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Sunday, 17 August 2014


Hi dear friends and followers, yes Sunday has rolled around again. Today I have another great poem for you to read today, Barren Gaea. Have a great read


The earth lays barren.

The lonely, sighing wind,

blows dust in the parched valley.

As barren as the earth was,

A pulse of life and hope

still beat far down below.

Unto the strength of the barren earth

comes forth one lonely dark figure,

Its destination yet to be discovered;

A being of much learning, knowing;

a solitary figure, no other followed.

The shadow being moved,

moved among gusts of wind-blown dust.

How long had it been?

How long ago in the distant past?

When last has any living creature stirred,

on the surface of this dead and dusty world?

The deeper things uncovered themselves,

built upon nooks and crevices in the stone.

From dust, sand and rocks,

had there been fertile ground?

Steps both solid and unsteady

on cracked earth and jagged rocks.

There in the midst of the jagged rocks,

there is heard their weary sound,

like that of the the sounds,

of a ghost from a long dead past;

raw with repeated friction

the energies pulsate all around,

the shadowy being stands erect,

upon a broken, wind-worn land.

Spreading its caped arms

to the west and the east,

A star seed from long ago is she.

A bright halo about her shines,

spreading to illuminate the tumbleweeds.

The wind ceases its howling;

From the woman's hands came forth

countless tiny grains of gold,

carried over the arid land.

Thunder roared as the sky got darker

A tempest ensued and drenched the land

in heavy rains so seldom seen.

The lady continued to stand;

as she raised her arms the grey clouds parted.

allowing for the life-giving golden rays of sun,

to kiss the earth with loving warmth.

The lady is from a past time, ages and eons ago.

She may be coming to give man another chance

to learn to live in harmony with Gaea.

Up and down, maybe this time

a road, a path, a journey's road found ?

Thank you for taking some time out with me. I hope you have
enjoyed my poem and comments are always welcome here. Thank you.

 ڰۣ With love from The Fairy Lady ڰۣ

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