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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Legend of the Golden Dragon

The Legend of the Golden Dragon 
~ Fairy Tail ~ 

How long were you there? Kneeling in the center of the room like a tower with no doors and no windows? Facing the walls golden as the dress I wore, and hearing the sound of water dripping in a small pond behind me. My last visitor, if I could call it alive, it would be the only one I met and spoke to in a while, I believe this man called himself ``Merlyn``, If it was Merlin the magician it was a younger version of him. He would appear sometimes in the room by a portal, asking if I was okay and sharing briefly with me some things, before disappearing again.

I didn't understand all the story he was sharing with me. I knew only those men were going to take me away when Aurum*, who was a dragon, and my only family, disappeared mysteriously. I still don't comprehend why they imprisoned me in this damned sanctuary, saying that I was ``The Golden Dragon``. How could that be possible? Aurum WAS the Golden Dragon, not me.

I let out a tired sigh before standing from my kneeling position, making myr way toward a crystal ball on a white pedestal. It was my only connection to the world below. That's right, I was in a sanctuary which was situated in the clouds, its location is a mystery and legend to the humans, even for other dragons. Looking through the crystal ball, my eyes widened when I saw a city on fire. What's going on? It wasn't just any city, it was Caelum*, just next to my sanctuary. An hissing sound came from behind me and a cloaked old man rushed to me in a panic state.

- " Aurum! You must run away! Please, go down below and hide! He is here! "

- " W-who? And why d-do you call me Aurum? My name is (Yana)! " I told the man with a scowl on his face.

- " There's no time for bickering! You must- "

There was an explosion and I was protected by a mystical shield of blue light, while Merlyn was crushed in the wall next to me. I gasped, approaching quickly the poor old man to see if he was still alive. Fortunately, he was.

- " Well, well...what do we have here? So this is the ``Golden Dragon``? I must say I'm not disappointed..." said another voice and I turned around to see a tall man engulfed with a cloak made of darkness.

You shuddered at his attire, finding his red eyes and black hair quite scary. He started to walk towards me, a smug face on his features while I held a cold one. I wasn't scared of him I can cast a spell. Before I could throw him a spell, he trapped you with chains that appeared from nowhere, then I was lifted high in the air. And then, all I saw was darkness.

I woke up, a terrible headache present. Groaning, you sat up to realize I was in some kind of forest. Looking at my surroundings, I saw a small lake and I walked to it. Seeing my reflection in the water, I screamed at the sight. My wasn't my body! Firstly, my body was SMALLER, the height of a child compared to human standards if I could say. Secondly, I was wearing a purple cloak with designs of eyes, stopping at my tights. Thirdly, my eyes weren't like before, they were red and I couldn't see the rest of my face, only the glowing eyes and the shape of my head in the darkness, like a cloak was shading it (A/N), it looks like that, I don't understand...). Plus, my skin was gray...GRAY!

I woke up shaking violently, I heard the sound of something jingling and I looked above me to see a golden hourglass tied at the tip of the cloak. Raising a brow, I tilted my head to the side with confusion. Where were you? What's going on? Who was that man? You knew his face, but not his name. You couldn't remember it.

- " N-Natsu?! What is that thing?! " yelled a girl, as I turned to see a blond girl and pink haired boy.

Maybe they could help me? I started to walk to them but you stopped when you saw a small cat jumping down from the boy's shoulder.

- " Hey, what's your name? " it asked.

- " Kupoy, Kupoy! ( (my name is (Y/N) ) " My eyes widened before I slapped a hand over my mouth.

"What's going on?! My voice?! Why do I speak like that?! They will never understand me! " I thought in panic.

- " Hum...what did you say? " asked the boy with a dumbfounded expression and the girl interjected.

- " Don't you see, Natsu? It can't speak our language...I don't even think this thing have a mind...." she said and I felt the anger raise inside you.

- " KUPOY!!!!!? KUPOY! KUPOY KUPOY! (Wha?! Say it again! I dare you Blondie!) " I yelled angrily at her, your eyes glowing redder than before.

- " S-SORRY! YOU HAVE A MIND, YOU HAVE A MIND! " she squeaked from hiding behind the boy, before she started to run back in the direction they had come from then stopped a short distance away looking back apprehensively, then turned and said, "my name is Fiutsi".

- " Do you understand her, Happy? " Natsu asked the blue cat.

- " Not really, but maybe Makarov can? Hm? Look Natsu! It has a golden hourglass on the tip of its cloak... " said the blue cat, pointing at it.

- " Weird, the sand is black...and it is falling down in a slow pace..." said Natsu, I am intrigued by the hourglass and certainly by you. " Anyway...we should name you! "

The boy smiled goofily, before his features turned to a thoughtful face. For a moment, I worried some about the names he would come out with.

- " How about Tiki? " he asked, and I could not frown but I mad the expression known with my eyes.

- " Natsu, you don't know if this is a boy or a girl... " sweat beading on Fiutsi's forehead after returning from her run.

- " Oh yeah, that's right...Than how about Smally? "

- " ...Kupoy... (shut up) " I said darkly, making the three of them flinch.

- " I think it doesn't like that n-name " the girl stuttered nervously. " How about Arcana*? Do you like this name? " she asked.

I didn't respond anything, and thought . Might be a long time before they guess my name so I decided to accept Fiutsi's choice and I jumped up and down excitably. They smiled and then  Natsu took your arm and pulled gently on it.

- " Kupoy?! (What are you doing?!) " I said.

- " You are coming with us! Maybe someone in the guild can help you "

Smiling at the thought, I smiled and let them bring me to their ``guild``.

- " She is here? " said an unknown male voice.

- " Yes master...the curse isn't complete...She is now an entity, her powers sealed away... " replied a male voice.

- " Humpf...It's good in a way, make sure that she is destroyed, The Master growled "  then snickered evily.

- " Yes...master...

The golden dragon hobbling side to side, wings half unfolded, 

followed closely
beihind Natsu and Fiutsi whith Happy the blue cat on her shoulder as they vanished into the deep forest 

Our true potentials are locked away in the dark recesses of our memory

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