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Sunday, 3 August 2014

!!!! The Shadow Elves !!!!

Hi, Dear Friends and Followers! I would like to share with you once again one of my short story poems. I hope that you find this poem to be an interesting read. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

!!!! The Shadow Elves !!!!

The elves of yesteryear are now no more than shadows,

shadows flitting to and fro among the forest's trees.

Once they were a mighty race, a peaceful lot they were.

They were happy, and content to live out their long lives,

in the enchanted forests and fields of Averie.

But such peace grows lesser as their forest homes shrink

ever more made smaller, each year by year.

Some retreated to the other world but many stayed

in the hope of saving what was once their peaceful home.

Man had come in and taken over the land.

The elves knew they were no match for men.

For warriors of old and great renown

had changed their ways and renounced the sword.

The shadow Elves had lowered their weapons

and had vowed to sue for peace and fight no more.

I cannot read their minds but I would have to say,

that there is sadness, not contempt in their hearts,

for the invaders in their land, those called human.

The elves moved with the wind through forest, like shadows.
Without sound, true form, or voice, or noise, like wandering souls,

from another time, in a different world, a strange new way, like fog;

they approached at once, to the River Wye,

The river of gnomes, and fairies, and elves.

There they were, in green forest by the gurgling waters of the Wye,

that sparkled like diamonds in the noonday sun.

" I am Silon," said he at the point, “and my companions,”

as he waved his arm toward the horde at his right.

“We have come to your aid, if you so desire, my Lady Valori!”

Silon, upon a branch of a gnarled and ancient oak,

doffed his plumed hat, bowed his head and further spoke:

“At your service, my dear Lady Valori. At your disposal are we.”

He jumped down. From the ground he measured

not an inch more the two feet.

“We hail from the realm of the forest of Scrioux.

Our original mission was to hunt down the Ddraig,

the dragon of long, long ago, but our mission failed.

“Then the humans came and we were attacked.

We need to find Ddraig now, not to slay but to bring back its scales.

But all dragons have gone, long, and long ago,

and we could not complete the mission.

“So our punishment is to be trapped in time between time.

Until such a time the dragon Ddraig is found;

Until then shall we remain in the world of shadows.

There are great healing properties within the scales

that we extract from the them.

“But for whatever reason Ddraig never returned.

We come to you for your help, Lady of the Forest.

We need your help to find the time and place where the dragon hides.

We need this favor from you so we can find the scales,

so we can heal this world of its sickness.

“Last we had tracked it back to this dark forest,

when we were thrown into time between time.

We then saw the encounter you had with the beast,

and also saw you banish the Ddraig altogether,

by your most awesome power and cunning and skill.

“So, my Lady, I have seen you there all those years ago.

All we seek is the secret to open time between time,

so that we might pursue and complete our mission."

" I have no ill will toward you for we have failed in our mission.

My only desire is to transform our failure.

You only did at the time what you thought was good for all.”

Valori replied, “I then saw the helmets of the Shadow Elves

light up in patterns distinct and strong.

I felt as though they were studying me somehow.

“Then I knew, I remembered that faithful day long ago,

with the sorcerers sword in hand, I split the air asunder

and in a great flash of light, Ddraig was swallowed up

and never seen again. I had fainted and remembered nothing.”

As Valori spoke she also recalled

that she had hidden the Sorcerers sword.

It was in the hay loft of an old barn,

Safe from those who had no business with it.

Shall we fetch the sword that you need to further your work?

Lady Valori asked of the Shadow Elf leader?” “Indeed!” replied he.

The lady bowed in respect and handed the sorcerers sword to the Elf.

Silon returned to his fellows and as they walked,

they slowly faded and vanishes like ground fog.


Thank you dearest friends and followers for reading this interesting story poem on the shadow elves, Your comments, thoughts ideas and suggestions are always welcome her, thank you

Written by me, Cynthia ©

ڰۣ With love from The Fairy Lady ڰۣ✿ 

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