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Sunday, 14 September 2014

What Do You Think I Saw?

Hi dear friends and followers, it Sunday again and time for another poem. I hope you all like this one, it is about an actual experience I had when I was a child. Thank you so much for dropping by

What Do You Think I Saw?

Since the days when I was but a child,
I have often sat in wonderment
along the sparkling water's edge.
By one of the basic elements,
there I always felt so much at home.
I would be by the water in wonderment,
while lying on the wooden dock;
absentmindedly my fingers would play
in the waters that had barely a ripple,
on a day when I listened for Nature's songs,
chirped by the cicada and the crickets on the shore.
As the sun rises higher it urges me on,
“Go ahead, have a swim, who cares to where?”
I cared not myself for it was my time
to be the Little Mermaid, swimming,
swimming at the bottom of the sea.!
The sailors' stories, ages old,
of mermaids, now again retold,

flooded my mind as I dived and swam.

Many times I came up for air,
for I was a student mermaid, you see,
until I found my “sister” whom I sought.
There she sat, on the sandy bottom,
with long green hair that was current-tossed.

She did not fear me as I came closer, nor I, her.
There, regally, she sat, with green hair all flowing.
She greeted me and bade me to sit for a while,
as she shared with me her tales of the sailors,
and the wondrous world where both of us sat!
Such amazing yarns in this undersea place!
The glory and splendor of life in the sea -
I did so wish to with her be.
But the mermaid with the long green hair,
waved me away, back to the shore.
Someday we will dance,
all in harmony,

At that grand family reunion
of all species great and small.
But that time has yet to come.
I gulped some air and swam back and sat,
upon the sun baked sandy beach, and asked myself,
“Was that a dream? Or maybe just an old stump,
green with long flowing strands of algae?”
But my heart will always hold onto the dream:
That day a mermaid I surely had seen
Composed by Cynthia 

Again thank you for dropping by. Comments are welcome and encouraged here, just share what ever is on your mind, Thank you

ڰۣ In Loving Light from the Fairy Lady ڰۣ

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