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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Body Mind And Soul - Spirituality And Science

Body Mind And Soul - Spirituality And Science,
Energy, Creation A

Published on Aug 28, 2013

In this episode of body mind and soul I will be be looking at science, spirituality and the links about the two. It is Important to understand that accepted scientific knowledge may change due to progress so some day my argument may be proven wrong or hopefully more correct.

What is extremely important to note is that all science apart from quantum mechanics is used only to better explain the Idea rather that to be a basis for it, as quantum physics is the only scientific branch that can really connect with the spiritual science. Point made simple: science and spiritual science would be completely separate if it wasn't for quantum mechanics. I am also giving a look at various possible links between spiritual science and string theory, but called string 'theory' for a reason, although the mathematics of this theory is sound, experiment to validate it are still a thing of the future. That is why I left string theory out of the argument.

Further on I expand the argument to the universe, or rather the energy that created it, as being conscious.

For more information I will have a page on my blog dedicated to the subject. Here I hope to start accumulating knowledge regarding the subject, It will be updated any thime I have something new to share.

Here are some additional sources that I regularly visit for some inspiration :)

Spirit Science 10 ~ Math of God

The channel for Ask Teal

Hi dear friends and followers I thought this video would be a great follow up from yesterdays posting. Enjoy the read and the video and feel free to share your thoughts with us. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you

My apologies I could not get a a video with subtitles but here is a bit more I found in text through a little more research


• The bottom line is that almost nothing is known about how our brains “produce” consciousness. The idea that neuroscientists are just several years away from explaining consciousness in terms of material brain processes, or anywhere close to creating “self-aware” or even just “sentient” robots through a successful Artificial Intelligence (AI) program-- is utter fantasy.

(Note: the above section on powers of consciousness is adapted and excerpted from my larger essay on Consciousness, posted at the Science & Spirituality section of this website; see that original article for more anomalies and for endnote references.)
Now, there is a “higher-mind” or what might be called the psychic “soul” aspect to our personality or consciousness which deserves to be distinguished out from the “normal” or “lower” mind. Some of this entails simply going more deeply into aforementioned aspects of certain normal mind functions, such as delving so deeply into memories that, with or without the aid of hypnosis, one taps into full-blown past-life memories. Or else going so deeply with certain kind of creative visualization and/or creative channeling that one begins to access information from paranormalpsi sources in what has been termed ESP or extra-sensory perception. This can take the form of remote viewing (“seeing” distant places, without the use of eyeballs and normal light-refraction off visible objects), telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition (“knowing aspects of the future”), retrocognition (“knowing aspects of the past”), discernment of discarnate “subtle-plane” personalities (ancestors, ghosts, devas, spirit guides), etc.

At this higher-mind or psychic level it becomes obvious that we are each more than just a distinct, discrete “bodymind”—rather, we are soul personalities that evidently don’t ever die and can have access to states of “nonlocal consciousness” that deliver paranormal forms of information about other places on earth, other planets, other (subtler) planes or realms of being, other time-periods for these locales, and so forth. And, along with this paranormal power of knowing or information-collecting can come paranormal powers of doing such as healing and remotely influencing beings, objects, the weather, destiny—either for the better or worse. This last area, of course, is the domain of white magic or black magic.

As souls, we are capable of a much wider array of experiences than when we are identified merely with bodily and (lower) mental aspects of being. We can associate with multiple levels of manifestation, from the earth planes to the highest heavens, and all kinds of subtle realms in between—pleasant or unpleasant.
Beyond the dynamics and manifestation of body-mind-soul is Spirit or Open Awareness. If we are to use the word carefully and strictly in a meaningful way, in line with what so much of the Perennial Wisdom “Great Traditions” would suggest, we can say that Spirit is the domain of authentic spirituality, beyond mind and magic, beyond space-time, beyond structure and parts, beyond energies, no matter how subtle, celestial or heavenly, and beyond any form of egocentricity or selfishness.

The various Perennial Wisdom Traditions would say that Spirit is none other than the God-Self, Absolute Awareness, Transpersonal Consciousness, Atman-Brahman (Self-Reality), Buddhata (Buddha-nature),Shunyata (Openness-Emptiness), Dharmakaya (Truth Body), Tao(Source/Way), Purusha (Divine Person). This is the Divine Self-Nature, the “I Am That Am,” sheer Isness-Aliveness-Awareness, what Hindu Vedanta tradition calls Absolute Being-Awareness-Bliss (Sat-Cit-Ananda), what Jewish mysticism terms the Ain Sof (Ein Soph, Boundless Divine No-thing), what Muslim Sufi mystics call al-Haqq (the Divine Truth) or Dhat (Absolute Essence).

Being truly Absolute, nondual or non-relative, there is only one Spirit or Awareness here, Infinite and Eternal. This is the One Spirit that wondrously, magnificently conjures up the cosmic play of multiple phenomena, the one Spirit that dreams this Divine Dream of a universe. This Spirit, in truth, is the One Actor playing all the “soul-roles,” the One Self displaying as all selves, the One Being manifesting in the disguise of all beings.

In sum, while there are many souls, there is only this one, nondual Self or Spirit or Divine Reality, call this whatever you wish.

That this God-Self or Buddha-Nature can emanate a world of such endless variety—from the subatomic quarks to the periodic table of chemical elements to complex molecules to living cells to large cell-clusters-in-the-form-of-organs to the bodies composed thereof (from worms to whales to humans) to the various conscious minds and souls associated with these bodies—what a wonder! What a fantastic, amazing wonder!

Let all body-mind-souls praise this single, nondual God-Self from Whom all blessings flow and from Whom all beautiful and bewildering manifestations emanate. Allelujah! Alhamdulillah! Jaya Jagadeesha Hare!

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