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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A Humble Gardener's Essay On The Fairy Realm

Hi my dear friends and followers. Today I present to you a farmers perspective and observation of the fairies. 

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A Humble Gardener's Essay On The Fairy Realm

The fairy world is so very closely related to nature and, as such, to fairies and the animal spirit guides. Both tend to work very closely together. Working with fairy energy is simple (in a back-to-nature-only-the-basics kind of way) but slightly more complicated than the animal world. This means that the fairies can take on a tad more personality and difference of focus.

Taking on the task of defining the fairies' guides is enough to fill a small library of information, legends, and lore. For each realm of fairies takes on very different responsibilities and roles from another realm of fairies.

Both the fairies and animal spirit guides take on the role of caretakers of nature. While the animal spirit guides tend to take on more of the different aspects of personality in nature (i.e., the sly, cunning, wise aspects of the fox) the fairies tend to align themselves with the physical aspect of nature. There are as many types of fairies as there are stars in the sky, and each tends to align themselves to a specific type of plant, mineral, or occasionally an animal. There are fairies of the primrose and those of the petunia, fairies of the oak tree and those of the lilac bush, and then there are those that are akin to the horse and the raccoon.

Each of the types of fairies have their own kingdom and rulers. Mermaids, gnomes, trolls, and ogres are also of these kingdoms. Woodland and nature fairies are what we commonly think of from this spirit world but many exist, some not yet known or long removed from human awareness. The most popular, or maybe to say, better known of the fairies are the following types:

Elfs: Scandinavian lore tells us of the Elfen fairies that are kind, generous, and very wise. Dealing with these forms of fairies can teach us much about how to live in balance with nature. Legend says that gifts of honey and sweets to the Elfs will be returned in kind.

Dryads: The teaching of the Celts and the Druids tells us of the Dryads that are closely associated to the trees of the forest. Dryads are strong and enduring, living within the hollow of the tree in perfect balance with the forest.

Dwarves: The legends of dwarves are varied and widely shared throughout Europe. They can be found deep within the mountains, for they align themselves with the minerals of the deep earth. Dwarves are very slow to change and tend to be immovable on what they feel is important at the time.

Gnomes: The realm of the gnomes is usually deep within an old forest. Gnomes tend to be a little closer to the realm of mankind and are lovers of gadgets and machines. They are curious and very knowledgeable about the physical properties of our realm. Work with the gnomes when you need to gain a deeper understanding of things mechanical or the physical world.

Goblins: Goblins show no favor or give any quarter to the realm of mankind. The goblins are very closely aligned with the sediments of the Earth and the process of decay. Because of this association with the Earth’s process of breaking down elements back to the basic form goblins are frequently considered evil. Often the profile of the goblin was used to create many of the gargoyles seen today that guard the roof tops and ward evil from the churches.

Leprechauns: Irish legend and lore teaches us that leprechauns are akin to the clover. As mankind evolved, many leprechauns endeared themselves to the ways of man, finding shiny gold as treasure and developing an affinity for strong waters like ale or stout.

Mermaids: While many a sailor has been accused of mistaking a manatee or seal for a mermaid, it is the way of this fairy of the sea. The mermaid is akin to seals and manatees, even to the point of being able to shape shift into the seal or manatee.

Pixies: Pixies are a general term for the mischievous type of fairy of the forest that is committed to making pranks upon the people that are near-by. If the pixies have taken to hiding your items, take to music, song, and dance to appease there love of celebration. And hope that what you have lost will magically reappear.

Sidhe: This fairy is of the Irish lore and legend and is closely aligned with the rose. Planting roses in your yard will almost assuredly attract this fairy realm to you. Working with the realm of Sidhe can actually teach one the areas of beauty, design, and elegance inherent in to the forest.

Sprites: The sprite fairy often appears in a glow as if in spirit form. They are closely associated with the oak and the acorn. Their season is that of the fall and the time of the harvest.

Working with fairy energy can be interesting to say the least. Fairy energy can bring you closer to realizing how everything in our world is so intimately interconnected and dependent, one thing upon another. Even a single action in the realm or our environment can bring about a myriad of consequences. I once cleared part of my property without asking permission of that fairy domain and spent the next three years having my personal items constantly hidden from me!

The energy of the fairy is much like that of a child; innocent, focused upon, and delighting in the simplest of things. And they can get upset, too, as have been the brownies since the encroachment and disregard man has developed for nature. So appease fairy energy when you have the privilege of working with it. Offerings of honey in the garden, or milk in some cultures, can go a long way with these wonderful beings.
The most common methods of connecting with fairy energy are through physical sensitivity, astral travel, meditation, lucid dreams, and vision quests.

As for fairy portals, fairies have always loved the prettiest places on Earth such as flowery meadows, gentle rivers and serene lakes. Their portals are always near these. Many legends talk of fairy rings, impressions left in the ground where fairies have recently had a gathering, but it could also be a spot where a fairy portal has appeared. Fairy portals are also used by pixies, who are closely related to fairies.

This is what I have been able to learn about the fairies and their energy, both by accident and through careful observation after having made them upset. I hope that what I have told you here is of some use to you. Perhaps the greatest lesson that I have learned is to believe that the fairies are there. They will show themselves to those who believe.

Thank you very much for dropping by and I do sincerely hope you have enjoyed your visit and you are welcome to come back anytime you wish. Your participation is what keeps this blog alive my dearest. Much love to you from the Fairy Lady 

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