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Friday, 6 June 2014

Magic and how does it work?

Greetings! Buenos dias! my dear friends and followers! Today I am sharing with you this information that I have researched from different documents and written from  my own past experience and knowledge on the subject of magic. 
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Magic and how does it work?
My immediate response to this is, it depends what you mean by magic.

The art of causing change in consciousness in accordance with the will

Story book writers, whether it be fantasy, romance, (there is a lot of magic in romance), intrigue, suspense, or adventure; anything from Aleister Crowley, Grimm's Fairy Tales, to Arthur C Clark's sci-fi and  onwards have affirmed that the primary purpose of using magic is to change the ver
y person who desires to be the magician rather than to change the external world.

Changing the inner self means believing that the source of our very living essence, the pulse light of the soul, is where all the magic within you resides.  First, you have to believe in yourself without any doubt of the source within you.  It is possible that having worked on the inner self, change will also be effected in the surrounding reality, either directly, or as a result of the change in consciousness of the practitioner, who is now empowered to go out and make changes in the physical world the world for a better place.

Will is a tricky concept.  Like a trickster, it can deceive the mind.  But if it comes from within it works much like intuition, whereby you get a knowing about something and this knowing overrides all doubt and you act as though by instinct, knowing in your heart this is the right thing to do.  It can mean the individual will, or the Divine will.  Or most likely when aligning or connected as one, let us say the individual will with the Divine will, depending on the perspective of the practitioner, and whether they are more left hemisphere or right hemisphere oriented in their thinking (i.e., male or female).

The right hand hemisphere of the brain has been defined as becoming one with the Divine (dissolving the ego), whereas the left hemisphere of the brain has been defined as connecting with the Divine (achieving eminence).  The thing is that whatever is born from the mind, left or right, needs to be processed through the heart.  I like these two definitions, as they go a long way to explaining what makes Paganism different from other religions.

Magic and ritual certainly work to transform the psyche of the practitioner.  Tried and tested techniques of initiation, meditation, visualisation, and working with archetypes do seem to have a beneficial effect.

Many will ask if magic can really have an effect in the physical world.   Eve
rybody has an anecdote where they did a healing and the recipient felt better; or they willed themselves and saw themselves in an employment situation and got the job.  But these are anecdotal evidence, and there’s no way to prove that the ill person wouldn’t have gotten better anyway, or the job seeker wouldn’t have got the job anyway.  This is correct, from my own experience I must admit it is not something you can't expect to work at 100% efficiency 24/7.  If one can get 80% to 90% effectiveness then you are doing very well, close to your own heart. 

It is all depending on the frame of mind and emotions one is in at the time of attempting to cast magic.  However, even if these workings have no effect on external events, they make the participants in the healing or the spell feel better because they cared enough to have done something to help.  Practicing magic should always be for ethical reasons, for instance the job spell should always include the provision that if someone else needs the job even more, they should get it.

Many magic practitioners will use talismans as a medium where most workshop leaders point out that magic always follows the path of least resistance.  So if you make a talisman for pregnancy but you’re not actually having sex, then don’t be too surprised if someone close to you gets pregnant instead. 
 This suggests that caution is necessary in the preparation of talismans, in order to avoid “leakage” into someone else’s life. Personally I have never found a need tor a talisman for my abilities came to me naturally from early childhood.  If you are interested let me know and I could do a little more research on this if you wish.  For me it is just a matter of remembering from past experiences and memories which had lain dormant for many years. Locked up inside and not allowed to see the light of day.

The gods (higher power of your understanding) help those who help themselves
In order for magic to work, you also need to be putting in effort on the mundane level.  If you do a job spell but don’t actually apply for any jobs, you won’t get a job, no matter how good the spell was.  Maybe the spell only works to give you extra confidence at the interview, but that is a good thing in itself. There’s a Jewish story about a man who prays every day to God that he might win the lottery.  Eventually an exasperated voice booms out from on high: “Meet me half-way already — buy a lottery ticket!” 

Another important aspect of magic is to not be disappointed if magic is used to attain something and that something materialises in a different form; and this form, much to your surprise turns out to be the key to achieving your goal.  I have always found that whatever I am given has worked towards gaining what I need.  The important thing to keep in mind is to not refuse or discard the results.  Acknowledge them and see where they lead.  Do not discard them because they are not quite what you had wanted. 

