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Friday, 19 September 2014

Frizzy Lizzy Time

Hi my dear friends and followers. Today is Saturday, my another week has gone by. Well we all know what that means, It's Frizzy Lizzy time.

“Hi, peeps! You're just in time for a fresh cup of coffee! Come on in and pull up a chair or two.”

Frizzy Lizzy takes her jacket off and hangs it on the back of her chair – the chair with the cushions on the seat - and pours herself a cup of coffee.

"I just finished cleaning up around the yard to get it ready for fall and winter. I want to have it done before the snow flies. I have all the gardening tools put away in the garage and the potted plants brought in the house.

“The plants aren't the only thing around here that got potted lately. Last Saturday Charley and I went to a big cookout, the last one of the season, appropriately enough called the 'Last Supper.' It was a bull and oyster roast, and let me tell you, once the drink took hold there was bull all over the place!

“They cooked a side of beef slowly, over the coals, with corn on the cob, roasted oysters, hot potato salad, and plenty of coffee and desserts. And beer. And whiskey.

“You know how men get when they get around alcohol. Sometimes the liquor gets in, the testosterone goes up, and all common sense takes off. Well, Charley surprised me! He had a few shots and a few beers and he got feeling pretty good but he only sank to the level of a high school kid and took to bragging about his car – from back when he was in high school! It could have been worse. The price of drinks was included in the ticket.”

"Anyway, all of that bullshit made me think about fertilizing the lawn, so I asked about it at the garden center. They told me that if I did, it would grow healthier, thicker, and of course, that also means taller next spring and summer. Precisely why I won't be fertilizing the lawn this fall.

"Ahhh, but finally it's the weekend,” Frizzy sighs, as she sits in her recliner and puts her pink fuzzy slippered feet up. "I haven't been this excited over the end of the week since that time my cell phone got stuck on vibrate," Frizzy says, blushing a bit as she coyly smiles.

"Speaking of sex, I've heard it said that there is no age limit for sex. Actually, you can have a healthy sex life well into your later years. That is assuming you can still get sexually turned on at the sight of a partner your age. Maybe I was better off with that vibrating cell phone, my computer, and auto-dial software.

"I've also been told that a little yoga exercise can fix that problem quick enough. I suppose one good thing about yoga is that when I do the legs up and over, my boobs are closer to my chin then they have been in years!

"Earlier today there was an accident down the road a bit from here, involving the careless use of a cell phone while driving. I can't be bothered with a cell phone in the car. I am much too busy giving folks the 'one-finger salute.'

“So this weekend is the last official day of summer and the first day of autumn. There are only 96 days until Christmas and Wal Mart has their toys and decorations out. I'm so glad that they don't have the holiday music in the stores just yet. 30 days of 'The Little Drummer Boy' is about all that I can take.

“But first we observe Thanksgiving Day. Fun, fun, fun!

“Thanks so much for sharing a coffee with me. See you later. Have a great weekend!”

I do hope you have had a good time here with Frizzy Lizzy
Thank you very much dear friends for dropping by and please share your thoughts and comments, they are most welcomed.


 In Loving Light from the Fairy Lady ڰۣ

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