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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Frizzy Lizzy Humor Corner

Hi dear friends and followers, it's Saturday humor corner time. Please come on in, kick your shoes off and make yourself comfortable. Some light humor for you to enjoy now that the weekend is here, Have a great read, above all, smile. 

I would also like to thank you so very much for your support and participation in this blog. I do hope that today, Lizzy's humor sets the pace for your day. Please feel free to share.

Hi peeps , having a great day are we?

Just had a wonderful dream about this charming gentleman. Wow!  I didn't know they still made them.  But when I woke up I was disappointed when I found Charley taking up space in the other half of the bed snoring like a Pioneer chainsaw with all the blankets wrapped around him.  So there I sat in bed shivering. like Chilly Willy with his tail caught in the ice. 

There are times when I might take the chainsaw over Charley.  Now that I have both of them for a long time, they seem equally as good at conversation.  Both make loud, irritating noises.  Both can stink at times.  But that's where it stops.  I get lots more work out of the saw than I do out of Charlie.

Back in my day the old saying was give a man a fish he will eat for a day but if you teach him how to fish he will have a regular meal everyday for as long as he shall live.

Today's version with my Charlie is more like give a man a rod and tackle and he makes his woman a fishing widow!

I was thinking with all that packing I have been doing for the cruise Charley promised me...well there goes my diet plan out the window.  The only way I could possibly loos the ten pounds I expect to gain over tht holiday is if I go shopping in the Bahamas, on foot, and swim back home!

Speaking of gaining wight have you ever wondered why those radio show DJ's who talk about their weight loss plans, like why are they not on TV?

Well I thought about applying for one of those greeter jobs at one of those department stores thinking that might help with a little exercise and make a few bucks while I'm at it but I just found out Kiss my Ass still doesn't count as a greeting yet.
Thank you very much for dropping by my dear friends and I hope that this weeks Frizzy Lizzy lived up to your expectations.
Have a beautiful day

.¸¸.'  With love from your Fairy Lady' .¸¸.

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