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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Arkan Sonney, Another Shape Shifter?

The Arkan Sonney, Another Shape Shifter?

I have no way to know for certain but the more reading and researching I do on the mystical beings mentioned in our many mythologies, legends and lore I am coming to the conclusion that fairies are not solid mass, like us, but just a concentration of energy. This would account to the fact as to their apparent ability to flip from one side of reality, to another or dimension to another. There are diferent ways we could come up with possibilities using quantum physics, I have chosen neutrinos for an illustration.

Neutrinos are energy particle, In June 2012, CERN announced that new measurements conducted by four Gran Sasso experiments (OPERA, ICARUS, Borexino and LVD) found agreement between the speed of light and the speed of neutrinos, finally refuting the initial OPERA result.[

To actually detect a neutrino one can only record the luminous trail left when passing through photons, light,

technically that would require a particle accelerator is to smash protons into a fixed target, producing charged pions or kaons.

Neutrinos basically and simply are the only subatomic particle which can disappear apparently completely out of existence and reappear elsewhere in the universe at the wink of an eye so to speak

Neutrinos are also useful for probing astrophysical sources beyond our solar system because they are the only known particles that are not significantly attenuated by their travel through the interstellar medium

Who are we to say that fairies and other creatures and beings that our mythology abounds with is not true? Could our mystical beings from our mythology be of the same element as the Neutrino?

The Arkan Sonney, Another Shape Shifter?
Wikipedia cites another tale from A Manx Scrapbook by Walter Gill that describes it as a white pig, seen by a child near Niarbyl, Isle of Man
. She wanted her uncle to help her catch it but he refused and it got away.[2]
In Dora Broome's Fairy Tales from the Isle of Man, the pig, or hedge hog like being is described as white with red eyes and ears. In that story the pig can change size, but not its shape.[3]

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Arkan Sonney, the Hedgehog Men of Spatantike;

The Arkan Sonney, hedgehog men in the tradition of the German fairy tale about Hans, are this world equivalent of Celts.

Arkan Sonney

The Arkan Sonney, the hedgehog men of the North, are a race of incredibly fierce, incredibly friendly warrior-poets, who expanded out of the great woods of the nation when the fey retreated to occupy many parts of the Arcadian world.

The Arcadian Empire managed to somewhat incorporate them into their tribes, creating an interesting mix of Arcadian and native culture in many regions. But the people themselves maintained their initial traits and culture successfully to the present day, especially their respect for nature and their unique song, dress and cuisine.

The Arkan Sonney are an exceptionally pleasant and happy people, delighting in food, song, dance, love, and war equally, giving them a reputation as being fearless. They tend to be a peaceful folk until roused, or threatened. They will not hesitate to enter battle with the same joy and energy that they bring everywhere else. Their moods tend to be kept calm or happy by design, because anger or fear causes their spikes to sprout, which can cause accidents, death, etc.

They consider themselves gourmands, and feasting and eating are important social occasions. They show great reverence for nature, and often commune with beasts and plants, keeping pets, growing gardens, etc., and holding the natural world to be evidence of the glory of the Creator. Respect for life is important, and prayers any time a plant or animal is killed for food are considered necessary. Brightly colored clothing with elaborate designs also reinforce the happy mood of the people, and they take great pride in their colors.

Arkan Sonney are hedgehog men, humanoids with pleasant, broad faces, jolly dispositions, and a head covered in quills that trail down their back. These hairs stay retracted while they are in a good mood, but when startled, frightened, or angered, they extend from their skin in prehensile barbs, causing their hair and back to essentially sprout defensive spikes that can be plucked and thrown, or fought with directly, or simply as a shield on one side. This hair is usually blond or red, though lighter browns are also extremely common. They are quite tall, especially compared to southerners, averaging around six feet, and they are very pale of complexion. Blue, green and gray eyes are common. They tend to grow facial and body hair, though this does not have the spike-like quality of the hair on their heads and backs.

Arkan Sonney, as a particularly friendly people with a vast geographic dispersion, almost universally get along with other races and nations, if for no other reason than they have such a wide range of experience with foreign peoples. They are one of the few races that get along with the Anakim, and some of them have adopted similar roaming ways. There are only two exceptions to this: the Arkan Sonney cannot abide by the Cruithni, who they chased out of their territories wherever they encountered them, because of their association with the fey, and the Fomorians, who are considered traditional enemies in every context. An Arkan Sonney will gladly die if he can take a Fomorian with him.

Arkan Sonney tend to be chaotic, preferring to trust whim and good humor to the rigidity of law and order. Their society does have laws, but they are much looser and specific than some cultures, and while laws are obeyed, it is a loose obedience, viewed more as custom than rule.

Arkan Sonney exploded out of the woodlands of central Spatantike before the arrival of the Fomorians and spread throughout the continent, reaching even onto other continents. While their lands are not as great as they once were, they have settlements throughout the western coast of Spatantike and along the Blood Sea, as well as settlements around the White Guard and, surprisingly, in the highlands on the canal side of the Drywinds. Their most powerful independent kingdoms are along the Spatantike north-western coasts.

The Caitsith Rite of Baruchianity is the major religion of the Arkan Sonney in their Spatantike surroundings, though those in other areas tend to follow the major religion of their own places.

Caitsith Rite believes that the human nature of Baruch was overcome by the divine spark of God, dissolving in the Divine, so that as he aged he became closer and closer to God while still having the memories and experiences of a man. They see him as very much a man, as a result, prone to all one’s errors and thus capable of understanding and forgiving humanity for their baser natures, becoming God slowly and thus getting more and more holy towards the end.

There is also a minor faith, common throughout all Arkan Sonney communities, of the Drunemeton, the faith of the worshippers of the True Tree, which has been slightly influenced by Baruch’s hanging on the Midsummer Tree. They believe in the sanctity of all life, and so are vegetarians, who are able to talk to the animals and plants, and act as shepherds of nature—the religion is respected and feared both, and the healing skills of the Drune are well known.

The Arkan Sonney speak a number of inter-related languages, divided into a series of more similar groups with some degree of mutual intelligibility—dialect is an important part of culture and society, and it makes it easy for Arkan Sonney to tell a stranger. The languages share three grammatical genders, a number system counting by twenties, a verb-subject-object word order, and a number of other curious language features. The language has a song-like quality, with risings and fallings in tone, as well as word length, affecting meaning.

Arkan Sonney have a personal name and a clan name, with nicknames often attached to the first name to make compound names. The clan name is much more important than the personal name in almost all cases, with those who have a weak clan or no clan adopting their nick name as their clan name.

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