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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Otherkin & Other Realms

Otherkin & Other Realms

The Otherkin Overlay & Other Dimensions

In addition to the Seven Primary Immortal Soul Lines appearing in our human forms, many of us also find ourselves carrying another kind of manifestation. I refer to this as a spiritual overlay. It’s a complex subject; and I certainly don’t have all the answers, far from it. The Other Realms are shrouded in mystery and present themselves mostly in the astral and other ethereal planes, so it’s very hard to pinpoint three-dimensional explanations. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. They often influence our lives in significant ways. Some unique souls are quite aware that the Other Realms and Otherkin interact with us and live through us on a continual basis. This section is for those of you who feel this is a large part of your current earthly experience.

Do you find yourself drawn to any certain mythical creatures or beings? These might include unicorns, dragons, the fae, elves, mer-folk, extra-terrestrial races, or other less well-known types of entities. Do some of you feel as though you travel to other dimensions quite frequently-either in sleep, astral work, or induced meditation? Others may feel a deep affinity for a certain type of being and feel

as though you carry that type of energy in your own body and also may have the ability to “communicate” with these precious allies. And still others of you may fall into the categories akin to changelings and shape-shifters. Some of you may have inherited Therian abilities that express themselves in your physical existence, and some of you may find that you change forms when you travel to other realms.

I believe in you! I think that you are feeling these things because they are very real and can be understood and nurtured. You can develop ways to use your extraordinary gifts and become ambassadors for those other mystical kingdoms who may be trying to help the human race. I believe that your attachment to certain types of beings and other dimensions may signal that you, yourself, have existed in those realms, as those very creatures, and have chosen to come to Earth to help the human race with our evolution. Who says that “reincarnation” is limited to our earthly sphere! I believe that many of us have lived lives as other kinds of beings and are here at this time to bring our “other-worldly” wisdom to the humans race. I also believe that many other kinds of beings will begin to interact more frequently with us as our planet evolves, and I think that these cultures have sent many of you here as emissaries to represent and introduce them into our world.

So, if you have any thoughts or feelings in line with the message above, please continue to read the pages in the sections under this category. Please share your experiences with us as they may help us all become more aware of how we can begin to honor the other populations, peoples, and places that overlap our own dimension and live “invisible”among us!
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