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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Balance in Life’s Journey

Balance in Life’s Journey

In my life’s journey my soul was seeking a balance through my connection with the world around me, just as my ego (the true self) was seeking a balance through proof of love. When they work together, I am in balance, at zero polarity.  But when the soul or consciousness and ego start to pull in opposite directions selfishness sets in. 

I am quite aware that the material world is like an illusion created from my own thoughts and beliefs. If I could use the ego's creative power combined with the knowledge and wisdom from consciousness I could create a balance along with wisdom, love, peace and joy.

The ego is infinitely creative and it is constantly manifesting the illusion I live in known to most as reality. Wherever I see limitation and lack my consciousness reminds me that I am out of balance with the inner self and ego. I have two choices: To reach out to the illusion and try to "fix" it; or to look to the source of the imbalance (me) and make necessary adjustments. Too often I had become fixated on the illusion, my outer reality, and had to work harder to balance it. But this at times may add fuel to the fire, so to speak, and enhances the imbalance if I am not listening to the inner voice.
The lesson for me was this -- if am not balanced from within I will not have a balance in outer world.

Adjusting my inner imbalance is actually less complicated and takes less effort than it does to balance the ego, which prefers to use its creative energy in an endless flow of manifesting an imbalance through selfish aspirations. But giving-in to it will only create more imbalance. The soul waits patiently for the ego to stop its endless creation so they can work together in a more effective way, from the inner to the outer. With each step on my path I am faced with this fork in the road. Am I going to create from the ego or work in partnership with the soul - consciousness?

The ego goes into creative overdrive and I am out of balance.  I think I am doing all the work and the Universe is not helping me. The Universe does not create, it responds. It cannot create balance for me when I am not in balance from within. This is where my ascension into the spiritual part of me, where my humanity begins to take on new meaning, is when I finally come to this realization, when I allow for my consciousness to be heard over the constant chatter of the ego or the mind. Then I can balance the illusion from within, allowing ego and consciousness to work together, so the illusion is in such perfect balance that there is no separation between the life I dream of and the life I have.    

And this is as close to heaven
on earth as I can get in this reality. It’s called peace of mind.

Cynthia ©

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