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Wednesday, 20 November 2013



We come on waves of the energy pattern of creation for creation never stops.  Creation is an ongoing infinite statement of the flow of the Love and living essence of Light of the Creator.  This is a point of understanding that is often missed in the excitement and the challenges of the human experience.  There is always a process unfolding that is the statement of manifested energy being presented into the creative and created arena. 

Life flows in and through all creation.  There is nowhere that life is not.  For as the Love and Light of the Creator penetrated through the many layers or graduations of density of consciousness, Life became expressed on all dimensions, in all aspects of the universe.  Just as Love is present everywhere for Love is the Creator, the Creator is Love, so is Light everywhere for Light is the sustaining energy of the outpouring of the Love that the Creator is.  Similarly, Life is everywhere for Life is the animating principle that brings Love and Light into manifestation.  When we use the word manifestation, it is not just three dimensional existence for Life is manifested on many levels of density or levels of dimensions of consciousness.  So Life permeates all of creation as well. 

Within the third dimensional frequency, it is very apparent how the Life Force is so magnificently displayed.  Look around you.  Look at the infinite variety of expressions of form and substance.  Life is active and radiantly present everywhere.  Look at the mountains and the formations of the desert.  Look at the roaring energy of the rivers and the calm of the quiet mountain lake.  Look at the birds flying through your atmosphere.  Look at the various animals and how they are so engrossed in and activated in the pursuit of fulfilling their pattern within the radiant energy of the Life Force.  And look at the infinite array of souls inhabiting human bodies for this sojourn in Earth.  There is Life everywhere.

The question is, is the true pattern of Life being recognized or is there a diluted and diminished perception of Life that is being observed and being perceived by the soul where life becomes identified with the physical objects, the emotional conditions, the mental and intellectual constructs, and all of the meandering in the outer world that holds one and grips one in the tentacles of three dimensional existence. 

Many souls view this experience as being Life.  But consider that Life is everywhere.  Life is everything.  Life penetrates all existence.  When you pick up a rock, there is life present, for how else could the energy be sustained to hold that rock together?  The Life Force penetrates every atom and molecule of existence in the physical world.  The Life Force penetrates every molecule and atom of consciousness on all dimensions of existence.

So Life is not just the physical presentation.  Life is the sustaining and activating energy that brings the consciousness of the soul into realization of the flow of creative essence into and through one’s experience.  It is a fine line to consciously walk, to know from within the energy of the flow of Life Force, and to acknowledge the presence of that flow of creative energy.  When we say creative, we speak of that which comes from the very Creator.  To know and to feel the presence of that creative energy while still acknowledging, in the outer form, the multitude of expressions and accepting that all expressions are sacred.  For all expression of Life, all expressions of manifestation, all expressions of experience, all contain the essence of the life energy as the sustaining momentum and force that brings the creative essence into being.

It is a fine line, and the soul is called upon to recognize the truth within its very core, that the sustaining energy of the soul is the Life Force of the universe.  The soul’s purpose has only one focus and that is to be the fullness of the demonstration of that Life Force in its total experience, to know the truth of the source of all energy, and to let the Love and Light that is that energy, flow into and through the Life expression in all conditions that are met.  Beyond that, to see that same Life Energy flowing into and through all that is observed.  For the Love and Light of creation is being made manifest through the sustaining statement of Life everywhere.

These concepts are beyond what can be mental or emotionally considered or integrated, so it is necessary to set aside the physical, the mental, and the emotional attachments and to see what is behind and within all that is felt and observed.  We have spoken of knowing the meaning behind the meaning, knowing the essence behind the manifestation.  This is the pathway of the soul for as this inner meaning is revealed, the soul integrates all experience into the consciousness of who and why the soul is.  In this process, the awakening and remembering of the very origin and Oneness of the soul with the very Creator becomes a reality.  It is the living of this reality that is the sole purpose for the soul’s existence.

I AM the Love, the Light, and the Life of the universe. 

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