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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Prince of Dragons

The dragon prince embraces 
her delicate waist and with ample arms, 
and with a nearly inaudible whisper,
tells her of dreams of nights of old
and bids her to tell her dreams
that she embraces so dear
to her breast like a precious jewel
dreams of those precious night of old 
embraced protectively from her deepest fears'
she closes her eyes, and deep within,
she knows she wants no other dream,
but to be in the dragon prince's arms,
and to give him her heart and her life
she opens them and turns
to embrace the prince of dragons,
to gaze upon his glowing sapphire eyes,
replying, thy wish to know my depest dreams?
that which yee have not yet seen?
tis you who stands before me'
my precious prince that I see in my dreams. 
Do you not remember the times of old?
He places his hand upon her cheek,
soft as silk "aye, I do" the prince responds.
I wish to make you mine,
with great honor I ask the
sweet goddess of the land of Omar.
like the rose peddle are the,
in the early morning mist, 
on the shores of the lake of dreams I ask thee.
before me I see the most beautiful 
goddess in all the worlds of Ardinia
that thy god Ardine hast created.
He pulls her closer in his embrace
hoping his love for her
will be equally received,
and never again to fade.
'Then why have you so hesitated
to ask me? 'she asks with tears
beginning to run down her cheeks.
He wipes at a tear gently with his finger
then liked it's salty essence and said.
'Thou knowest I want too 
but until thee time is right
and Odine favors our union
we must wait, but I promise you,
that time will never separate us
For we bear the mark of the dragon
Nothing not even the heavens 
can stop our union as one. 
Yee hast to wait for me my precious jewel
My love, for you are greater to me 
then all the stars in the heavens.
The dragon prince got on his right knee 
and kissed the Dragon Godess of Odine 
on the right hand and once more
stood before her and embraced her once more, 
then the Prince of dragons was gone
just as the mist on the lake of dreams,
she whispers to the empty air where he had stood,  
I will be here my dear prince of dragons
I shall be here to the end of eternity if need be
Our hearts are forever bonded as one 
Cynthia ©

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