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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Legend of the Wee People

Legends of the Wee People

These are the legends of the little people from all over the world

. When I first started reading through the legend and mythology books I was surprised to see that the wee ones kept popping up all over the place. I only put some of what I considered to be the best here for you to enjoy.

In the Cree schema mythology there is a mischievous group of little people called the Mannegishi. They are suppose to be very skinny with long legs and arms. The Manegishi have six fingers and what is very odd is they have no nose. These are bad little people. They live in the water, between the rocks. When a boat comes by, they will come out swimming and tip it over. It is believed this is how so many people end up drowning.

The Menehue in Hawaiian mythology are said to be little people. They are about two to three feet tall. The Menehue are believed to have lived on the islands before any other human arrived. They hide on the island from the other people. Legend has it they are excellent builders of many things. They basically keep to themselves and leave others alone.

This is a Mexican legend of some very little people called the Chaneques. These tiny people are said to be keepers of nature. The legend is told that if a person enters the Chaneques territory, they will scare the person so badly that their soul will leave their body. If the person does not have a special ritual performed, they will become very sick and soon they will die.

This legend comes from Central America. These tiny people are very strong, even though they are approximaetly two feet tall. Their name is Alux. They are said to have long black beards. Sometimes they wear clothing but most of the time , they like to run around naked.

They are said to live close to the Mayan temples. People in the area leave food out for them to try to keep them happy. These little people are mischievous.

This legend comes from South Africa. These are teeny tiny people, they are called the Abatwa. They are so teeny people say they have seen them riding ants! When they get tired, they curl up under a blade of grass to sleep.

According to the legend they are fierce hunters. Somehow they climb up on horses, as a group and go out and kill their prey.

It is said that only young children and pregnant woman can see the Abatwa. If a woman who is seven months pregnant sees a male Abatwa, it is believed she will have a male child.

These are very evil little people believed by the Hispanic in the American Southwest. These little people are called the Duendes. These little monsters have red eyes, green skin and no thumbs. They live in people’s homes, right in their child’s bedroom, usually in their walls! Many parents will tell the child it is a rodent in the wall, but it is the Duende. These little creatures will get the child to misbehave and try to steal their soul.

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