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Thursday, 5 December 2013

A Christma Fairy Wish


** Christmas Fairy Wish - A Poem ** 
-Author unknown 

There was once a little fairy 
That danced to and fro, 
She loved the cold winter nights 
and making toe prints on the snow. 

She loved the dark night sky 
And seeing her breath turn to mist, 
The moon shining down on her golden hair 
But there was something that she missed. 

She wanted so much to be a star 
A golden glowing light, 
To sit up high on an evergreen tree 
For someone's Christmas night. 

She flitted though the sky 
Going from window and door, 
Watching all the people inside 
Decorating from ceiling to floor. 

Then she came upon one house 
And it made her stay awhile, 
And what she saw inside that house 
Eventually made her smile. 

There was no holly and tinsel, 
There were no gifts to behold, 
But there was a tiny little tree 
They just brought in from the cold. 

They decorated it with popcorn 
and a colorful paper chain, 
and handmade silver angels 
and snow from the window pane. 

But after their tree was finished 
and the children were fast asleep, 
The one thing fairy noticed 
And it made her gently weep. 

There was no golden star on top 
There wasn't one for this tree, 
And it made the fairy very sad 
And she lost all of her glee. 

And just then Santa bent over 
And saw the little fairy's tear, 
He looked into the window 
And knew what would bring her cheer. 

He picked her up and granted her wish 
And set her on top of that tree, 
And in an instant she was glowing 
It was the perfect place to be. 

The tots came down to peek 
in the wee hours of the night, 
And there upon that tree of green 
Was a star shining ever so bright. 

From his sleigh up in the sky 
Santa watched this joyful sight, 
Sleep well little tots, and fairy, too, 
On this wonderful Christmas night

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