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Monday, 30 June 2014

Brazilian Legend Encatados

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Welcome dear friends and followers. I have for you today a very unusual  Brazilian Portuguese legend called the Encantado. This is a story that is partly based in true fact as well as having mythical qualities in legend.

If there is any specific mythical legends and stories you would be interested to read please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment box, please read on.

Brazilian Legend Encatados

If you say the word “dolphin” the image brought to mind is that of the porpoise or bottle-nosed dolphin, the highly intelligent salt water dweller seen on TV and in the movies. It was not until I was researching dolphins as a topic for my blog that I found that there are dolphins that cannot live in salt water, that inhabit fresh water rivers only.

Within the classification of fresh water dolphin I found two types, one that lives in India's Ganges Rives and the other that is a dweller in South America's Amazon River. I will be writing about the latter.

The Amazon dolphin has a body much like that of its ocean-going cousin, right down to the bottle-like nose. It can grow to be up to 2.7 meters long and weigh 136 kg. That's 9 feet and 300 pounds for my friends in America. This is where the similarity ends. The salt water dolphin's skin is gray to blue-gray in color while the Amazon dolphin is pink!

There is a bit of Brazilian folklore that centers on this pink dolphin. It is known there by the name “encantado” or “boto encantado,” from the Portuguese words meaning “enchanted” and “body,” not owing in any small part to the creature's color and location. The encantado is a “shape shifter,” not a bad trick, even for something as clever as a self-aware, fresh water mammal.

The shape-shifting takes place at night, usually during the Festa Junina (the Feast Days of Sts. Anthony, John the Baptizer, and Peter in June) and on the full moon. It is then that the encantado emerges from the water on human legs, takes on the form of a human's upper body, and just about completely takes on a new shape. Except for one thing: the head. The encatado's head never morphs into a human head but remains that of a dolphin, complete with blowhole!

So if you are around the Amazon River on a full moon night or during the June Festivals, and you see someone dressed in loose-fitting, older-style clothing, and that someone is wearing a large straw hat, look again, because you might have been lucky enough to have seen an encantado!


In ancient Amazon River mythology the Encantado (meaning "enchanted one" in Brazilian Portuguese) were shape-shifting river spirits who lived in an underwater paradise known as, the Encante. Though the Encante was the ultimate utopia, free of pain and death, the Encantados envied the pleasures and hardships that the human world offered.

The Encantado used their supernatural powers to fulfill their desires to experience the human world. Their powers included:

* The ability to assume either a human or animal form. * The ability to hypnotize (enchant) humans and manipulate them into doing their bidding.
* Control over storms.
* They could also cast spells that would cause sickness, insanity, or even death.

I do hope you have liked the story my dear friends, and that you all have enjoyed it. Have a beautiful day filled with love and happiness. Thank you for sharing your time with me today. You are welcome to leave a comment, they are much appreciated. Thank you

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