birth of it’s reality in time and space?” How many realities can be born from such chaos? Or is it chaotic? Or do we just see it as such through the limited finite mind of comprehension of the infinite Consciousness?

Matter, energy, space, time, distance, and thoughts, all is light, energy, *source.*

So just be what you feel is real to you, your own two spirited being, believe it and live it and it will manifest.

Cynthia ©

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