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Tuesday, 22 October 2013



Last year my mother asked me to return the knives I have been hoarding from the silverware drawer. Not knowing what it was about I checked and indeed there were 20 or so knives missing. I said I don't know, and figured my father or she had taken them. No one else in the house.

Days later she thanked me for returning them, twenty knives. I looked with my own eyes and they were missing from the drawer before, now they are back. I thought it might be my aunt who had recently died and was mischievious.

A couple of months later my mother asked me to return six heavy coffee cups that were missing from the shelf. Huh? Where would I keep heavy mugs, and why? She was sure it was me, and I literally stared into the dishwasher to see that they were not in there. Again, remember, there are no visiting workmen here or other family members. I let it go that she thought it was me for a day, kind of sureally, and the next day she thanked me for returning them. I also had stared into the shelf to see it empty, six heavy mugs, gone, where? Now I just stared at them back in place.

A while later, a month or so, the water irrigation system came on by itself while it was cut into, system off, as I decided to go out and work on it again before it got dark. I turned the corner of the house and it was on, flooding the grounds, and had just gone on about the time I got up to go out and work on it. System off, and timer set for another day even if I (we, father too) had been absent minded enough to leave it on while working. IT WAS OFF. I was so startled I don't remember how I turned it off. This is the point when I am starting to see the light here.

I began to put two and two together. My fuse had been removed from my car almost causing a turn-signal disaster. The dog was always in my room, freaking out and curling up to me, watching the movement of something in the family room, once my parents moved into the kitchen. Her eyes would actually follow something moving out there, and she's not that friendly to me to run into my room, and hasn't since the "cleansing".

The pond motor was on once and running in the morning, and I thought the switch must have just slipped into the on position. While putting on my shoes I had been putting off end-capping my laces, as I had cut them, and they don't thread the eyelets unless you do that. Here's a shoelace, just cut, no way to thread it. When I came back to my chair with the Scotch tape the uncapped shoelace was threaded through the small eyelet. This is magic and it's standing right behind me!

That night, something in my soul knew this is no joke and I prayed the Rosary. In my mind's eye, I actually saw this thing surprised by two angels, heard their swords, saw the "thing" surprised as it was going through towels or something, snooping. I couldn't make out its face but it isn't pretty. Very nasty thing.

There hasn't been anything going on like that since I saw it go, like zip, although I have looked into the mug pantry, and anything else that might be funny going on, and nothing has. That was more than a year ago, and the smell of that thing is Gone. Thank God and his Holy family. Thank you Mother (I am not Catholic).

Submitted by Mitchell

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