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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Once upon a full moon

Hi dear friends and followers, today I wish to share another one of my short narrative with you. Have a great read and please feel free to share your thoughts with us, they are valuable to me. Thank you

Once upon a full moon

Helen and I were late getting back home from our foraging in the woods behind Farmer Jenkins' barn. We had completely lost track of the time and before we had reached the trail that went by the base of the giant yellow birch, we were exhausted and needed to stop to rest.
The moon had come up over the horizon over the valley and shone like a bright, warm, yellow sphere, casting not just shadows but spreading a different colour of aura-like energy around everything we could see.

Helen was the first to notice and she shook my shoulder and pointed for me to look. “Must be the ground mist," I responded.

"Look over there!" she said excitedly, again pointing to her left this time.

In the valley below us another sphere shone, this one a bright cobalt blue colour. We went down onto our hands and knees, not sure if we should stand as we may be spoted by what ever it was. We both looked at each other for a second, and Helen cried out, "The bushes over there! In a crouched position we ran and dove into the bushes, scaring the life out of a squirrel which caused our hearts to skip a beat or two!
The sky above glowed with a blend of blue, purple, red, other colors. We held our breath, not daring to move. Then the cobalt blue sphere just seemed to blink out. Sitting up I asked Helen if she had heard or seen anything like that before. She shrugged her shoulders then said, “Ummmm, only on those UFO programs they have on TV. The moon had set already and as I looked to the east I could see the early glow of first streaks of morning on the horizon.

But that didn't make sense, I reasoned. The moon had just risen when we got here, which couldn't have been more then an hour ago.

Walking across the path, we again sat on an old root from the huge yellow birch. I remember something I nearly screamed to Helen. "It wasn't an alien abduction. It was a visitor from another reality or dimension. Remember?" Helen shook her head indicating she had no such recall.

"The light beings who radiate light from their body that that gives the appearance of wings. Their energy is so strong, but it's all pure love. They are here and they have been for a very long time. And the little people, remember them?” Helen stiffened like she had been stung by a bee, then said, “Yes I do remember the little people,. They were great, I loved them.”

“Do you remember why they appeared to us?”
“Yes, because they knew we would believe in them and also knew we could be trusted not to say anything until the right time comes.”

"I'll race you!" I said to Helen as I began to run. It felt good to feel the rush of air on my cheeks and my hair fluttering behind me as I ran, a free spirit among free spirits, because the spirit is one thing no one can imprison.

Dad was waiting at the bottom of the hill as I bade Helen farewell and shouted breathlessly, “See you tomorrow!”

I ran to my dad wrapping my arms around him, just holding him. Not another word was said.

Written by me, Cynthia ©.

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