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Sunday, 23 March 2014

My personal account of What is a Fairy

What is a Fairy?

No, I have never seen a fairy, an angel, or any other type of a spirit guide per se, except for little flashes of light of different colors now and again in a dark room or tiny sparks of bright light here and there and sometimes even a moving shape at my peripheral vision.

But there have been many times where I have felt a tingly sensation at the back of the neck, like when I have come to the realization someone was standing behind me, like say my partner. We have our computers in the same room. But most times when I have spun around on my swivel chair there was nothing there. I knew I had felt a presence, but yet nothing was there.

I swear there were times I think that if maybe I spun around faster they would be sitting there snickering at me. February 20, 2000; that day turned out to be one of those days. Do not forget that at this point the only thing I knew is there were strange phenomena about that beckoned my attention.

Quite often I sat up late at night working on the computer, too many nights in a row. One would normally think the combination means I am pretty much doomed to episodes of sleep deprivation every time my inquisitiveness kicks in. But I am rather used to late nights as I have been nocturnal for many years and operating on just a few hours sleep does not appear to affect my performance the next day.

Not a big deal in and of itself, because all things come into balance and I will end up spending a day or two lounging around doing a whole lot of nothing, actually I call them my “national do nothing days.” Today was supposed to be one of those days. I went to bed with all the intentions of sleeping in the next day for as long as I felt like it. My partner had made plans for the day and would be out for most of the morning. But then those wee folk decided that I had something far more important to do that day. It was early, before my partner who is usually up before I, was still lying in bed, sleeping.

I had been awakened by a persistent little voice telling me to write about fairies today, March 23, 2014. The little voice, you know it, it's like our own thoughts but they're not our own thoughts, and those thoughts are usually 100% correct. The problem is, are we paying attention when it speaks?

“Okay, great, I acknowledged the little voice, but I’ll respond to it later, after I sleep in a couple more hours.” But it would not cease its persistent chattering. “No, you’re going to do it now!” And so the mental nagging, or should I say the debating committee in my mind began.

I had thought all I would need to do is just sit behind the computer and be inspired by the little voice, that I would just sit here at the computer and it would start babbling about something or other. I guess I just thought I could just sit and channel the information from the little voice which only seems to open up when not expected, more so than by my invitation. And on its own time, never with any real regard to any other of my own obligations or schedules.

So as I see it that was not what it had in mind. It wanted for me to find the answers for myself, the enigma begging to be unraveled. It was not going to be direct from a guide, but it only planted the ideas in my mind and it was up to me to do the research. It wanted me to come up with something on my own.

“Go ahead, tell them your own opinions and understanding about fairies.” So I spent most of the day today going through other websites, reading up about different mythologies and legends on the topic of the little people, especially about fairies. If I truly desired to know I had to try and make my own opinions on this topic.

Don’t ask me to explain why I do things like that but I have always been that way. I hear about something different or unusual and I just have to research it until the well runs dry. I have this insatiable thirst to know what lies behind the so-called veil between realities, seeking knowledge on a topic that is as elusive as a ghost on a misty night. If a topic of conversation that catches my interest now but I hadn't really given it much thought before comes up somewhere in some conversation, I get obsessed and I need to find out more about it!

I have always had a degree of interest in mysticism but to this point it had not really registered in my priorities. This research has mostly, if not completely, reawakened my childhood inquisitiveness. I really love the notion that even though it can not be physically proven these beings are very much alive in our own very hearts, they exist as part of our nature.

I also remembered that there was a close similarity in my own mind between angels, fairies, aliens, and spirit guides, light beings, sons of God, Watchers and all the many other sources of mythologies and traditions.

Here is an interesting explanation that I kept coming across today. I have had a long time love affair with fairies and I am somewhat surprised I never read this before. The story basically goes like this, from Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary. 1:5-7 “Outward privileges, profession, and apparent conversion, could not secure those from the vengeance of God, who turned aside in unbelief and disobedience. The destruction of the unbelieving Israelites in the wilderness, shows that none ought to presume on their privileges. They had miracles as their daily bread; yet even they perished in unbelief. A great number of the angels were not pleased with the stations God allotted to them; pride was the main and direct cause or occasion of their fall. The fallen angels are kept to the judgment of the great day; and shall fallen men escape it? Surely not. 

Consider this in due time, It was done. He then declared that whoever was in was in and whoever was out was out. Those angels who had left heaven but who had not quite made it to hell yet were stuck here on earth and had to find a residence in the hills, trees, and lakes.”

I cannot tell the difference between angels and fairies, but I do know that they are not much different in comparison to the many different nationalities of humans except maybe in different sizes, shapes, and essence of bodies. But the question that I have is this: Why were the angels leaving so fast that The Father literally had to lock the last of the angels in? Doesn’t make it sound like the angels in heaven were happy with their lot, does it? 

Weird story compared to the biblical teachings. But then again, it is out of the Celtic traditions and I suppose that is what happens when you combine Pagan beliefs with Christian stories.

The dark continuously tainting the light to keep it from achieving perfection - jealousy?


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