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Friday, 27 September 2013

The Awakening

The Awakening

Why have we been born as we are? Why is the inner self which resides within the  mind and heart of each individual is uniquely who it is, no matter how many attempts at programming and reprogramming that one is subjected to in a life time the inner self remains unchanged? They may succeed to a degree in changing you psychologically our behavior but what is in the heart can never be changed. At best the outer self will project a set of characteristics that they feel is more expected of them by others. But even though ones true identity or inner-self remains unaltered it may be repressed into a dormant state until such a time it is triggered in some way to come out. Our entire personality - love, hate, emotions, thoughts, ethics, the rational, values, perceptions, the analytic, philosophies, intuitions and instincts - is made of all of these attributes and characteristics of our own mind and heart.

Like the branches of the maturing of the great oak is determined from the seeds, from the roots to then the final matured tree. Our personal characteristics like the seeds of the oak tree, grow much the same as the seeds of our mind and heart determining our own distinct personality. They define who and what we are to be from the moment of conception. The seed of the mind grows to become like the oak with all of its branches extending outwards to their various potentialities of life.

Our characteristics as well as who and how we will identify is *not* learned behavior, as the old teachings would have us believe. It is deeply *rooted from the original seed,* within the mind. We are who we are from birth and this seed within the mind will determine the being that will be the person although this can be altered by negative conditioning during formative years. And of course guidance is required in order to help the child find their own path in life

In my prior life with all of its insanity, it took me many years of feeling like I was possessed by demons and that I was going to go to hell, until I accepted she who dwells within me. This was necessary for my growth towards my own individuality began. Just having accepted who I was inside, along with its weaknesses and strengths, brought peace not just to my mind but my soul as well, enough so that I could at least once again function in society and the world at-large.

I learned that the person I found inside of me had a label that others might understand as: *empathic and intuitive,* including a few other named traits that were within the descriptors "empathy telepathic, psychic, perhaps.". These are traits of both spiritual as well as the psychological variety but also one must not forget from the heart for without the heart empathy would not be possible.

Likened to a heightened consciousness, perceptions above what is considered the normal human perception level. My first becoming aware of this was when I discovered there were others out there that had similar experiences Having gained this knowledge through experimentation and experience helped much at putting my mind and soul at rest.

I finally knew I was not crazy! But this knowledge also made me more anxious than ever to begin this new mission into the light or what is often called a spiritual journey. This realization was followed by some doubts, anxiety and obsessions as well as some uncertainties like any other. But once I weighed out the consequences of where I had come from as opposed to what potential could lay ahead of me in my future, I knew then where I needed to be in life.

Through out all those years It is only I who denied and hid from the Great Spirit or the light that dwells within in fear and ignorance for all those years. The fear and ignorance kept me from awakening. Once I accepted who I was, "I am me!," “I am the inner light!,” I stand before my God/Goddess in naked innocence. I am a child of the Sacred Feminine and of the Universe.

I will always carry my own light and share it only with those who will have an open mind to accepting it
I have carried the burdens of my past failings for too many years, then upon finding the resting place, I put down my sack and sorted out all of the trash I had collected on my journey in this life and threw out what I no longer needed.

Dropping the empty sack behind me I walked over to my mount then climbed upon my beloved dragon’s back, the splendid creature she is, and with a few mighty flaps of her great leathery wings, we moved forward and become airborne, We flew away in a cloud of dust and vanished among the silvery clouds above.

I love fantasy, you can be anywhere you want and be anyone you want.
Taking a little trip to and visiting other worlds in the infinite potentialites©


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