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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Surrendering To the Inner Child

Surrendering To the Inner Child

The e-mail notifiers are set-up so that users must find an admin to get their discussions posted.  This makes them feel like there is too much control retained by the site admins and instead of hunting down an admin they just don't post anything.  I know this to be true as they have tole me so.  Those who are less technically inclined find the posting process difficult as well.  A fellow site innovator who is also a friend recently closed his site for just that reason:  too many complaints from users about the posting process.  Users felt that they were being "lorded-over" and that only certain users could have the "privilege" of posting.discussions.  

This is one sure way to kill a website and I don't want to have this happen to my site.

Requested solution:  May we please have automatic e-mail notifiers that work the same way they did in the NING 2.0 platform?

Thank you for considering my request,

Less then a year later later I again was sitting in the same position on the couch as I usually do for meditating,  and once again found myself floating in the grey fog. When the fog cleared and I looked about to get my bearings of my surroundings. From the fog emerged another dark form. He fog swirled away from the male form who wore some type of cloak, sanding majestically on a large thick triangularly shaped stone slab. He held a broad sword point down on the stone slab. I thought that odd, no warrior would treat their sword thusly.  

I slowly approached the dark form, and suddenly he jumped off the stone slab, raising the sword over his head. I was quite aware of the possibility that the intent of this male entity might very well be. By now I had a feeling go through me, this dark male form appeared to be quite familiar to me, but could not quite place him to any previous memory. Even knowing the possibility that this entity may have the intent to impale me with the sword, for some reason I remained unafraid and I remained standing my ground staring him in the eyes, the eyes were bright emerald green, the windows to a soul I knew had no intent on harm.

Unmoved and unafraid I watched intently this warrior's every movements and actions action, not missing the tiniest detail, as he jumped the stone slab and alighting on the ground with the agility of a cat. He took another couple of steps forward, I could see his face clearly now and as the full realization and recognition suddenly sunk in, sending tiny tendrils of tingling sensations like suddenly had spiders crawling all over me. A slight breeze arose, ruffling my long hair and the hem of my long skirts. I continued standing transfixed before this warrior whom I knew to be part of me in a previous life.. 

This man lowered the sword, holding it in both hands before him, he then knelt down on his right knee and placed the broad sword on the ground before him, then stood up straight as a soldier and proclaimed that he would fight no more. I was expecting some type of military salute or something but he only stood very straight and still for a couple of seconds studying me. He nodded and bowed slightly, then turned and walked back toward the stone slab, took his cloak off and draped the stone slab with it, then climbed up and laid on his cloak and within a few second he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


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