I have known some people who did spells and then turned down the results because they weren’t quite right even though they were better than their existing circumstances.  

Here is an old saying:  There’s a story about a man in the middle of a flood, who prays to God to save him.   A boat comes by and offers him a lift, but he turns it down, saying, “No, God will put forth His hand to save me.”  Then two more boats come by, and he says the same.  Finally a helicopter hovers overhead, but again he refuses help.   Eventually he drowns.  When he gets to Heaven, he asks God,  “Why didn’t you save me?” And God replies, “I sent you three boats and a helicopter – what more did you want?” 

You many be asking by now, "Just how does magic work?"

So if magic does effect change in external reality, how does it do that?  This is usually the point at which some people have completely lost interest, only going along to humor you.  Or some people may get off topic by comparing magic with quantum physics and energy fields.

These people are exhibiting interest and sharing their thoughts by comparing it through a medium they can understand.  Those are the kind of people I enjoy sitting with in a conversation.  After all we exist within what is called the Earth’s electromagnetic field.  We have also learned in recent years that there are many more energy fields around our planet that have only begun to be studied and classified as quantum fields.

Some people and animals are sensitive to fluctuations in these fields so it can affect us.  And maybe we can affect it, or interact with it.  Magical energy is presumably transmitted either via some unknown interaction between consciousness and the Earth’s magnetic field or via one of the ten dimensions in string theory that are enfolded within the usual four of space-time. Either way, science has so far mostly failed to verify extra-sensory perception and other psychic powers, although they are making great strides with empaths and empathy especially in the medical profession and other branches (social programs, self help groups etc.).  So maybe there are no external effects when we do magic, but I wouldn't close the book on the subject quite yet.

Some Buddhists  say that the problem is, the more people try to use science to justify their belief in faeries and energies and the like, the more ridiculous it sounds to them.  Most of the time, it’s just a misuse of the scientific terms (especially if it involves the word quantum). Quantum simply means many levels or layers. 

I read somewhere once where a Buddhist said, it’s one thing to say you saw a faery at the bottom of the garden, and quite another to claim that you have built a device for detecting faeries.

If magic works at all, it should be verifiable by science, though not necessarily by contemporary science, which focuses almost exclusively on the material aspects of reality, and you can't measure magic with a measuring stick. 

True Magic is neither light or dark.

I would also like to dispel some common misconceptions about the Dark Arts. True magic is neither light nor dark.

I have worked with or had the experience with both dark and light and to my experience I believe balance is most important. Magic is neither dark nor light.  It is in an inert state. It only turns from inert to active when the practitioner has made a connection with the magic, then whether that magic will be dark or light will depend on the practitioner's intentions.  Now do not get me wrong, you can choose either light or dark.  That is your choice and I am not here to bash anyone's beliefs.  I only wish to inform you as to my own experience.

The terms "Dark Magick" and "The Dark Arts" both describe a category of occultism that involves interaction with the hidden, rejected and denied aspects of nature.

Nature refers not only to the stuff going on around you but includes human nature as well.

To be balanced, we need to understand and accept the dark aspects of our own nature as well as the light.  We need to learn our own inner intuition and to recognise what we feel.  Many of those who are empathic by nature can more readily recognise what is right or wrong, dark or light just simply by feeling it. 

One needs to learn or establish what their own inner drives and feelings are, and what triggers those inner feelings.  Is it fear, sadness, happiness, depression, confusion or neutral, once established call upon the magic to be your guide?  Also ask yourself,  "Is this intention I am about to send for the good of all and hurt none?"
Or ask to know the potential result of whether what you are planning to send will have a positive or negative result. You need to know the negative aspect of that potential just as well as the positive one. 

If a friend you were trying to help did experience negative results, feel for yourself if the negative result was your friend's personal choice with the dark side (making a wrong decision) to start with.  Another important point I need to make clear up- front about Dark Magick is that, while often stigmatized by mainstream spiritual paths, it is a set of techniques that are useful to anyone interested in embracing their entire self holistically. The Dark Arts are best employed by those who also work with the "Light" sides of nature.
Light vs. Dark, in this context, is a false dichotomy.

Researched and written by Cynthia ©.

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