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Sunday, 15 September 2013

May the Force be with you.

Hell yeah, it was all just a fad for many people.  Those who were not truly gifted were just playing a game that they have grown bored with. \
Many people could have these PSY abilities but they really need to want to have them for a good purpose. The ones who were gifted have moved on except for one or two who hang here and there in groups like our 7 Rays.

Least ways the Indigo movement with "What the Bleep," "The Secret" and "The Celestine Prophecy," etc... at least it has opened the minds of some that there is something much more powerful than us at work in the universe. We are only one tiny end result at this point in the time and space continuum of a vast interstellar event. 

Have you ever felt the energy that comes to you from the grid? I felt its full effect last year and all I can describe about that experience is that I felt infinity itself, like a billion angels singing and and showering me with love and compassion and peace during an intergalactic fireworks display of every color imaginable.

There aren't sufficient adjectives in the dictionary to explain what it was like. I have not been on my knees for years because of arthritis and that day I was on my knees in the ice and snow on the concrete platform behind Michelle's house. As hard a time as that lady gave me and Paula, I am so grateful for having been there for that experience and learning lesson. I do believe that was one of here jealousies, she wanted what I had. 
Like Paula says, it is the time to thresh the chaff from the wheat. But there are many people out there now who have had their minds opened to many possible potentialities.

When the storm dies out, we will see those who have held out with the truth and those who are true of heart.  They will be called upon in their little shops, and they will know the truth and faith and science will become one with magic. 

May the Force be with you 

In Loving Light


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