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Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Princess and the Warrior Prince

From over where the distant hills
rise to meet the sky
Is where she will be found
awaiting for her beloved prince
to come home from his mission,
over the other side of the distant hills.
that he hath came in the fury of the wind,
his long golden hair streaming behind him,
his ice blue eyes shinning
like they had light of their own;
The pounding of the hooves of his steed 
with eyes like red hot coals glaring;
the prince held his sword high
giving the battle cry,
to speed his steeds stride
he needed to be at the side
of his bride on this night!
She sits patiently by the pond,
as darkness encroached
the forest darkening all around.
A mist forms obscuring the landscape,
A dark form appears in the mist before her.
With her hand upon her breast
she waits with foreboding.
As the form moved closer, 
all doubt melted away, 
as she arose to greet her prince.
With arms a spread 
she embraced him in greeting,
with a glowing smile of admiration.
A smile so profound, 
as to melt one's heart.
A maiden without a home to return,
For falling in love,
With a dragon in a knights armor,
A prince and a warrior is he,
To the people of the dragons.
Out over yonder hills,
hence they once had come.
To the land of the fair maiden
She a fair maiden,
With the long golden hair
that shone as the golden rays of the sun.
So beautiful was she that she made 
the dragon prince's heart beat strongly,
within his mighty breast.
her delicate hands,
brushing his check with gentleness.
And he a dragon,
his scaly frame,
flashing in the darkness,
Icy blue eyes glowing,
holding the princes by her delicate waste,
scaly arms sufficiently powerful enough to crush any human.
Gently embracing the princess
" Princess of Ajahar, 
will you join me as my queen on this night?",
The queen of Dragoha
She saw his true heart,
even through all fearsome appearance.   
She could see the beauty that was there within.
She could feel the flame within that burned for her,
knowing the heart,
that beat within
The elfen princess responded once again,
with another soft touch upon his cheek.
She gently pressed her lips to his,
resting her cheek against ample scaly chest.
"It is time." the prince says as he turns away from her.
The princess embraces him from behind,
as he  suddenly transformed to his true form,
and spread his large leathery wings,
aloft they were, 
bearing back to the hills. 
Where the prince and the princess
will be forever in the land,
of the dragon kingdom.

Cynthia ©

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