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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Legends of Dragon's and Fairies

Dragons and fairies are ancient entities that roamed the world way back before man came upon the scene, even before the dinosaurs 

Dragons and fairies are probably the best and most widely known mystical entries known to mankind.  Every legend and myth has its roots from something that certainly captured peoples attention back in the day to have gone through so much trouble to keep records of it, as well as the stories being retold and handed down from generation to generation.  For legends from those dark times to have survived this long through prerecorded history would certainly make someone think a bit about their authenticity. 

Fairies are my favorite.  I know when they're around and although I have never seen a fairy per se I have many times seen their sparklies, tiny little sparks of light in the darkness of night whether it be in my room as I lay in bed or outside after dark among the trees.

I also am convinced of the existence of dragons and other aviary creatures of separate species from the dinosaurs, with a much higher intelligence, a being capable of thought possibly near to a human's level of thought and emotion. The dragon would represent more a strong, manly, fire-breathing, protector-type, whereas fairies are more of the gentle-type, delicate and magically- winged creatures. representing the feminine. 

All of these creatures may have come to the consciousness of the humans from ancient times and through the millennia the stories took the form of fairy tales during the Egyptian, Babylonian and Sumerian times, stories for the children. In those ancient times dragons were considered evil human ravaging creatures, quite the opposite of fairies.

Then in later times with more research into the old fables it was discovered that these magical creatures were not as blood thirsty as they had been portrayed, although they were quite capable of being blood ravaging beasts if provoked into doing so. According to newly unearthed legends they were said to be helpful and kind creatures, protectors of their people and the fairies.

Dragons, fairies and other mystical beings lived in harmony at one time but something happened that separated them from us and they just simply vanished from our reality.

Today dragons and fairies are perceived by humans in many different forms as evidenced by how they are being portrayed today in our children's story books and movies video games in various different shapes and sizes. In my opinion if one was to see one their conception could be very different from then next person's conception of them. 

It's all perception. Coming here in energy form they would have the ability to manifest themselves as you perceive them to be.
Cynthia ©

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