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Friday, 13 June 2014

A Dream?

Hi dear friends and followers I thought maybe on a Friday afternoon you would like something light to read.
I would also like to thank you so very much for following and supporting this blog. Todays' Poem that leaves you with a question or a comment in mind. Please feel free to share.
A Dream?

Stay, flow, flow like a feather in the wind;

then through the airy way we will wing,

to the shade of the evergreen tree.

Below do they swoop;

Under that very tree is where

I stopped to rest a while,

listening to the sighing summer breeze.

And there I closed my eyes but for a second

and I drifted away into a netherland,

floating on the clouds of a dream;

A dream where upon I thought I had awakened,

awakened to the most amazing thing

that one can ever hope to see.

In the tree above,

the fairies danced and sang:

“The mortals they are asleep – 

They will never understand

That the night brings our delight, 

It is like day in Fairyland!”

They were sparkly crystalline fairies

who sparkled in the moonlight like jewels,

Flashing and dancing all this time oblivious,

to the mortal girl below.

They lit up the forest with their silver glow

dancing and prancing from tree to tree.

Swirling and twirling in the air,

clouds of magical fairy dust explode

and settle back to the ground

as gently as snow flakes.

Night is a delight when the fairies are about.

It is like the day in Fairyland.

Even the song birds come out

to chant while they swing

From the bluebells to the dandelions.

Hey! Come, come out and play!

They spoke to me! They were aware all along,

I thought.

Sleepy songbirds sing.

The glow-worm lamps are lit in the field below.

I flew and danced with the crystalline fairies,

to the melodies of the Elfin band playing below.

For what seemed to be nearly the entire night.

Freedom to flow with the breath of nature;

Come and join our Elfin band!

A night brings delight. I woke up

still lying under the same tree.

I thank you so very much for following my blog  I will always do my all I can to bring some of the best stories and legends and if you have any requests please leave a comment, thank you.

With love to all from The Fairy Lady

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