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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Elemental Love

Good morning dear friends and followers. Toady is poem day, and I thought that I might share on the topic of elementals, my version, of course. Enjoy the read and have a wonderful Wednesday  

Elemental Love

The spirit of the great mother
upon the waters of the seas,
and the currents of the air.
nourishes the earth,
with her warm loving breath.
She moves through the forests,
Mountains and valleys;
in the tall grass of the meadows

with a gentle sigh she sings.
The tall grasses sway
like undulating waves at sea.
The sun shines,
warming the great mother
as she nurtures new life.
Within the forest, the air, the land,
and the singing brook hold 
the seed of life;

flying through the air

on clouds and storm,
and in the clear sky,
chasing the stars above.
I awaken in the morning,
and looking out my window.
I see the sun shining in the garden,
hear birds singing their melodies,
whilst butterflies flutter,
from flower to flower they go.
The garden is transformed
into wondrous, multifaceted colors,
just as the rainbow overhead.
Gaea's breath of life,
the plant elementals.
The earth is the birthplace,
of all elementals and life;
Without the precious plants
Mother Gaea would be as barren
as the dusty surface of Mars.

Love and care for Gaea!
She is a gift from up above!

May you be thankful of what you have 
For after all, remember,
we are also part of the elementals
of our great mother Gaea

The Human Elemental
Composed by Cynthia ©

Thank you very much for visiting and hope you have found my poem  Elemental Love to be an interesting to read. 
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