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Monday, 20 January 2014

The Dragon's Talisman Part 2 page 2 of 8

The Dragon's Talisman Part 3 page 2 of 8

We talked for many hours then Jason got up to escort me to my quarters. The cavernous room in dimmed light was in total silence. Not a soul stirred. I hadn't realized that we had spent that much time sitting and talking.

We climbed a set of wide, stone stairs, also carved out of solid rock, and went a short distance down a corridor where he stopped and opened a large heavy wooden door. Jason then motioned for me to enter.

We lingered at the door for a short time as we embraced and kissed with heated passion, then he straightened and said, "I will see you in the morning, in the dining room at 9:00 a.m."

I turned to him and smiled and said, “I'll be there or I if not I got turned the wrong way and got lost in this complex somewhere.”

After he closed the door I scanned the room. Room! “One could fit a whole army in here,” I thought. I looked up and saw yet again another vaulted ceiling, which to my guess was about thirty feet at its highest point.

The furnishings were suitable for a queen. I opened the wardrobe doors and within there was all of the apparel that any woman would die for.

The bath was like a small, enclosed lake with vegetation growing all around it. The dome that enclosed it glowed with a golden light like sunlight in a forest. “This is like I never left fairy land,” I thought as I lie and relaxed in the nearly tropical pool.

In the morning I got up to bright light in the room. Ah yes, automatic day and night lighting. As I looked about the domed ceiling I could still not discern the source of the light. There was no doubt it was reflected light, but reflected from what? Where was the source? It completely slipped my mind last night to ask Jason. “Oh well, I'll find out soon enough,” I said to myself as I dressed, getting ready to go down to the dining room.

There was a tiny knock on the door as the heavy door began to move. Lance in hand I took my stance. When the door fully opened a small band of fairies flew in and around me. "They are my assignees!" I said aloud as I danced around the room with them. "I am so happy too see you all here," I said smiling. "Is everything well?" I asked the vanguard.

I knew her as Kiki and she was more or less the leader of this band, although fairies did not really have leaders. They just respected the words of the older, wiser ones among them and the decisions were made by consensus.

Kiki told me that all was well, that when they arrived here late last night they were let in by this man who was dressed like a hippie straight out of the 1960's, complete with the sunglasses.

"At night?" I asked, then started laughing a loud squeaky laugh till tears began to flow. I wiped my eyes and said, "Yeah, I know who that is." I mentioned the mad Ferrari driver. “He makes flying a dragon look like a piece of cake." I then asked Kiki with some concern, "Have you seen Dragon?"

"Yes, she is well. They have accommodated her with a very large chamber of her own. She was resting when we were with her a short time ago." "It was that same man who was wearing the hippie outfit that showed us the way here to your chambers," Kiki said and smiled.

"I do believe you are beginning to like our hippie friend," I declared teasingly and smiled. “Be careful I don't use my fairy magic on you and you wake up in the morning with warts like a witch." Kiki said giggling. "Now I know you wouldn't do that to anybody unless you really had to and the person totally deserved it. Even then it would only be temporary. If I'm wrong then I have a few requests to make," I said bursting out laughing again, as I began to climb down the stone stairs

As I entered the dining room my fairy people joined Jason's and they were off to the greenhouse.

There were twelve people at the table: 7 men and 5 women. With the cook and two waitresses there was all told 17, counting Jason and I.  This was the total crew manning this underground complex that I could not help but feel was built for beings much taller then even the tallest of humans.

Jason, upon seeing me got up and pulled back the chair next to his. I sat down, then pulling his chair back he sat and began by asking if I had rested well.

I responded, "Did I rest well?  I have never slept as well in a more heavenly bed. The only thing that bothered me is this constant idea going through my mind about the giants who lived here before us."  "What did they look like? Were they good or bad? Were they aggressive or peaceful and loving?” “Did they have any emotions like us? Just so many things I want to know. And last night I could almost sense there presence, their physical presence all so vividly in the room. Have you ever wondered about our predecessors?," I asked.

“In due time I will tell you more about our... predecessors. For now we have much more important things to do. But briefly I can say that I have felt a feeling similar to yours about them in these great rooms that entomb a time that was long before we humans
arrived on the scene.”            

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