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Friday, 18 October 2013

Another Fairy Poem

In the Misty light of the silver moon
I wonder through the forest of shadows
looking up at the star-spun sky.
How I have search for you, my precious friend,
my light who shimmers, dark to bright,
runs and dances gaily in the forest shadows,
On tiny feet without shoes on the forest floor of green.
Under cover of the darkness of the night she comes.
Oh Fairy light! how I wish to be with thee
I ask that the come forth, come forth,
from the branch of the elm
and the leaves of the Ivy, 
When human is present,
The keepers of the forest, a shadow they weave.
Keepers of the river, do come forth,
But Just remain beyond reaching.
Never to be in keeping,
It is not meant to be.
The Free spirits of Fairy ceaselessly roame
Like the tiny gypsies they are.
She and her kin, never to stay for long,
Her work takes her far and wide
caring and preparing Gaea for new life to come.
I call upon thee, stay and rest for a while,
my dear friend, maiden of the forest. 
Wild and free as the, like the wind are ye,
Come rest here with me upon this knoll where I sit.
A blinding pulsing light momentarily lighted the darkness,
Abruptly The pulsing light stops,
Darkness falls back all around.
The light spins and spins taking on a shape.
The light transformed into a graceful fairy with butterfly wings
She appeared to be floating towards me.
She floated to my side me and sat gently at my side.
She whisper sin my ear,
"We shall always be together, we are sisters my dear." 
"Come with me human child" she says,
extending her arm towards, I will show the the way.
I take her hand, and we are in the air,
seemingly floating over the forest,
dancing and spiraling like ballerinas
above among the clouds,
As we trailed sparkly star dust in our wake.    

Cynthia ©

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