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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Print

Good morning dear friends and followers. Today I bring you another of my poems about a different kind of elemental. This elemental we call earth some refer to her as Gaea. Have a great read

The Print

The weaver's shuttle flies on the wind,
sighing through the mountains, over peak and vale.
She sleeps in sheets of the whitest of snow.
Decades pass, and in the canyons and caves,
the lonely wind goes where light cannot;
High on the crags and low in the basins,
the wind howls, sighing down the mountain wall.
She awakens in the warmth of valley below,
The songbirds break her sleep, she sees the flowers wild.
In the warm, cradling arms of a staunch, ancient oak,
there she lies, safe and protected as seasons pass.

Summer, autumn, winter, and spring,
the seasons came and the seasons went.
She loves all seasons, all months, and all days,
But the passage of time means nothing to her.
She follows no clock nor notches any stick;
she has nothing to mark the passing time.
Time is but a part of the web,
the web of nature, continuously woven.
Woven and stitched to the fabric of Earth.
She is the one who embroiders each stitch.
Outside, who remembers her,
except for those who will perish with her?
A legend? Perhaps. A figment, some say,
of an active imagination that has gone afield.
And so would many say of the the lady of the wind,

so beautiful to behold, like a rainbow at noon or
the aurora borealis as it illumines the night.
But what of time? Time is but counted motion,
the motion of the seamless weaver.
The weave is perpetual, having no time.
For it is woven upon our living Mother, Gaea.
She, with Father Sky, is the giver of life!
Love and joy are the pure essence
of the Great Mother, Earth.
And so time passes, with each day
slipping into the next, day upon day.
And the cooling breeze flows freely
across the moonlit clouds.
But still no one can describe
the beauty that she is; 
the perfection that is hers,
as she weaves the colors
of the seasons.
Composed by Cynthia ©

Thank you very much dear friends for dropping by to view my poem. Your thoughts and comments are more than welcome here, they are valuable to me.

ڰۣ In Loving Light from the Fairy Lady ڰۣ

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