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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lost in the forest

I love writing stories and poems, but it is up to you my dear friends and followers if you choose to believe them or not. The way I figure it, is it is time for me to sing my song before the time comes before I am no longer able too. I sing my song through these little poems for you my dears to enjoy or neigh. 
I am thankful for your comments and visits for without them this beautiful blog would not be here.
Thank you

Lost in the forest

Many years ago I decided to walk in the woods,

just the same as I have many times before.

The thought of getting lost had never entered my mind.

To walk in the forest was as familiar to me as the back yard.

It was sudden. I felt discomfort like one would feel

under the shadow of an encroaching storm.

As I turned to go back I discovered I was somewhere else,

As very sweet, beautiful, colorful and welcoming as it was,

It was unfamiliar and made me feel uneasy.

I did not know which way to go.

So I sat upon a stump to gather my thoughts.

This was when I saw the tiny rainbow being,

flashing like reflected sunlight on the rippling water of the pond,

Over there by the glowing silver-leaved tree.

I pointed excitedly like someone had been sitting beside me.

But no one was there, just I; no other human was about.

Only the beautiful golden and silver forest

and its magical residents - sparkling rainbow fairies,

as I call them now. I woke up the next morning,

curled up neat and tucked under the evergreens.

I was back to my other home again as I danced and sang

all the way back down the trail that lead to our house.

My mind would drift back to that experience, no matter the years.
Writen by me Cynthia ©.

I hope you have all enjoyed this poem, which dates back to when I was a child. Sending love to you all, The Fairy Lady

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